[] Beginner's Apex Death Knight

Thank you. I didnt know Scaled hide I will use it asap.

Thanks for the answer. I did switch to Blade Arc. The attacking with this skill is a bit different to Forcewave. Do you prevent moving by holding down Cmd + Mouseclick?

For reference: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4mldr2
Pretty much the final build except Kriegs Chest, some Augments, better Affixes and Components w/ more OA/DA.

No, I do not, after all unlike Forcewave it’s a melee build so I just put Blade Arc on LMB and cut through stuff.

Checked your setup, looks fine except components & augments, but w/e you’ve warned me.

I was gonna question that item level 65 chest armor when you’re 100, but you’re probably farming krieg’s chest on elite and maybe don’t have revered Malmouth Resistance yet, so I guess that should be fine.

Attacking in place with true melee skills (blade arc, cadence and so on) is a trap in GD. The AOE and weapon range is too small so not worth it. Forcewave is not truly melee, so attack in place works well with it.

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Nice catch, def. better use an updated version.

Yeah, you are right, just kept it as a placeholder. But: Kriegs chest just dropped, so: Yippie :smiley:

I assumed that being the case. Just have to get used to different clicking now. Feels a bit clunky and I sometimes run around in circles like a moron unintentionally when screen is full of mobs.

Next up: Factions for Nemesis and Revered.

Nicely composed guide! I found physical BA leveling to be quite good even before all this MI support, so I’m sure this is superb.

3 Scale Hide now ^^

Why you need 3 when 2 will give 98% absorb assuming no other source of increase armor absorb?
0,70 * 1,4 = 0,98

I saw it but i already socked it :slight_smile:

Oh Krieg im Coming to take Revenge :slight_smile: this time with 2 pieces of Guardmans Set :slight_smile: And Forcewave 26 with Massacre

Still need a good Lightning Build and One with Guns… Fire DMG or Other gun build.

The most trivial lightning build by far is Primal Strike Shaman, which you can turn into either Warder, Druid or Vindicator. As for guns can’t go wrong with Fire Strike Purifier.

Yes Fire Strike i wish because i got good Items with this Skill. Warde i dont want to play. Because these Retaliation Builds are not funny. Thank You

Why would you think Warder means retaliation build…

The guide i allready played was a warder with retaliation :slight_smile: So i thoughht warder automaticly means Retaliation

Most classes that can spec into retaliation have at least 2-3 other builds that are not retaliation. But if you don’t want to repeat a Warder you can do the same build with Druid instead.

I think i only play your guides and the Guides from… You know who i mean :slight_smile: because the Others are only Grim tools Pics. I cant handle such “Guides”

I’ll naively hope it’s RektByProtoss :rofl:
Do check out his stuff as well, some of his builds offer levelling advice:

They aren’t GT pics and buildmakers do put plenty of effort into their builds. They don’t usually call their build threads as guides either. Think of it as more of a build example with confirmed endgame performance.

RektbyProtss Is very good yes. I allready saw things from him on Youtube.
But i meant David Allen :slight_smile:

Now i first have to waste my Time with Work, so ill go on playing at about 23:30.

Thank you very much.