More Blood Orb of Ch'Thon Hijinks - Acid > Vitality Convert Ideas

I’m having so much fun with my Elemental > Chaos Sorcerer that I decided to try building a character to take advantage of the other Blood Orb of Ch’thon 100% conversion, which is Acid to Vitality. But I’m not as intimately familiar with the classes that could make this work.

My first thought was how about a Cabalist? I’m leveling one now and I put together the below build as a target. Idea is to use Acid Purge (converted to Vitality Purge) as a main attack, with its ADCTH complimenting and enhancing the usual lifesteal components of a Vitality build. Looking for feedback on whether it’s dumb to have a Cabalist with no pets. Do the devotions and skills make sense? Gear ok? Would another class combo would be better for this experiment? Like I said, I’m a Vitality novice so I welcome whatever critiques or advice you can offer (except “don’t try it.”) GRIMTOOLS LINK

You can have only one Exclusive skill. You also forgot about Curse of Frailty.


Quite right! Which would you suggest? I’m thinking I keep Harbinger of Souls.

Let me finagle it in there and update the link.

Casting speed I’d get from Restless remains / Devotion
Also your relic is not adequate for Vitality build.

Shit, forgot to change that out before pasting. I’m going to use Necrosis, I think.

As far as Possesion vs Harbinger it depends on your needs / content you’re doing / the whole setup.

The flat Chaos damage on Possession is a little off-brand, but it’s hard to argue with the 100% disruption protection, especially if I’m trying to use a channel skill for main attack, so I see the value there.

You are converting half of it though

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Just redid Devo map to get Dying God and some more OA and DA.

Some remarks:

  • you need to put points in Spectral Wrath for -%Vit res

  • I’d bind Ravenous Earth to Wendigo or Rattosh,
    you’re seriously wasting superb proccing potential of this skill
    Hungering Void is not only easy to proc but also lasts long

  • Behemoth for a leeching character? :wink: nah, you need those points
    for either Revenant or Ulcama for mandatory Reduced Target’s Resistances that you don’t have

Foul Eruption doesn’t count because it only works after some trash dies so if you’re fighting a boss it does nothing

You’re missing two sources of Vit Res debuffs as it stands right now.

Also one more thing

  • both your Amulet, Scepter and Medal look kinda bad for your build.
    I’d find better ones. For example with skill points to your masteries or Vit Res debuffs or skill modifiers to your skills (Bloody Pox / Re / Sigil).

It doesn’t make sense to make a Health Regen Vitality character when you have so much leeching potential.


Why is that so? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Where did you read this thought?


Nowhere. Like I said, I’m a novice to these classes so, just seeing the sheer amount of pet support in their skill maps, it’s a natural thought for a novice to have. The solo skills are clearly there too, but the OA and DA are shaking out much lower as there’s not a lot of skill support for them. I think the key for me there is going to be in the devo map. I have some ideas about that and will be fixing it up shortly.

[] Completion of Holy Trinity - Dark One Cabalist -150-170 / SR 75 viable I think this build is what you are looking for


Interesting! Should’ve figured @Nery would crack the case. Will take a look!

It is true, Cabalist is great for Pets. For other options you might also need some green MIs to make it ready for any endgame challenge imho.