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Hello! :grava: I was wondering if we can have a place where people can share their GD arts. :grim_dawn:Would be nice to see what you people have created based on our beloved grim world of Cairn! I can start since I made a topic earlier in General Disscussion, but I think it would be better to move the thread here. :inquisitorseal: I hope the idea will be accepted… I want to see some epic GD artworks! :3

Obsidian Defiler

Korvan Scorpius



They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Well, here’s a summary of all the funky experiments I’ve tried in the crucible which never saw the light of day in this forum.

EDIT: For the record - I kinda enjoyed failing this many times. It is what made GD a throughfully (@stupid_dragon) engaging, and challenging game for me.

If I had succeeded more than I had failed, I would’ve retired ages ago.

Yes it’s a crap piece of art, yes it’s tongue in cheek, but it truly is fan art.


why inquisitor do better job at occultying and arcanisting than occultist and arcanist:


Hello! I feel corny today… :corn:

My idea of the new epic constellation: Korvan Corn!


Let’s keep this to fanart please. There’s now a thread for memes thanks to RxJunkie.

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I have no idea who the author is. Just search grim dawn deviantart @google :smiley:

Yauss, gurl. YAUSS.


Check the filenames.

That’s the one! Where’s Maya’s approving bird picture, when you need it most!

fun fact: every single one of my pb specs have been and will be female

It is me again! :grava_yes: Here is a big scary Kubacabra, the Endless Menace! Suggested by people on GD Discord and I like the idea :scorv:





Can I request a Kaisan &/or korvaak fan art?

Korvaak has always been awesome, but I’ve only just noticed how intimidating kaisan can be if you imagine yourself fighting him IRL.

Esp. with his skull helmet thing

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korvaak also have 2 appearances. old korvaak in his glorious days (probably looks like his statues in korvaak city), and forgotten/imprisoned korvaak (face can be covered by his horn helmet/exposed completely, looking like a chtulhutastic alien)

& also we should never forget his indestructible & undroppable loincloth.

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If you ignore that he’s as round as Santa. Boi needs to slim up.

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Looks awesome, I love the art style mate. It looks like something straight out of Neverending Nightmares.

@chthon: The difference in talent is astounding.


Hello again! As it is 4th Grim Dawn’s birthday I decided to make a small gift for you people and Zantai, and tbh whole Crate team. Haven’t used pencils for 2 years so it feels nice to come back and do nice stuff with them.
Now for some personal/emotional stuff, I know boring etc. I am not that active here on forums, mostly lurking. On the other hand GD’s Discord server is where I spend a lot of time with cool people. Must admit that that game and that community helped me much with my depression. Means a lot for me tho I know it sounds childish. But yeah you guys rock!
Now let’s party till :partying_face::dancer::dancing_women::dancing_men::man_dancing::confetti_ball::cake::cupcake::moon_cake::scorv: