[] [HC] Scion of the screaming Veil Spellbinder ( SR 85, 5:30 min Crucible, 5 min fastest, Ravager of Souls)

Hello everyone and happy new year!! This is another one of the “few” Spellbinders I have and is utilizing one of the recent items Scion of the Screaming Veil. I haven’t seen anyone use Callidor’s side of the item so I decided to check it out myself. Turns out, the item is usable despite the fact that it’s inferior to Temporal Arcblade due to the lack of cdr and casting speed.
crafts for physique/armor
Look for Stun res/OA/DA/ other resistances on the greens. My belt actually has “Of the Wolverine” Suffix which doesn’t exist anymore and I think it gives flat OA/Physique.

I forgot to screenshot Harbinger version so here’s Reckless power’s
Callidor’s Tooltip ( Harbinger version has way less damage)

Charges on your enemies use Ravenous Earth for damage reduction and Bone Harvest for more damage and spam Callidor’s. Rotate between Mirror/Mark/Bloodthirster (if you are using HoS ver) with Time Dilation.
Be aware of the fact that their cooldowns are high because the build has cdr only from the helmet.
I haven’t tested Devotion map with Rattosh, it might be worth taking just for that and also cause of 100% vit>aether conversion.
The build can feel squishy, so kiting while important cooldowns are down is needed. Both versions shouldn’t die as long as they’re piloted properly.
Be careful with hard physical hitters like Iron Maiden and Reaper of the lost.

I used Lokarr set to speedlevel with Pulshing Shard and focused around Aether Ray/ Devastation. You can farm one belt of Ygraad for early vit to aether conversion and use for leveling, makes the sustain better.

New Ravager of Souls kill with Reckless Power spec Crucible run with some aggressive changes

And another one

Ravager of Souls ( Use pharma for OA/DA/HP and energy regen. And that Aetherial one with casting speed)

SR 85 Run

5:05 Crucible run

5:15 Crucible with updated Reckless spec

5:39 Crucible run with Reckless power spec

Some 75-76 Boss rooms

The build can definetely go deeper than 85 on SC, but since I have played it on HC I didn’t bother going deeper. It’s definetely not as good as Dmt’s Arcbinder but it’s a fine alternative to that item/build variation.

Until next time!

i’m loving these “2h melee” Arcanist builds being put out :+1:
Callidor getting big love :yum:
well done

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Very impressive.

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UPDATE: With some armor augments changes @RektbyProtoss suggested I managed to fit restless remains to Reckless power’s spec. Also dropped Inferno to a 1 pointer, softcapped Overload and maxed out Bone Harvest. Damage loss to CT from Inferno is miniscule ( around 4000 ) compared to how much dmg Harvest gets when maxed out. Here is a crucible run with the newer version https://youtu.be/-V0ZNC1khco.
I think Inferno could use some small buff, it barely adds any dmg when maxed on all the CT builds I have tried. Maybe some crit dmg would make it more appealing.
EDIT: Added new Ravager of souls kill. https://youtu.be/Fd96P2TFi7U
And 5:05 crucible run https://youtu.be/fU8N9XL__bc

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Added more aggressive version and 2 Crucible runs with it. Build got more dmg and tankyness overall.