[] Pocket Fireworks - Aether Spam Jacks Defiler


Disclaimer: this is an end-game build and not a guide, considering the gear required and the difficulty of the class, this is not adressed to beginners thus the post isn’t very detailed, don’t hesitate to ask anything.

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  • updated 12/12 : fixed the missing Prismatic Diamond, to make the build safer especially against Valdaran, and adjusted augments to compensate the change and my rolls in game
  • updated 30/01 : slight buffs with the patch : a bit more damage on Jacks and the conduit’s global conversion makes Spear hit a little harder

What is this ?

Stun Jacks, but it’s spammed and all aether. With no DoT but a big damage boost from the conduit, the skill turns into a monstruous single-target killer though the aoe is limited. To put some band-aid on the aoe, the build has the phenomenal CC from Korvaak to just lock any pack in place while Siphon Souls keeps it alive.
Why is it a defiler ? Necro seems to provide the best support, since arcanist has no RR and purifier would have a low %aether. Plus it’s an underrated class.

Gear alternatives

  • Pants, a real dilemma. Wraithbornes are by far BiS with their insane stats, but the knockdown is really annoying. Good Grava’Thul Legguards can work.

  • The Dreadfire dagger for the +1 demo that lets you use a good necro relic like Impurity for the leech proc and reduced damage from Reaper.
    Wrath of the Ascendant provides some very useful racial damage and vit conversion, but requires the relic to give +1 to demo to cap the Stun Jacks line, hence Serenity.

  • Shoulders roll. They need to provide at least 2 out of pierce, acid and aether resistance. The amulet roll can provide the third. Anything else is a bonus, and 5 armour augments are “free” (it’s just DA) to fix the holes, pump more attributes into physique to compensate the DA if necessary.

  • Double Tawrot ring ? Sure, the build swims in RR so more raw damage and sustain from another Tawrot could be better.


Similar Builds

Check out @MergosWetNurse’s sorcerer take on the concept, which inspired my own in some aspects.


Anything with defiler gets a :heart: from me! Nice work!