[] Chaos Birds Conjurer -> Crucible 5:15/ SR 110/ All Celestials/ 75-76 farmer

Hello, and another summoner from me but more unusual - Chaos Birds Conjurer. I had slighty better results with it than with classic elemental setup which surprised me. Due to conversions and devotion setup we have very high AoE damage, build got also solid survival.


Blood Orb of Cthon is build enabler due to 100% elemental->chaos conversions so our birds do fully chaos damage and another pets do damage mostly with converted elemental devotions - Leviathan, Magi and Fiend.

Jewelery + Medal - Bysmiel set for additional bird.

Offhand - most important item, buff change elemental damage into chaos for our Pets. Hunt for CDR.

Armor - for chaos damage buffs and resistances, another choice is Necrolord’s Shroud.

Weapon - Salazar because it has very good chaos pet and +2 Summon Familiar (we need it to reach 26/26). Familiar is fortunately just in the item so no special mod for it is needed. Hunt for pets stats.

Helmet - for damage and CDR for Primal Spirit.

Shoulders - Mogdrogen has good defensive bonuses we need and flat lightning which is converted. Also Lightning Strike is great, that’s main source of AoE damage for Birds. Another good choice is Fiendflesh Mantle.

Boots - I took it for OA and slow resistances but this slot is very flexible. You can take Mythical Grim Harvest Boots if you don’t have rare pants with mods I use or Footpads of the Grey Magi for player survivality.

Pants - these rares are BiS but absolutely not necessary! You can go for Runebrand Legwraps for CC resistances (or anything other with pets stats) and then change boots into Grim Harvest (explained above) and correct chaos/aether pet res with Mender’s Powder auguments into jewelery (just cap these resistances for pet).

Belt - +1 skills to Occultist is needed, it’s best offensive choice. You can take Mythical Nosferattis instead, eventually Voidmancer’s Cord.

Relic - it’s best choice for damage in this build from my tests. You can take Mogdrogen’s Ardor or Primal Instict instead but it’s going to lower damage.

Crucible 5:15

SR 110, Iron maiden and Ekketzul were very annyoing. Took few points into Totem for IM.

Ravager 2:30

Crate ~1:30

75-76 SR run

Callagadra ~7 min screenshot

Mogdrogen ~7 min screenshot



I like the devotions on this one! Also nice usage of the conversions here, the elemental to chaos conversion from the off-hand precedes the conversion on mogdrogen shoulders :slight_smile: very nice!

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What do you mean with precedes it? My birds were doing whole chaos damage.

Yeah, elemental to chaos conversion happens first

Mogdrogen shoulder have fire to lightning conversion for pets.

When shoulder conversion kicks in, all the pet elemental damage is already converted into chaos :slight_smile: which enables you to use this shoulder for the build! I thought that was nice usage

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Yes, shoulders were used only for flat lightning and Lightning Strike, flat do very well with Chaos :smile:

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If someone is still interested in most damaging birds I already found then there is more dps oriented setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwoBrnZ - Crucible only tested with 3 average runs, was 4:45-4:5x. Other content included celestials and deep sr should be no problem.

Change pants for any purple/swap components for seal of mights/swap auguments for more defense if you feel you need it.