[] Searing Spellsword - Tanky 2h Fire ForceWave Lazy Caster - CR+, SR76

The Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26m5yvN
Trigger Warning - Rare Green

  • Lazy build (4 active skills).

  • Mobile build (2 movement skills).

  • High regen (1.8k without proc buffs).

  • Offense
    High damage (decent AOE damage, Force Wave pierces targets, ~130k burn dot damage not including the 280k crits from Forcewave with the 200% casting speed, or the stacking Fissure fragment damages).

  • Defense
    Circuitbreakers (Blast Shield + Giant’s Blood, Menhir’s Will) High damage mitigation (17% damage absorption from Menhir’s Bulwark, 24% Reduction to Enemy Damage from Ulzuin’s Wrath, 168 damage absorption from Phoenix Fire, 1425 damage absorption from Blast Shield, decent armor).

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Nice one! I think that sword is actually easier to get than worldeater on avarege Kappa


It’s really not too bad! I went hunting a lot for it to gauge the difficulty. The first one I got was actually great for damage (high fire + Elemental damage). I hunted about 10-12 of them and have a range of pretty good ones :smiley:

what about this amulet https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/13982 easy to get fire rolls on it.

You OA is lacking and you do not use flashbang. Also provide more ranks to FW

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Fair idea, but I lose a lot of regen, and regen focus is part of what helps to make this build tanky :smiley:

just get some more life stael and you will be fine.

has basically no life regen, but more than tripple your life steal. Is for sure tankier AND deal more damage.

BTW why dont you push your chars higher? they would get more attention that way

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Yeah ok! Dropping the amulet doesn’t drop as much regen (non-proc) as I thought, and the extra OA and phys-to-fire damage on the forcewave is helpful too. Ok, I’ll look into making some tweaks. Ty Ulvar1! :slight_smile: