[] Physical Retaliation Warlord (3 builds, EoR included) -> Crucible 4:30-4:55/ SR 105-110/ Ravager 0:48-1:12 + Callagadra 0:54-1:33 + Crate boss facetank/ 75-76 farmer / Bonus SR 135 video with tank setup

This build is able to facetank all bosses at once in sr 100 (but combo must be good), just use camera-trick, you can see it in video. If you want to cheat rng in highest shards rotate your camera to south, it decrease monster’s vision, I have like 99% consistency with pulling them 1vs1 (no exaggerating). If you fail with it and some bosses stuck in mid after your death there is another solution - die in the opposite side of the room, sometimes many many times, you can reposition them in many cases - that’s the method to push high too if you don’t want to use agromeraabuse :smile:

There is ever more “extremal” trick with camera rotation - you can zoom camera on almost your characters feet (it decrease range even more) and you can even reposition hard bosses during fight. Example: You have 2 bosses left, 1 hard (Moosilauke), 1 easy (Fabius) and they are stuck on each other (sometimes happen) so it’s very hard to lure Fabius first because Moosilauke needs kiting. Lure Moosilauke first, to the wall where you starts. Facetank him a little, rotate your camera to north fast, dash as fast as possible to the opposite wall. You can kill Fabius now, Moosilauke will lose agro during fight and stay in the opposite side of the room. Altough it’s hard cheese usefull in some rare situations if you don’t want to reposition them by dying.

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@ABCbarbecue @Duskdeep86 Could you translate? Chinese->english google translator works poor :frowning_face:

That’s a damn hell :smiley: especially if you got Kubacabra. But anyway thanks for advices, really nice build

Yeah, good old Kuba :smile: It’s always last boss or fight took ages.

We were saying by forwarding that IMBA video of the retal warlord single-handed taking SR110 to this forum would invite the inevitable nerf from you-know-who. :smiley:

I think you shouldn’t worry about that :smiley: Zantai usually nerfs because of too fast crucible times (in theory under 6 min, in practice it looks like it’s closer to 5min/and under) without very rare greens. Our Warlords base on these rares a lot so even with 110-115 performance it shouldn’t be nerfed, at least I don’t remember real nerf based only on performance in realms :smiley:

Last one was because of infiltrator with snapshotting - only exploit were deleted.

ha,I really dont. some nerfs to retal warlord as a matter as fact is long overdue. I don’t know why nothing has happened yet , but wasting effort on those less favourite skills such as storm box instead.

Personally I think retal warlord could be toned down a little (but I have no idea how really) because he is basically unkillable even if not as fast as many other builds. He is not very popular build (known but not popular) in this forum too. Altough there is possibility Zantai will take a look at him but history shows that probability is kinda low.

Warlord has always been the top 1 hot&powerful class since the release of the new class in my community. It has both satifying tenacity and damage, and also little requirement for pilot skill.

Why it should be tuned down some notches are easy to explain. A retal warlord can slay all celestrials like they are nothing but a piece of cake.

I guess that builds over here are mostly crucible-oriented is the major reason it hasn’t drawn the deserved attention.

Probably because of it and because of consistency, SR is more random so it may be harder to say what should be nerfed/what shouldn’t. Well, everything in devs hands, personally I don’t mind nerfing which is not based on sr performance :sweat_smile:

Because retal specs don’t overperform in crucible, which - as far as I can tell - is the biggest deciding factor in the “to nerf or not to nerf” decision.

I’m sure there are other considerations as well, but… :man_shrugging:

IMO, any spec capable of rendering SR’s RNG irrelevant should be considered for nerfs.

Just like how Crucible was never intended to be made a 5-6min affair, 100% consistency shouldn’t be possible in deep shards.

What constitutes “deep” is of course up to Z’s discretion.

Perhaps another big factor which saves SR specs from Z’s nerf hammer is aggro abuse.

This, of course, is sheer speculation on my end

@AlkamosHater: Has there ever been an SR build which got nerfed because of its performance in SR?

I think old retal wl (right after FG release) was toned down “half” because of being too good in SR and CR in the same moment but I may be wrong.

Next “nerf” was aimed on Lacrimosa’s infiltrator (111 shard) but not directly in the build but in snapshotting exploit - it was thing before too but it was nerfed next patch after his presentation, character became way weaker without it.

That’s all I know, looks like typical direct nerfs were not made but I may remember wrong.

Is +%physique blacksmith bonus ok…?

Sure, it can be good. Tbh even without any blacksmith bonus it should not decrease performance in any way, it’s more like min/max thing.

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Looking forward to this! Thanks for your hard work bows

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Do you have to change the setup much to kill Crate of Entertainment, and get through Maggots?
I’m trying to optimize the spec for killing Crate, and running Assassin’s Blade. I’m not sure though if losing Dryad or giving up Targo’s Hammer, for the other affects the spec more for killing Crate.


Basic setup can do this, changes are not needed.

For your spec:
You won’t kill him with stoneguard set (i’ve tryied), this set tankyness is illussion, you lose a lot of +maximum resistances with it and armor is not really needed so high. Change your weapon for Totally normal shield, amulet for avenger of cairn (best for soldier based tanks) and belt for Mythical Hammerfall Girdle or some godly rare with good resistances + massive OA. Mark of stonewill medal can be safe choice versus him too. You will see your survivality will explode not only vs him but vs every enemy, especially elemental/aether based, going high armor on retal is not needed because meele hitters are not a challenge.

As devotions - if you want to use Assassin’s Blade then use Dryad instead of Ghoul, it’s better if you want to choose between these two.

You can try this devotion route from chinese player too: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0X3AXV (this link was mentioned above), he killed crate so it should be okay too.

Edit: You can consider putting 3 points into Terrify for your war cry, it will disable crates sometimes.

E2: Going for Vire instead of Empyrion seems minimize oneshots from suicide crates, I’ve facetanked him in 2:30 with this devotion (similar route to this chinese one). I suggest some health regen pharma for safety, the more pharma you can use the safer it should be :grinning:

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Killing The Avatar of Mogdrogen on Ultimate with this build made me very, very pleased. No healing necessary, just a little bit of patience. How easy… Man, this has to be one of my fav builds, it feels unstoppable. Amazing.

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Thanks, I am glad you like it! Retal tanks are one of my most favourites builds too, being unkillable is just fun :grinning: Mogdrogen is not the fastest boss for it because he is not hard meele hitter, Ravager and Callagadra can be killed faster.

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