[] Fire FS Saboteur with Ember's Calling set

Maybe someone else’s already tried Ember’s Calling with Sabo (or Fire Strike idk), but i haven’t seen it anywhere yet. My first try with Saboteur (never played with this class before). And here it is:

Grimtool: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqEgr4Z

Screenshot ingame with Permabuff + Lethal Assault

The new sets look awesome, especially for those conversion. The build got some of the best conversion in the game

  • 100% vitality and chaos converted to fire (good roll with double Blazeheart)

  • 100% pierce/ cold/ acid converted to fire (from the set and the mod from MI amulet)

Basically everything is on fire. All MIs are SSF, even the double rare Stoneplate Grave (i got lucky with this craft, and each point in Lethal Assault really help)

Tried it on SR 65 and then go up. Died start from SR 70, and nowhere i can get SR 75 with time left (i got some videos, but the quality is not good, and i died a lot). Even though on paper the build looks really good (OA/DA permenant >3k, DPS 200k, got Flashbang + dodge/evade, some dmg reduction from Ulzuin Wraith- even when i dont know how exactly the dmg reduction works), build is way too squishy for SR 75. I dont try Crucible yet (since this is the first time play Sabo and dont unlock Gladiator yet).
So any thoughts/ advices/ feedbacks are all welcome. Should i change something for more tankiness idk.


Looks nice. One advice - from my experience with Blazehearts FS it’s better to bind Bat to FS, it solves many survivability problems


tks/ i’ ll definitly try that. Bat got 100% fire dam due to conversion so it might help a lot. But almost the time i died because of some heavy physical atker like Iron Maiden/ Reaper. So any ideas how can i raise the physica l resistance more? the whole set give like 0% physical res…

I noticed IM / Fabius / Reaper and others heave melees got some steroids after the patch.
I would try Combustion ring as soon as it boosts hp nice aswell, vitality suffix on the belt and more points in spirit for better damage like you can sacrifice ~200 DA with Veil of Shadows

Edit: meh, I forgot the set is heavy, so no points in spirit

my first set up was Combustion ring as well (mostly for 8RR). Then i realized that the Elemental Balance ring got much more to offer: poison res/ higher atk speed/ OA/ 2 point in LA. Maybe i got lucky with Stalwart afffix so i dont need that much DA from Combustion ring, and OA is more precious. It depends on what you roll for. Tomorrow i’ll try Cruci and give some edits. But man, i just wish the set gives some (just 5-6% physical res) thats all…

Might try this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V00kroV
A bit more flat, +10 rr, +2k HP +absorb from phoenix

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i’ll try combustion ring (again) and the new devo as well :v tks for you advices

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for physical res try obsidian grasp, they can have up to 7% of it and 14% AS


DMT’s link is about as good as you can expect with sabo. Sabo naturally has a ton of damage, but every variant I’ve seen is quite squishy due to low HP, armor, and phys resist. Not much you can do to mitigate this, it’s just one of the natural limitations of the class. Watch your blast shield closely and just pray you don’t get reaper/maiden fighting you at the same time

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bone in head is questionable though, requires some testings. on paper should help a lot vs reaper and grava, but diamond provides health and strong proc (with insanely long cd i should say). don’t know how to increase OA, perhaps the only way is to invest in flashbang.


i really love the Obsidian glove (totally forgot about that blue one), all the bonus skills/ physic res/ poison res/ dam are perfectly fit. but i need to check that i do have that glove somewhere or not before testing more. and the new devo (especially phoenix fire) need to level up to improve survivability. take a few more time :((

looks good, what do you think about adding abom devotion? You have full chaos to fire conversion after all and it’s huge flat damage https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDrjGp2

Edit: Obsidian Grasp is definitely the way to go aswell and I also like combustion band better than the sapphire ring.


tks Rekt, thats huge flat Chaos dam from AM definitely injects steroid to DPS. but i always think that for a melee atker 13% is too low (maybe i was wrong, but even with 16% i often died a lot). nonetheless i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

The more dps you have the less ADctH you need to heal the same amount :wink:

I’ve thought about this devotion map for a different character using this set. Yugol would help your survivability with the DR + lifesteal and you convert the flat cold to fire anyway.

Edit: flat cold and acid to fire

yes, with 100% cold and acid all converted to fire, Yugol got full fire dam now. But doesnt Ulzuin’s Wraith got dam reduction already? and i dont think they stack right? just 1 point in Ulzuin’s node you can get 20% dam reduction (more than yugol’s max level)

Maybe someone can explain how Ulzuin’s Wrath works, but doesn’t it apply only to ranged enemies when Vindictive Flame procs making it useless when you need it vs Reaper, Fabius & al. ?

Tbh I’ve never understood this skill, I just know it’s not a reliable source of DR. But you’re right, they wouldn’t stack for sure.

One change I’d do to bindings is bind eldritch fire to thermite mines (they’re great at proc’ing) and meteor shower to blade spirit, which should proc it regularly. Then you can bind either bat or flame torrent to firestrike.

Either way, bookmarked the build for possibly using it in future :smiley:

I’ve made this one when GT updated; https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRPKAO2

I decided not to do it since there is not enough skill points, you can’t even invest Nightblade WPS properly. OA/DA/Resistances are PITA to balance, health is low without certain prefixes on both amulet and belt. Couldn’t cap CC resists, armor is low, phys resist is low; lifesteal should be gret with both GG and Bat but didn’t seem to worth it.


i did test some devotion binding (not this build, but other fire build). Shadow Strike to Meteor is my favorite, since they both got 3.5 second CD AND 100% proc, so basically 1 SS = 1 Meteor, you dont need to bind Meteor to proc machine like BS (for 3.5 second BS do nothing). Thermite mine to Fiend is awesome, they create a whole lot more fire circle around mines, not around your char. Bat and Eldritch fire i’m not too sure, since FS spam and BS are all good