[] (2H Melee) World On Fire - Fire FW Commando

Time to bring to battle for Cairn some old but never getting out of time classes.
And today our special guest is Fire FW Commando.

Note: since GT hasn’t updated yet, soldier mastery is missing 1 point in all skills. Just wait to be it fixed :slight_smile:
Also you can change the augment in belt for Bysmiel’s Veiltouch and the component for Spellscorched plating for slightly better elemental overcap.


  • Armor - obvious choice since Justicar set is one of the best fire-damage sets in the game.
  • Weapon - core of the build, BiS without questions
  • Belt and Myth. Light Oath - taken for ~75% pierce->fire conversion on FW
  • Relic - flat fire, attack and cast speed, cool proc



  • Battle classic - sturdy, resilient and hard-hitting (especially with Shar’zul’s Wrath)
  • Nice stats - almost 3k of oa-da-armor and 122k of DPS
  • Lots of vjuhs - fire from the sky, fire on the ground, fire in your eyes and in your heart. Be careful of not burning down your house.
  • Multiple defensive mechanics - Phoenix Fire, Blast Shield, Prismatic Rage and Ghoulish Hunger
  • Cool transmog


  • Fire-resistant enemies are assholes. This refers to Grava, Iron Maiden, Shar’zul himself (hate him in SR), Kaisan. Fabius also takes time to be killed.
  • Some combos may be very dangerous - like Grava and 1-2 Valdarans. In this case, we need to split their forces and focus the weaker one.
  • Weapon is hard to get and expensive to buy.




Special thanks to @mad_lee for helping with min-maxing the build, Anton Wojscehovsky for making Crucible runs and all Saferel Discord community.


Nice build my man! Do you think that’s optimal ring combo? Nice touch with Cinderplate belt, which is better than +1 to Demo.

And the guy, that pilots your build is pretty good.

As for rings, I think, yes. Combustion band for rr and Light’s Oath for additional conversion (and it’s a very nice ring on the whole).

Thanks, yes the RR should help. In my version have double Oath.

Anyway your build is very solid and more balanced. In my version have some defensive issues and used Bane for life steal. But since, you told me you gonna post this build, no point in screwing you and post mine :rofl:

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Forgive me if this is a bit out of topic, but how does this compare to other Forcewave builds? I’m still fairly new to the game, but I’ve found that Forcewave is the most fun skill for me and I’m on a quest to find the best one. So far, I’ve seen many types, but I don’t even know what to compare against each of them.

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I can ranked them easily enough:

  1. Physical, especially Warlord, also Witchblade and DK
  2. FIre, especially Commando, maybe Tactician
  3. Tri-Elemental with Arcanor Tactician
  4. Lightning way behind
  5. everything else

Thank you for the input.