[ -] (2H Melee) World On Fire - Fire FW Commando [c+] [sr+]

Time to bring to battle for Cairn some old but never getting out of time classes.
And today our special guest is Fire FW Commando. GT LINK - CLICK ME





  • Armor - obvious choice since Justicar set is one of the best fire-damage sets in the game.
  • Weapon - core of the build, BiS without questions
  • Belt and Myth. Light Oath - taken for ~75% pierce->fire conversion on FW
  • Relic - flat fire, attack and cast speed, cool proc



  • Battle classic - sturdy, resilient and hard-hitting (especially with Shar’zul’s Wrath);
  • Nice stats - almost 3k of oa-da-armor and 192k of DPS;
  • Lots of vjuhs - fire from the sky, fire on the ground, fire in your eyes and in your heart. Be careful of not burning down your house;
  • Multiple defensive mechanics - Phoenix Fire, Blast Shield, Prismatic Rage and Ghoulish Hunger;
  • Cool transmog.


  • Fire-resistant enemies are assholes. This refers to Grava, Iron Maiden, Shar’zul himself (hate him in SR), Kaisan;
  • Some combos may be very dangerous - like Grava and 1-2 Valdarans. In this case, we need to split their forces and focus the weaker one;
  • Weapon is hard to get and expensive to buy.



CRUCIBLE (updated for


Special thanks to @mad_lee for helping with min-maxing the build, Anton Wojscehovsky for making Crucible runs, @Slev1n for the same and all Safarel Discord community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Nice build my man! Do you think that’s optimal ring combo? Nice touch with Cinderplate belt, which is better than +1 to Demo.

And the guy, that pilots your build is pretty good.

As for rings, I think, yes. Combustion band for rr and Light’s Oath for additional conversion (and it’s a very nice ring on the whole).

Thanks, yes the RR should help. In my version have double Oath.

Anyway your build is very solid and more balanced. In my version have some defensive issues and used Bane for life steal. But since, you told me you gonna post this build, no point in screwing you and post mine :rofl:

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Forgive me if this is a bit out of topic, but how does this compare to other Forcewave builds? I’m still fairly new to the game, but I’ve found that Forcewave is the most fun skill for me and I’m on a quest to find the best one. So far, I’ve seen many types, but I don’t even know what to compare against each of them.

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I can ranked them easily enough:

  1. Physical, especially Warlord, also Witchblade and DK
  2. FIre, especially Commando, maybe Tactician
  3. Tri-Elemental with Arcanor Tactician
  4. Lightning way behind
  5. everything else

Thank you for the input.

In patch Fire FW Commando returns in the blaze of glory!

What has changed:

  • Shuffled and re-crafted gear to get better cc-resists;
  • Added new videos and download link to try the endgame spec;
  • Build has become more damaging and well-protected. CC-resists are great thing.

hello ! can u give some tips for begginer ? I mean i want to lvl up by using this build, at this moment its pretty fun to play:) And what about devotion, how I should start

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Yes. Leveling is super-simple, with 2H Forcewave. By level 50 you should have both Oleron’s Rage and capped FW (invest 2 points in mastery bar and 1 in skills). After getting it, just continue investing in other skills and passives. Also important to cap Thermites asap.
In devotions, head for Solael’s Witchblade for RR. This will take Ghoul, Bat +1 Red point in Crossroads. Then continue picking up devotions - Sailor’s Guide, Kraken, Spider, Phoenix etc.


After 94 BoC runs to get the weapon, i was hoping this build would be good, you know, just to make all that farming time worth it. Well, i’ll be damned this build is the most fun i’ve had in Grim Dawn in a long time, thanks a lot for sharing man.


I’m glad you have good time playing it! :slight_smile:

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Have you tried using Korvaak`s deception relic and put 60+ points in spirit that way?

In any case i need to find the time to start farming the weapon since the build looks to be awesome but BoC is such a borefest :frowning: i wish it was riddled with insanely hard mobs like waves upon waves of Oppressors.

I tried that relic in first versions but then changed to Annihilation as it provides more useful stats.
Spirit dump is possible but I think it won’t matter much.

And for weapon, you can trade it (at least)!

TY Friend for tips at this moment (28 lvl) I have huge fun with this build I just feel Power !!! What about Crucible Dlc when I should play it for boost my character ? ( I dont write for long time bcs my graphic card just fk up :frowning: )

Btw about Devotions, I pick red in crossroads, then ghoul, but if I wanna Bat, I need to take green in crossroads to . I need to do dat or I just doing smthing wrong?

Commonly Crucible is played at very beginning to get first 5 devo points (as then they star requiring more tributes).
Yes, to pick up Bat, you should have at least 1 green (in Crossroads, e.g.). You can also drop ghoul, take bat and it will grant red points so you can proceed to Ghoul without any extra investments.

Build is great, thank you for sharing it. The downside is that it is relatively weak and just cannot go further reliably than SR 66.

For example i got Gargabol at SR 70 - and i am literally unable to kill him as i get 2-3 shotted.
I concur that FW just sucks compared to real game skills like BA.

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yes, this is the sad truth.
build has low phys res and FW was nerfed in the current patch so it became even weaker although it has never been OP.
the second sad thing is that this is the strongest FW build.
and yes, FW sucks because of low WD.

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build updated for - new GT link and new videos. after some tome of disgrace, Fire FW is back.
(but still watch out for Grava).


download link also updated? thanks for the update.