[] Returning in a blaze of glory - Fire FW Commando (Cr+, Naked viable)

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GT (BiS): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V03ozM2
GT (no greens): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeKQJE2
GT (max armor/spirit): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD4koaZ
YT (3+1 with BiS): https://youtu.be/qIUMZAuzfRY <-- 5:59 clear, averages a ~6:20ish with extreme consistency
YT (3 + 1, no green set-up): https://youtu.be/MNXPnGJQjls <— 6:20 clear

^All buffs, no procs

How the build works offensively
Unlike conventional FW spammers, this build rotates through 3 big sources of burn damage, and uses FW as a filler…a very powerful filler:

  1. Rune of blazing ends
  2. Shar’zul’s wrath
  3. BWC

So what’s important here is to focus on stacking burn damage and relevant racial damage. Thus, setting aside shar’zul’s worldeater, perhaps the most important item in the build is the non-mythical Blood sigil of Chthon.

18% racial against humans is absolutely massive against Iron Maiden, who is universally agreed upon to be the bane of most fire builds.

In addition, the massive DA gains from the commando dual mastery, and the items chosen allowed me to forgo the usual physique dump in favor for a spirit dump.

This alone boosts my magic damage by 410%, and increases its duration by 450% - thereby making burns all the more effective.

How the build works defensively
In a single word - Armor.

Justice set is arguably one of the most armored heavy sets out there. Slap this turtle shell on a commando and watch your armor value rocket up effortlessly.

A more defensive option for those who are so inclined would be to use seal of blades over purified salt on the weapon.

Just make sure to fix resists accordingly.

Alternative itemization
I think aleksander pants are BiS for this build. The suffixes, however, don’t matter. I would prioritize resistances, and relevant damage over everything else.

I had previously used “of incantations” as the suffix, and added on an arcane spark on my medal for energy. Decrease in clear time was 15-20s at most.

A very competitive, and much cheaper option for the pants would be good ol’ arcane harmony.

Craftable, disrupt res, good resists, and massive DA/spirit gains.

For relics, Korvaak’s deception is a good one worth considering for those looking for more damage. However, the safety offered by serenity is hard to beat.

Ignaffar’s combustion, and iskandra’s relic both work well too.

Hope ya’ll liked the guide!


I had a similar thought earlier when we talked about this in the private group but I thought of adding canister bomb. You think something like untransmuted FW + canister would work?

On justice set?

Would the spec be much worse if this was a Tactician instead?
The RR applies more quickly than mines. Was thinking this could be faster.
It would be a little tankier too than Commando.

Relic choice would be Ignaffar Combustion or Bane, one ring would be Combustion Band for RR.

I think you’ll struggle finding OA/DA with a tactician, unfortunately.

You lose 12% + 225 OA just by dropping flametouched and oleron’s rage alone.

Also, mines and BWC are a significant source of damage (and debuffs), while worth the interruption

Fucking spirit dump in heavy armor set and 2-handed hammer!
Damn, I need to revisit more of my 2-handed caster with this technique.

Really good approach to the old archetype. I think Tactician cannot achieve those times with all of inquisitor’s offensive skills has been nerfed. Demolitionist is really a star now with non-clunky mines and functional offensive skill.

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Nice setup. You got fully fledged Flashbang for 4 points. Sure better than 4p in Fightning Spirit.

I actually tried that.

But because of BWC’s weird casting animation, adding FB into your skill rotation actually increases the likelihood of BWC not being used.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that I’ve bound BWC to 3 hotkeys for this very reason

If you say so. Imo Flashbang is great, I use it next to BwC no problem.

I’ll have to double check it then, I only really did 4 runs with this build.

Though it might be because I’ve bound FW to a keyboard hotkey, so that’s pressed down almost perpetually

Great build and very insightful ideas, like adding extra sources of burn damage.

Short summary of your build - heavy armor, spirit dump and big mace. Yup nice combo!

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@medea_fleecestealer: Being the idiot that I am, I posed this under gameplay discussion. Would you mind helping me port this over to classes/builds?

Sorry for the trouble! :confused:

Done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Commando power :firecracker: :damage_fire:
Nice build!
I just didn’t understand, why you haven’t took full Revenant (instead of ghoul leg).

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You did it, what a mad lad.

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@John_Smith: Thanks! Means a lot coming from you ^^

I feel like BWC applies RR really well, so I opted for stats. I’m also not sure what to bind revenant too.

Any suggestions?

Good old build :+1::+1::+1:

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Grimtools says, you´re too short on Physique in order to carry your gear…?
And would adding FlashBang not really improve survivability? 33% dodge/fumble!
And is the DA really high enough for Crucible?
Just curious since I´m playing a commando as well atm. With 3400 OA and 3300 DA. Though I think I´ll give it a try with that spirit dump.
Ah yeah, and another question: Bat. You´re converting half of the pierce, none of the vitality. So only a quarter of bat damage becomes fire. That´s really enough in order to leech life with it?
And yet another question: Your strategy is to stack burn damage. But your InternalTrauma (fully converted to fire as well) has close to no skill points. (?)
Pls consider my questions purely curiosity-induced, not trolling. THX for the build!


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Aaah! Yet another skill i keep overlooking.

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