[] Red Rain - Full Chaos Convert BWC/Oblivion Sorcerer (sr) (cr)

This is my first crack at a Chaos Sorcerer, and it’s very simple to play but tons of fun. I build primarily for fun and feel, not for bleeding-edge Crucible and Shard clears. That said, I have a feeling a little community refinement can really get it to shine.

Vision: A mage empowered by the dark arts who can take hits and stay on his feet, swooping from foe to foe and raining hellish red flame along his path.

Highlights: Nine (count 'em, NINE!) self buffs, so dust off that second hotkey bar. A main attack spell with weapon damage, bringing ADCTH into play. Full elemental conversion to Chaos (DISCLAIMER: like 200 misconverted damage but hey, that’s Star Pact for you).


ALTERNATE GRIMTOOLS LINK with Haunted Steel on OH, different legs and boots to improve Stun and Slow resist, and some shuffled augments and skill points. This is probably better overall.

Front page stats with all nine self buffs activated.

Skill damage with all self buffs.

Chaos damage with self buffs only

Chaos damage with Dying God and Abominable Might procs active

Secondary / CC resists

Obligatory SR65 clear

SR75 clear

Crucible Gladiator 170. Ate shit right there at the end due to getting stuck in a corner but obvs you can full clear Crucible with this build.

Gear notes:

Chose Spark of Reality due to flat Chaos damage (important for ADCTH with our main skill), superior Chaos Damage bonus, Mirror buff, and it even converts a little Aether damage from Fabric of Reality.

Mythical Blood Orb of Chthon is what makes the build work by converting all the non-BWC elemental damage, including gear and devotion procs, and it opens up use of items like the Wyrmbone Handguards, what with their lovely proc and great health and OA bonuses. The active health cost looks scary, but if you take Behemoth and Lizard in your devotions, it ain’t a problem.

Jewelry was chosen with procs and flat damage boosts in mind.

Mythical Infernal Knight set gives a modicum of tankitude compared to a pure caster outfit and cranks up BWC and Thermite Mines which provide RR, debuffs, solid damage floor, and the option to kite when you’re in trouble.

The Oblivion relic is the other piece that makes this build work. It gives you a spammable main attack with a hefty weapon damage component, which means Ghoul and Restless Remains and Haunted Steel can do what they do best.

The Rylok augment feels silly at first but its OA/DA shred are actually pretty important given the low OA/DA of this build. Between that and the fumble / impaired aim from Oblivion, you can get away with a lot more than you should be able to.

Devotions: From what I can tell this seems like a pretty standard Chaos map. Improvements welcome.

Also looking for feedback on skill allocation and any small equipment adjustments (like boots or pants) that could improve CC resists. I’m currently testing Timewarped Walkers in lieu of Grey Magi boots and Haunted Steel on my offhand, for example. Don’t tell me to use the Shattered Guardian set - at that point it becomes a different build.

XOXO GUYS, please give this one a try. It feels awesome to pounce between packs and bosses with the Rylok augment and just shit chaotic fire on them.


Need more self buffs


LOL. Sorry to disappoint! Currently trying out Haunted Steel on the offhand which removes one self-buff from the table but adds a defensive cooldown and a good bit of survivability.

How far did you go in SR? Can it do 75-76?

65-66 are no sweat. Haven’t attempted 75-76 yet but will give it a try this afternoon. My initial thoughts are that it’s going to be rough due to the CC resist situation. But I think if you put Haunted Steel on the offhand, swap in Mythical Timewarped Walkers and Mythical Demonbone Legplates and move your augments around to patch primary resistance holes, you’ll be better equipped for higher SR.

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Cleared 75 with one death. Hit a boss room with Moose and Benn’Jahr in 76 and got CCed to death. So it really is coming down to the CC resists - if you get a room with, like, Maiden and Alex and Zantarin you’ll be fine. Even Reaper. Otherwise, bring some antifreeze potions and your Grey Magi boots to change into!

But yeah, to answer the question, I’d say this is definitely a SR+ build, I just haven’t quite proved it yet. More runs tomorrow morning when I’m not taking care of two kids at once.

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Here’s the 76 shard 3 and boss room death so you can get a feel for how it plays.

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Good job clearing SR 75, I may respec my sorcerer to try your build out, though that weapon doesn’t ring a bell, I think I’ll have to get my hands on it first.

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Updated main post with 75 clear screen capture and Crucible 170 video.

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Anybody think there’s a way to get Abom, Dying God, AND the first four nodes of Revenant for its ADCTH, while still keeping Fiend and Solael’s Witchblade? If so, I can put a riftstone back in the offhand and things will get downright bonkers. This is as close as I can get, hard as I try… one star short. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dmnYJV

bat instead of behemot?

Hmm. Maybe. At that point the problem becomes where to assign it. The build is low on assignable skills.

Rat? :smiley: lol

This might not be a terrible idea if it works, because the OH converts Acid to Vitality so it wouldn’t be 100% out of place next to Ghoul… shit, still one point short if I take Rat.

I got one point over https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvm7LX2

I thought you just wanted life steal star on revanant? here is full revanent https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZem4KpZ

Oh, I see, you didn’t take Sailor’s Guide. Could be a problem, but maybe not. I’ll try that map out!

you can take sailor but then not entire revanent https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbmMn82

I thaught this was want you wanted?

It is - just the 4th Rev star. Tradeoffs are a little dicey to get there but I’m about to try it out!

it is basically behemot vs more life steal?

Well, if I keep behemoth I need to get the extra life steal with Haunted Steel on my OH, which drops the build’s DPS an appreciable amount because I’m losing a Riftstone.

With the devotion map you suggested, I can actually put that last point in the flat Chaos damage node of Dying God and my DPS improves even more. I just need to playtest this way because the Bloodthirster CD from Haunted Steel actually came in handy a good bit.

I guess another possibility is to keep the Haunted Steel on my OH anyway, and at that point I’m over 20% life steal. Food for thought!

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