[] Ele Mental - 2H melee elemental Cadence Battlemage, SR 80+

Then new set for elemental cadence battlemage with skill that gives - % RR. Set could be farmble only from totems :slight_smile: 4 piece set like vanquisher set but for battlemage.

That was the first version of my build with all elemental RR from devos. But I changed it to this version. It is better.

Damage reductions do not stack btw.

I know but they last shorter than their cooldowns. So you use them after each other for continuous damage reduction. You jump in with rune and after 3 seconds you use war cry. Lasts for 5 seconds and then rune again and so on.

Damn, I need that Scion of Arcane Force to my 2H Melee Sorcerer. I farmed dozen of times FG completely with every totem and hero and Kaisen but no chance… Nice build, btw why are you using SR set with every build?

Not with every build. With this one there is no substitute that can survive good enough in SR 65-66. In my previous character I tried at first to use Ultos set but farming SR 65-66 was very incosistent with too many deaths for my taste. So I switched it to SR set as well. It is just a good allrounder set that is sometimes better than dedicated sets. And sometimes there are no sets to use and combination of other items is inferior. I have so far posted 8 builds. Only 2 of them used SR set. In both cases I at first tried different set ups.

For Scion of Arcane Force you need to farm Voidtouched totems. Here is a good video about it.

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I needed to use SR set for it to work. That seems to me like it needs its own set considering it is a transmutor to a skill and that often has its own sets.

Hey, nice to see a scion of arcane force build.

I played around that weapon as soon as the patch came out because my wife dropped a very well-rolled one from a monster totem at the day one, lol.

I decided to go Witchblade, btw. This is what I consider a pretty ideal setup for the character.

I am a chains of anguish fan, so I always incorporate it in my builds when I feel I can do it. Non-mythical voidsteel provide nice skill points, attack speed and a giant damage proc considering our conversions from gear. High health pool, good leech, decent physical resistance, BoD heal, Ghoul, Serenity and 3k base DA make up for tankiness, very good OA and crit damage make up for DPS. Crafted conduit is super strong for my version of the build, it turns CoF into a 52 RR beast. Korvaak’s headpiece is bis, proc is amazing here.

About the Devotion route, I tried Attak Seru too but I wasn’t satisfied that much and modified the path to get both Alladrah (damage and tankiness) and Ultos (damage and the proc, which is a lot better than Attak Seru’s in my personal endgame experience). Ele seeker bound to a 10/10 CoF is a beast for clearing.

The best thing about the weapon is getting a 6 target Cadence with 200 degree attack arc. It’s very funny, usually the problem of cadence builds is the lack of strong AoE, this is not the case.

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I would drop Oleron’s Rage for Possession. You have damage absorb + skill disrupt + more damage. Still good OA with fighting spirit up. I try to post things with as less greens as possible. Except for my totally green mage I made :slight_smile:
I hate that belt :slight_smile:

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Green affixes there are a placeholder; the only important thing is the base of the items (living rings and benny shoulders) and the alacrity suffix on both rings, which are super farmable btw, I have dropped loads of them in my 2k+ hours playing GD.

Oleron’s rage is there because of the movement speed too, it partially compensates the negative proc from the belt. And the OA is great in a build with 85% crit multi on average from devotions / gear.

The belt is love or hate, I know.

For me it’s big love. :rofl:

What is the DPS of your build?

It’s 170k (Cadence) with only permanent buffs + blood of dreeg on, it goes to 193k with deadly momentum up.

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Nice with that RR. Witchblade is clearly better but it was obvious from the begining. I needed SR set to make it work. Otherwise bad phys res and CC res. Witchblade has the benefit of phys res.

Yes, it also has nice extra DA shred on Vulnerability (-110) which amplifies the already giant crits this weapon delivers.

What is the highest crit you did with it? I had 1 milion in SR. Yours should be higher with that RR.

It’s 1.33M.

I have now updated this build with a second version that does not use the SR set but Iskandra’s set instead.

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I have a question though, you use Viper which doesn’t stack with, M eternal band’s % rr. and you use Arcane Force which doesn’t stack with M eternal band’s number rr, changing that ring or that devotion if you like and can get you damage, survivability or attack speed etc.

M Eternal band is for skill disruption protection mainly.

Mythical voidsteels are better for witchblade. The only physical damage you have is from base Cadence itself, everything else isn’t affected by phys->chaos conversion. Meanwhile, you gain 55% WD to Cadence. Also consider dropping a point in Bloody Pox and Wasting. That’s 75 free DA just sitting there.