[] Winter King Might be an Acid Witch Hunter | CR 5:39 (CR 4:39 / SR90 when modified and piloted by grey-maybe)

No, I think Witch Hunter is the best here.

What do you mean? QoL or that’s it’s not efficient?

Btw I’ll probably test your Raka’Jax Vindicator at some point for the Grim Sheet but maybe I’ll try going for more AS.
For damage but probably even more so for Life Leech.

From QoL stand point and whether skipping ABB can actually increase overall DPS due to less button to press.

I’ve just made an unbiased test. I thought about it before too.

  • 1st with ABB - 16 seconds
  • 2nd with ABB - 16 seconds
  • 3rd without ABB - 18 seconds
  • 4th without ABB - 19 seconds

this is probably due to having close to 200% Casting Speed and only one ABB bump every 4 seconds which makes it worth it.

I remember Oblivion having 3 - 3.5 casts per seconds at max CS depending on how many spells you cast in-between.

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Nice build.

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can you please send me the save file?
i want to try smtg with it.

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working hard on your SSF cold DE build I see :open_mouth:

I saw you at Rektby’s stream wasting time when you could have been working on a new build or guide.

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I had 30 min lunch today, total waste of time I could have made 3 more GT builds instead :frowning:

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i’ve realized that i don’t want to play CR while league is going, so i’ll just leave what i wanted to try here: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26mD47N

i’d recommed switching bat for GG. that should be a massive increase both in damage and sturdiness

other changes are all for damage (although i would still go for manticore on AA replacer instead of revenant)


Thanks for your personal optimization. I like it and will try it most probably
(although it will take me some time because I currently have a break).

@grey-maybe What’s the deal with Of Readiness? Did you try not to take double rares? There’s of the Dranghoul

yep, not the fan of DR on nemesis items

Figured it would be worth dropping it here… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9monxV
aether winter king spellbinder is pretty good as well


Looks sick!

i’ve tested my variant, two runs: 5.06 and 4.58. Might be better in crucible of the Void, but i’m not looking forward memorizing all the spawns there.
Overall, build feels quite tanky, even with my damage-orientred version.
I think <4.45 is possible with some good muts. However, I suspect that Chain Lightning will be faster.

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  • tqFan & grey-maybe’s with this degree of tweaking

  • surprised by tankiness, also need to see Eyes with my own eyes as 15% ACDtH on them vs 2 x 40% on Twin Fangs and lower proc chance seemed sketchy to me (also they were nerfed in some patch)

  • don’t be afraid of Void as it seems to me it has the same spawn points as Dead
    might look different in my vid as I have camera 180 degree rotated with Lokarr behind my back

I’ll now watch the video to maybe learn something:

  • no sound :frowning:

  • also do you need all these numbers on the screen :rofl:

well, i was listening to some video.

i do!

Now that is mocking us average pilots who need 100% concentration for average results :wink:

tried sr90, got quite an easy arena - fabius, ben, hinass and moosi. got “moosilocked” 5 times, the rest died rather fast. didn’t bother to record a video, mb will do it later.

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Really neat builds all. Thanks for sharing!