[] Snek Boi - Stormserpent epic set actually nice?

I think the title says enough, snek armor is in fact pretty good

  • 20sec Lokarr
  • 3min Moggy

I’m more about balanced and lazy builds so defense is equally good with high res overcaps etc, huh enjoy the video and leave a like if you think snek boi is kinda cute ?



Nice build,

That Stormserpent works somewhat as a ranged Vindicator isn’t something absolutely unknown though :smiley:

I’ve also seen attempt to use it as a cold SS set on Spellbreaker and it also worked, kinda (by injecting lots of green - loxmeres, ellena’s, etc).

When people say it sucks they usually mean either lightning melee or lightning SS, and usually trickster.

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Exactly :slight_smile: Cool idea however, you can make this build without stormserpent set, no big deal you just get the damage elsewhere rather than flat pierce. Set’s main purpose is pierce>lightning conversion which is not enough to utilize all nightblade wps and such a trickster lacks lots of things; especially skill points.

Skill points is the biggest headache of the set. Belt and head are the usual +1 to all skill slots, moreover both Night Blade and Shaman MI belts have suitable conversions for Nightfall too…
Last tier of the set should’ve been giving +1 to Shaman, NB and Demo imo, but Z decided that 3 piece = 0, 4 piece = +1 and 5 piece = +2 for consistency. Which is fair for something like Silver Sentinel but not for Stormserpent… :frowning:


I tried stormserpent set but later decided to use ludrigan instead on similar build.