[ ] "Vampire Lord" Pure Vitality Primal Strike Conjurer with the dark one's set OR how to turn vitality conjurer into a sub par melee build

Stats- 33% Phys Resist, 42% ADCTH, 2700% vitality damage.

Benchmarks so far - 10 min naked gladiator crucible, deathless SR 75-76, turning dark one’s conjurer into a bad build.

Grimtools - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jDaPqZ

What was tried to make this archetype work - Rotgheist Conjurer, Rotgheist Ritualist, Bloodknight Ritualist. All of them we’re way worse than dark one’s conjurer.


GD stash or bust! Why not post build in the build section? with text etc like most of the others do? :slight_smile:

Fair enough my beautiful feathered friend! I know some people prefer to view their information in that way, but i put a ton of effort into my guide videos and thats how i prefer them to be viewed.

ah great you at least posted grim tools link now which is still directing to YT :slight_smile:

can you make this build without GD stashed items?

of course! there are definitely suitable replacements, like wendigomane legguards, or the mythical pestilence of dreeg, but the build is barely viable at high level play as is. the greens are kind of the duct tape that holds this mess of a build together.

You have all of these impossible greens and not even stun res capped. For a melee build… Enemy damage dealt reduction doesn’t stack from bloody pox and wendigo totem if it is still the same mechanics than it was years ago. Anyways. As said by Ulvar1, text explanations instead of just a youtube hit would be nice.

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Yes w totem is enough but pox is good devo proccer and also reduce OA on monster

Yeah both useful skills, but this dude has a youtube video floating around with explicit text that the damage reduction stacks.

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yeah damge reduction we talked about.

But bat is binded to pox, which means you can still leech even when not attacking.

Q about benchmark, have you done those things with build our are you aiming for them? :slight_smile:

This is my crucible farming build, assuming you would use the blessings, i left stun res uncapped, but i addressed it in the video, as for the not stacking damage reduction, that’s just a mess up, i misunderstood the mechanics. My apologies.

All the things mentioned in the video AKA deathless 75-76, lokarr, etc have been done. I’ve been wrecked by cala a few times too many and i dont think crate is doable atm.

Why does video thumbnail say “unkillable” when you have been wrecked by calla? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of your videos seems to have this clickbait aura… like that “best single target damage build in the game?”

but slow res is also a mess, or have they changed the blessings also to provide slow res? Never played much crucible the last years so I might have missed some patch note

I think, build can perform even better (in crucible) if you start using savagery stacks (attack speed, OA, slow res and phys res)

Also note that torrent is not converted via medal skill modifier conversion. For this you need global conversion.

Consecrated wrappings in gloves? You loose 3% life steal but … you already have ton of heal.

Try this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR1eOPV (also changed lizard to hound for armor and physique) (perhaps you want lizard for move speed)

And here is another devo map with sailor guide for more CC res for campaign play (and more slow res for cruci) https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4m16l2 (and flat dmg from dying god - that will be converted)

Try one of these at let me know how it went :slight_smile:

thats just it, you would apologise. But what would it mean? You don’t take down the video and correct it or anything, right? That is like yeah sorry i took 100 dollars, bye now…

Did you even check before you made this comment? I pinned a comment on my youtube channel correcting the error. Consider this; i make grim dawn videos on youtube as a hobby. I do this to engage with the community and give people content about a game that i love deeply. I made a simple mistake and then corrected it, but you’re treating me like a scam artist?

I would love for you to examine why you care so much about this to insult me. Hopefully you will come to the conclusion that this immature reaction is about 10 whole degrees of too much and then feel some semblance of shame. I do not expect this to be the case, but i am leaving my self open to the possibility of being surprised.

Hey! thanks so much for the suggestions. I know my builds aren’t the cleanest, but i appreciate you taking the time to give feedback. I’ll definitely give it a shot after seasons!

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Good luck with the MikeFic leauge :slight_smile: what classe and build are you trying to start with?

CT spellbinder!

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nice, remember now damage reduction from ill omen and ravenous earth - decay do not stack :wink:

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regardless of the correcting(i couldnt find any pinned comment btw) you are a scam artist just by looking at the titles of your youtube. So yeah.

If you didn’t find the comment, then you didn’t look very hard, as it is the very first one lol. Again, not super surprised that you lack any shame or introspection. Using exaggeration and eye catching thumbnails to promote my channel is not a crime. In fact, i show thousands of casual grim dawn players how they can make fun and unique builds with no pretense, ultimately adding to the game community and making grim dawn better and more accessible. Have you thought about trying to help the game community grow instead of, you know, being a gatekeeping knob?