[] Ghol's Poison/Acid Pet ritualist

Doctor Do Little - Ghol’s Pet Ritualist, Crucible 150-170 viable
confirmed to work fine in

thanks for help on this build goes out to Sigatrev, Sirspanksalot and to Maya for the pet guide, which came out just when I started the process of posting this

Not only does he talk to animals, it’s almost everything he does…

I present to you this Ghol’s Ritualist, which may actually be quite run of the mill
Honestly I don’t know because this is the first time I (seriously) tried my hand on a pet build
Immediately when I saw the, then new, Ghol set, I knew I wanted to try a concept like this
Initially with skeletons but lately I discovered how that really didn’t help me
Just to see if it could, I ran it through crucible, also not a habit of mine
It turned out that it does great, granted that I die on wave 170 in the accompanying video but that had only to do with my positioning…

I did say that the playstyle involves doing nothing, but I lied
Where pet builds have the reputation of having your minions doing the work for you, this one doesn’t
While playing you’ll constantly be casting Devouring Swarm and Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze
You will not be bored playing this

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl4D9XV (


  • reliable damage from pets
  • quick
  • high HP
  • capped player resistances


  • heavily relies on Eldritch Talon
  • dream MI’s

Crucible 150-170 video


second post

  • switched Ulo and Ishtak for Wolverine and 5/6 Typhos, granting actual pierce res and more OA
  • completed Bysmiel’s Bonds to get the extra pet proc
  • added 1 point in Bone Harvest to proc Bysmiel’s Command
  • added 1 point to Call of the Grave
    (both points were leftover SR points)


optimized the build to have a significant buff to pet damage and resists

  • it now has 2x Yugol’s Ichor, removing open hand of mercy
  • Primal Instinct is replaced by Master of Death
  • added Panther to the devotion setup
  • changed the helmet to Necrolord’s Gaze
  • changed the belt to Nosferattis, to still avoid mind control
  • changed the relic to Mogdrogen’s Ardor
  • dropped Tree of Life in favor of 4/5 Bysmiel’s Bonds
  • changed the scepter component to Vitriollic Gallstone
  • dropped Ulo’s proc because I no longer have a skill to proc it, and don’t really need it anyway
  • switched some components and augments
  • tweaked the skilltrees



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Just a minor thing, you got 30/16 Briarthorn in the GT link :stuck_out_tongue:

Could divert some of those points into getting 17/12 Ground Slam for the Taunt.

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“Wraithbound Bound Wraith of Binding”, love it!

It’s worth noting that those MIs are great even without any Prefix/Suffixes. The main losses are 20% attack speed and 150% damage for pets. That AS loss would hurt, but it’s not going to make or break the build.

viable for sr 75-76 also? :eyes:

good idea

the weird thing is that I got my GT from uploading my save file…

I haven’t tried because after running my toon through crucible, I didn’t really feel like running it through SR 65-76
In theory I suppose it could work

updated the GT link to reflect @Maya’s suggestion

oh ok…but I stupidly forgot I had a cabalist instead of ritualist too :rofl: will have to create one first and try this…ty

Aye, points in skills over the HardCap do not show ingame for some reason. GrimTools is even more useful than it already is, in that regard.

added optimizations for, increasing pet damage as well as resists

see second post

Wouldn’t Master of Death be sub-optimal? Seems like you’re pulling some Physical damage that would be converted to Acid to be converted to Vitality instead.

Well no
First off MoD is huge for supporting pets, also vit damage is pretty well supported on this build next to acid
MoD’s other functions vastly outweigh the conversion on phys damage which is negligible anyway
Lastly, there is no better toggle for pets in the mastery

Mogdrogen is disappointed.

Oh hey Maya!


Hey Strukto, if you’re submitting this as 1.1.8 build into Compendium then update the title at least :slightly_smiling_face:

My bad, I was planning to and then it slipped my mind…

confirmed to work fine in


cleansing waters is not bound to any skills and only available is devouring swarm and that is already bound to another, am i missing something?