[] SWAT TEAM - Six Team Based "Pew Pew" Builds - SR100

*Img cred: @WeaponZero *

What started out as a fun, light-hearted meme-team idea ended up becoming really quite powerful and a lot of fun. Lately I’ve been exploring building 4-man team builds, with team synergy skills in mind for the purpose of pushing into higher SR. I really like that a single build doesn’t need to ‘have it all’ - if a build lacks damage, that’s fine; someone else on the team can bring damage. If a build lacks survivability, that’s fine - someone else can bring support and healing.

With Steele and Scourge in the team (the tank and healer respectively), we were able to get to SR100, which surprised us as these builds were built as a meme idea. Aleksander’s rock wrecked us though, and a bit of lag (playing internationally) meant dodging his rocks wasn’t entirely viable either.

Here are six ‘SWAT TEAM’ builds based around this team-build idea. All of them are intended to be able to still solo fairly well (to varying degrees), but their real focus is thriving in this specific team.

There are four builds in the original ‘four-man’ team, plus two “experimental weapons experts” that can be used with the team as well.

Core Build Descriptions:

:: Steele - Tank and Team-Wide Damage Mitigation


Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28BAvDZ

Steele is all about that teamwide damage mitigation. She boasts a low HP for a tank at only ~14,500 hp, but her great damage mitigation and high regeneration (4.7k) keeps her very healthy in mos fights. She can hit-and-run fight Callagadra solo, but it takes a long time. Her DA of 3950 helps to prevent her from taking crit spikes of damage, making her low HP more reliable.

Untouchable shield helps her to keep aggro, and she does so effectively in most fights. She provides the team with Healing Rain, Stone Form, Blood of Dreeg, Field Command and Menhir’s Bastion, boosting the team’s regen, flat damage absorption, physical resist, OA, DA, armor and damage absorption %. War Cry helps to keep aggro, and reduces all nearby enemy damage, further boosting the team’s survivability. A high attack speed and Cadence helps her to do some damage, although damage is clearly not her strong suit. She’s there to lead the charge, to take the hits and to protect the team.

:: Fisher - Retaliation Shotgunner with Inquisitor Seals


Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn8DlgV

Fisher is a Burn/Fire retaliation damage rifleman with multiple shotgunning attacks. Using a boosted 24% Retaliation-Damage-To-Attack to Righteous Fervor, this applies to each projectile added to the shotgunning attacks. Storm Spread with a 2 handed weapon fires eight projectiles, so you’re delivering 24*8 (=192%) ret damage from that attack if all projectiles hit a single target. It chews through Aleksander in 6-7 seconds as you can see in the video above (5:05). Bursting Round also adds it’s ret damage to the Righteous Fervor ret damage, applying a nice amount of dot/fire damage to all enemies in a 5.5m radius every time it procs, boosting the AOE capabilities of the build.

Burn damage was chosen as a retaliation focus because the dot damage is highly effective when an enemy only hits you once; they regret it every second for a few seconds after the attack, and it can mean only needing to shoot at enemy once before moving on to new targets as you let the burn damage kill them off.

To get the most out of the build’s retaliation damage, shotgun damage, and to assist the tank with inqusitor seals, this build sits close to the front line with Steele.

:: Scourge - Combat Medic


Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxrPglN

Scourge is a Dark One vitality damage rifle build, that uses a combination of attacks to achieve it’s damage output. Two wendigo totems allows Scourge to provide concentrated healing in a narrow area when the tank is fighting difficult enemies, or to spread a good layer of healing across a wider area if she applies a wendigo totem for the front lines, and one for the backlines.

She lowers enemy life leech resistance by 16%, allowing all team members to make the most of their lifesteal, and boosts the team’s total speed and crit damage with Hungering Void.

Boosted Bloody Pox helps to clear trash mobs, especially in high SR where using reduction to Enemy’s Health becomes a good way to speed up trash fights.

Scourge acculumates damage between her dot attacks, boosted wendigo totems and savagery to have a moderate damage output.

:: Thompson - Tactical Demolitions


Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m239DK9Z

Lobbing pipe bombs, grenades, flashbangs, setting up mortar traps and calling down heavy artillery (meteor from Annihilation relic) makes this build an explosively good time. Grenado and Canister Bomb have very high AOE damage and a decent chance of 100% cooldown reduction, allowing for multiple successive casts of each at times.

This build has a high AOE damage output. Fire Strike is really there as a ‘filler’ attack between throwing bombs :wink:

The build also comes with a flamethrower skill for that ‘pyromaniac’ feel (Flame Breath from Mythical Mask of Infernal Truth).

Judgment was taken off the rotation to avoid taking aggro away from the tank.

Experimental Weaponry:

:: Jenkins - Freeze CC Support


Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V098Q1Z

We really wanted a build where you could yell “FREEZE, PUNK!!” in some meaningful way, so here is a build full of freeze attacks. Of course, mageslayer set providing freeze duration reduction resistance to enemies was crucial. Trash mobs in any level of SR are still trash mobs. At SR 100+ they start hitting hard, so freezing them provides incredible damage mitigation for the team.

Also, Jenkins can effectively double the damage output of Thompson, Fisher and Jaxxon against many monsters due to the high Fire resistance reduction on Olexra’s Flash Freeze.

With weapon and jewellery components boosting chance to freeze, plus Mythical Northern Wyrm providing a chance to freeze enemies, every attack with weapon damage has a 22% chance of freezing enemies. Other attacks that can freeze enemies include:

Olexra’s Flash Freeze
Rune of Hagarrad
Trozan’s Sky Shard
Ice Wyrm’s Breath
Howling Wind

Using Frostdread Cuirass also gives the team a 20% chance to freeze Retaliation bonus, so if anyone hits the team they risk being frozen for 2 seconds. What fun! :smiley:

:: Jaxxon - Puncturing Flak Cannon Shotgun

Grim Tools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2ggpJW2

Jaxxon uses a combination of build ideas: Fire Brimstone for the flak effect, a 100% chance to pass through enemies weapon, plus as many shotgunning attacks as I could muster. As each shotgun projectile hits an enemy, it triggers brimstone, and each projectile passes through enemies into more enemies, each triggering brimstone again, creating this AOE scattergun shredding madness which will slow down your computer.

The build has low HP and shouldn’t take point in high SR, but the high damage output and decent lifesteal, coupled with reduction to enemy damage and Inquisitor’s Seal help to keep the build a little tanky. Fissure and Meteor Shower add to the AOE damage of the build.

Enjoy the team memery that is SWAT DEATH SQUAD :smiley:


This looks like more fun than a sack of kittens! Cerberus approvesimage


Love these group builds you make up @WyreZ!


Thank you RxJunkie!! :smiley:
I’ve got a few more in the making…

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You should probably put a link to that screenshots origin man cuz that’s the most badass one I’ve seen yet by him.

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It’s lovely. I can tell that you and your team are having a great time with GD. :+1::+1::+1:

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You mean a link to the artist who did the ‘poster’ design?

Thank you xOMOCHIx! We are :smiley:

But also, wanted to share these ideas in case others wanted to enjoy this sort of team-based fun :slight_smile:

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Love it! Wish more of my friends played this game so we could build a team like this!

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The artist sent it to me directly (he was in the team!), it’s otherwise hosted here:

You can see the composite screenshot that he put together, then all of the work he did on it to turn it into the poster. :smiley:

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Cool… I actually found that I guess he primarily posts all these screens to the Grim Dawn FB group - of which his posts can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/915883031907499/user/528980940

Well, if you’re friends with the guy you should see if you can get him to make a DeviantArt account (or heck, even here on the GD forum) and start putting his work up on there. His stuff is legit good and it’s a shame that this stuff is hidden away on FB.

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Yep, he’s welcome to post here if he wants to

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Thanks medea and powbam! I’ll pass on the info to him :smiley:

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@powbam :
Chris also did the poster for this team which was one of the first team setups I tried to design : [] Dreeg's Dream Team - Concept Team Synergy Builds [Now Tested]

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@WyreZ - Nice stuff. Hopefully he will consider posting his works here as he is doing some top notch stuff and I’m sure many would appreciate it.