[] Vindicator | Runebinder DoT caster

Hello fellows, today I want to share pretty unique (I believe :smiley: or maybe I miss something and this build already exists on this forum) concept - Runebinder DoT stacker.

According to my tests, DoT’s from Rune of Kalastor and Rune of Hagarrad, stacks for each instance of rune, this mechanic allow us to use Burn modifier as multiplicator for DoT damage. DoT tick could hit ~650k DPS. Average DPS with max tick should be around ~900k - 1m

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26mWjON

Dummy kill



Uploaded dummy kill video

Have you killed something in game beside practice dummy?

Nope (Beside Mad Queen and Ravager for testing purposes). This is just fun proof of concept

Interesting. Never considered this before but it makes sense with the Runes working like pseudo-pets. Opens some interesting build doors/makes a few other meme ones more worthwhile to try.

Great proof of concept :+1:

I think rule is if skill has no debuff then dot can stack. Like maelstrom can stack since maelstrom has no debuff?

I have a Purifier Dual Runes concept (not test yet), still think of gear choices.
100% cold -> fire, 90% maximum pierce -> fire. Do you think its viable ?

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Incredible discovery, I always assumed the opposite and never bothered testing it

Because Wind Devils, Storm Totems and such are considered (player-scaled) pets so they stack their DoTs, checking grimtools’ pet database shows that the runes (and many more, that gives me ideas) are too, so it checks out

Same must apply also to blade spirits yes? Maybe I need to make bleed spirit build then lol

Indeed and bleed Blade Spirits are very strong with this shield + Demonslayer for a 4th spirit.

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Yeah I had something like that planned

I have already trickster and witch hunter, perhaps I do dervish bleed spirit. Too bad AI for blade spirit suck, but has that been improved lately? Sorry for making off-topic

I do one build per class combination since my restart patch 1.1.7

No problem, I made this post just to share my found.

if you will find a way how to sustain energy (between blade-spirit re-summons), and how to out-regenerate incoming damage, this could be a funny build, good luck

why need energy for blade spirit summon they are permenent?

Oh, I thought :smiley: You want to use Bleed Modifier to scale damage (similar technique which I showed in video), each Blade Spirit re-sum, should work similarly to rune-cast and with shield equal to 500DPS, so them more Bleed modifier you have, the more damage you will do

As said Blade Spirits are now permanent pets and can only be resummoned if you remove a skill point from them to unsummon them first.

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if you have 4 blade spirit attacking singular mob bleed damage should stack

blade spirits are now permenent and no longer have cool down very nice new-ish featyre

Well yes, but with all x4 BS (with shield) attack you will have maximum 3200 raw DPS, which is not that high + you need to deal with their AI

At least in you can re-summon blade spirits, and each new summon will increase you bleed tick

No, Blade Spirits have been permanent for a long time. It’s not a recent change.

OK :smiley: I have GoG, x64 with ReShade injected. 24 / 26 BS, maybe something wrong with my game version, I could upload video latter

Something’s certainly wrong somewhere since they’ve been permanent since FG launched. Zantai said back in January 2019 that they’d been changed to be permanent rather than timed summons.