[] Beginner's Apex Death Knight

Yeah, I wish I hadn’t immediately deleted the character in hindsight.

Reflect was certainly something I had learnt to look out for.


great guide!

I am level 100 right now and kinda clueless. I did countless Ternox runs in Elite and Ultimate and Kriegs Boots did not drop. Is there a known bug with the drop rates or am I just insanely unlucky?

For reference, here is my (Krieg-less) current setup (if thats of use to anybody): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwl4EkN

Edit on the topic: Found the boots after an hour or so after i switched farming from Elite to Ultimate.
I literally leveled from 83 - 97 by only running Ternox and Crown Hill route in Elite without getting a piece of Kriegs. Dropped other parts being lower level before. RNG is strange sometimes :smiley:

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they have low drop chances for beginning so you are still just not lucky enough

Unlucky I guess. For me the piece that just refused to drop was Krieg shoulders while I got the rest reasonably fast.

Hi. Thank you for this Guide. Im Playing this one and the David Allen Guides in HC Veteran.
Do You have more guides detailed like this one ? Ranged, Sorcerer Build or something ?



You are the best :slight_smile: I think now i have a problem. There isnt anything else to do in My life :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just don’t use David Allen’s guides and you’ll be fine.

Arent they good ? They are funny till now.

Can’t say I’ve studied every his build with a magnifying glass, but his Dervish levelling advice made me question if he really levelled the thing. Putting one point into everything until you get both classes to 50/50 is just not how I see an efficient levelling plan in Grim Dawn. It ain’t Monopoly.

In short, do as you will. The more people try out his builds the more they endorse mine :slight_smile:

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Ok the Dervish i didnt try. I only have 5 of them. They are 25 now, killed the Warden. I do every Char at 25 first…

Sadly not.

Ok i will go on playing them and take 5 of yours… so 10 must be enough i think.

OhOh got Shamblers 25 23 13 +3 to Forcewave :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks.

I am just missing the Kriegs chest now. Would you advice to switch to Blade Arc even without Kriegs or stay on Forcewave? Ive got most of the other Items.

Switching to Blade Arc is a level-driven decision mostly. I’d say the switch is feasible as long as you can get a lvl 84/94 Halberd and push Blade Arc skill levels high enough. Worst case you’ll just have about as much damage as Forcewave.

RIP Killed by Warden Krieg :slight_smile: New try same again…


Krieg can be a bit unfair on Veteran, but this build should dispatch him easily. No idea what went wrong on your end.

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Concentration is everything in Hardcore Veteran :slight_smile: When you dont have it on the right moment because of thinking about beautifull women or smth… RIP. It was just his melee hit. Physical resistance allways is my biggest weakness :slight_smile:

Always keep armor rating up to your level and always use at least one Scaled Hide once you can craft it.