[] I can't believe it's not FoI! Chaos "Acid Purge'' Warlock


For a meme build you need meme title, shoutout to @Plasmodermic Obliteration builds.

So Acid Purge skill was buffed recently and it’s worth using on some builds. Tough to get conversion to fully utilize it on-non acid or vitality damages, but trying to do my best with chaos version. Actually chaos is pretty good option, because of high WD and % damage.


  • pic with all possible buffs, DPS is for Acid Purge

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jRRYv2

Gear: :hammer_and_pick:

  • Key is to get full vitality to chaos conversion via the Bloodlord Belt and Fiend’s Resolve off-hand. Chest and gloves provide partial acid to chaos, which converts non only main skill but also Blood of Dreeg and Guardian’s Gaze. Conduit is with Pox prefix, together with rings, dagger and Ravager’s granted skill will provide the much needed - RR. I like also Eldritch’s Pact proc and thus use this relic. Medal is non-mythical Blood Sigil of Chton, that’s debatable, good MI medal with Sigil mod might be better. Crafts with % physique and stun.

Devotions: :star2:

  • Since this isn’t WD heavy focused build, decided to skip Abomination devotion and went Korvaak. It’s proc is very good and I also prioritize Guardians. Since I can’t proc well Flame Torrent, I suggest for SR to replace Fiend and upper right node from Korvaak and get Behemoth/Giant’s Blood instead.


In Crucible build is actually melting everything except Reaper. Great AoE damage from procs and Pox and Purge/Doom Bolt for single target damage. Heavy resistant mobs are slowing the timer but I did 5:10 run, sub 5 might be possible.

In SR I suggest to siphon more points in physique and use Behemoth. I did SR 75 with ease but deeper realms damage will be too big of a challenge for this setup.


Sick build! I had something similar planned as well, but with pyro :slight_smile: nice to see concept working fun

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Also forum is trying hard to prove how awesome class is Warlock :smiley:

Okay, the title made me laugh, loudly. Scared the crap out of my cats.


LMAO the title.

Nice build.


Catchy Name.

Good ideas. And probably would also be good with a pyro as mentioned by Ulvart1.

Maybe there some alternative offhand possibilities with Harbringer Mask (which would also give 100% vit
convert) . Although Resolve looks to have the best casting speed.

HellScourge might be fun :thinking:
(extra DB damage and swap revenant maybe to wendigo?).

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Thanks guys, title is the real star of the show… and Warlock class obviously.

Fiend’s Resolve is up all the time and it’s pretty good with damage and 8% physical res. Also aether conversion helps a bit. Hellscourge is also fun idea but I don’t have enough procers for Wendigo.

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