Grim Dawn Fanart Corner

Hello! :grava: I was wondering if we can have a place where people can share their GD arts. :grim_dawn:Would be nice to see what you people have created based on our beloved grim world of Cairn! I can start since I made a topic earlier in General Disscussion, but I think it would be better to move the thread here. :inquisitorseal: I hope the idea will be accepted… I want to see some epic GD artworks! :3

Obsidian Defiler

Korvan Scorpius



They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Well, here’s a summary of all the funky experiments I’ve tried in the crucible which never saw the light of day in this forum.

EDIT: For the record - I kinda enjoyed failing this many times. It is what made GD a throughfully (@stupid_dragon) engaging, and challenging game for me.

If I had succeeded more than I had failed, I would’ve retired ages ago.

Yes it’s a crap piece of art, yes it’s tongue in cheek, but it truly is fan art.


why inquisitor do better job at occultying and arcanisting than occultist and arcanist:


Hello! I feel corny today… :corn:

My idea of the new epic constellation: Korvan Corn!


Tom and Jerry?

Sure. Except tom actually does devour jerry from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:

As kid hated this show for exactly this reason. The cat always loses. Here’s little different. Poor Lee, being chased by rocket and then compared to a rodent :smile:

It looks like this thread is becoming a meme thread more than a fanart thread.

You’re right. I didn’t think of that. I’ll delete the post.

Let’s keep this to fanart please. There’s now a thread for memes thanks to RxJunkie.