[ -] [HC] [Vid] Beastcaller Set | Lightning Pet | Conjurer | SR 95 - 117


Videos:SR 95 - 100

Build Point

1.keep DA 3800 - 4000 make nemesis only have 60% change to be hit and no crit . It’s going to be safe, choose DA & HP fixes for Rare item first.

2.Taunt & Threat , no need worry, with devotion Isatak when monster OT , few second later will get back by Pets, jiu small range around around and around.

3.DPS lost much comparison devotion mogdrogen, but added Arcane Bomb for - 35% Lightning Resit & - 95 OA, so only after 100 summon Nemesis have some problem, cause AOE not strong, like Reaper、Zantarin、Gargaban、Ekket’Zul、Fleshshaper Hinissius those summoner really needs patience.

4.Best Mutators

Worst Mutators

with all BUFF,armor absorption 97%, with Royal Jelly Essence & Ugdensalve 24500 HP,132% MS 61% Phy resit(HC afas farm higt value legendary item to increase more attribute)

Inventory need belt Nosferattis change for Sentinel & Octopus

Inventory Consumables & Augments

Consumables have 20% reduction DOT damage
(where get Consumables? farm Homested NPC)

Hoarfrost Ointment for Moosilauke、Alkamir
Frostshroud Ointment Moosilauke、Alkamir
Flamedrinker Ointment SharZul、Gargaban、ZkketZul
Stormshroud Ointment Valdaran、Kaisan

Spiritbane Ointment Anna、 Aleksander
Bloodbound Ointment GravaThul

Pet panel

Note:for Archmage、 Anna、SharZul Character & Pet resist minimum over 60%

with all Buff




Thank you so much for sharing your build!

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Videos:SR 100 - 106
vs Callagadra

Note:Self adjustment spirit point, Im useing 92level offhand
Devotion update:

superman:笑: GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aQYdD2
Videos:SR 105 - 111

Skill Update:


Video:SR 110 - 117
this build born for HC deep SR. now his duty is done.

Killed by a Eldritch or Undead Ghost.

Monster skill like this, 5 Projectiles will explode.


the killer found by my friend.


Oh now the poor conjurere , killed by a poison shot gun … :frowning:

I let my friend make a GIF. this is my character how to dead. Ahahaha… :laughing:



Congrats with (probably) highest legit HC SR ever reached.


RIP! :cry:

Still insane build and respect to achieve such high SR mate! :slight_smile:

Do you have theory for adjusting gear to avoid such a nasty rip like that?

no idea about that, just stay away from those monsters. They are the truely insane.

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Amazing achievement, congratulations! Looks like pets are still very strong SR pushers after nerfhammers.


I dont care about Nerf. I have hundred way for Summoner build.


Thats the spirit! Well done with the build! Well perhaps not the rip part :wink:

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v1190 Offensive Devotion update: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlj41lN

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What build do you think is the strongest/tankiest between this and yours physical/bleeding with beastcaller set aswell? I wanna play with with this set because thats the only pet build i havent done, so i was wondering which build do you like the most? Thanks!

HC I like lightning, this have best survival, if u only play SC phy/ble is good choice.