Grim Dawn Fanart Corner

Very nicely done! :slight_smile:

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Most likely the best first post ever

welcome to the forum and thanks for that awesome pic!

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Hello my friend, great artwork right here! Finally my thread was useful for someone else :3
Is this digital or pens? And what is the size of it?

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Hey Maska,
I have already seen your channel but I didn’t know if it is still up to date, because the last pictures were a bit longer ago. This is an analog A4 picture, drawn with fineliners :slight_smile:

I appreciate that a lot, thanks a lot!

Ah, cool. I guess you set your scan to some big quality if you got a 90mb file :smiley: I often go for 2k resolutions max. This channel is always active, it depends if anyone has a piece of art to post (me… and now you! :partying_face:) Fineliners are always fine… get it? Fine because they are fineliners… no? ok back to GD I guess

Yes, indeed. I scanned it at maximum resolution must have been 4k if I’m not mistaken.
Haha okay the joke is really bad but artist jokes are always welcome. I will also go back to the big world of Cairn^^ Say, are you interested in exchanging ideas in Steam, if you want to trade something concerning set items? :smiley:

Awesome details!


Is it alright if we share this on our Facebook page? :slight_smile:


Oh yeah for sure! :slight_smile: and if you want a high res picture to print it out i could send you the original picture!

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Please forward us whatever version you’d like feature. You can toss me a download link or email it to [email protected].


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I sent you an email with a link to my drop box. More informations are in the email! I hope the link works :smiley:

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So good, another GD fanart and it got recognized by devs! <3 Hope this will make more people be eager to drop their work here :3


New patch is coming and it will add MIs for base game bosses and that means my lovely Bane’Gargoth is getting a MI! Confirmed by Z so you cannot fool me :stuck_out_tongue: Objectively the best enemy design in game (Obsidian Defiler), don’t even try to argue with me :scorv:
Of course we need a small celebration here because of that… so here is a new fanart, hope you like it. I love it!
Bane’Gargoth in Plains of Strife, pencils. :partying_face:


Absidian Deflexer

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imo, the obsidian golems looks like headless golems. maybe some celestials got their head shattered so hard in the void tapping event at the end of war of the gods.

I think ch’thon just enslaved them because they are so different than other void creatures. If they had head, they were used to make obsidian axes!

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that’s likely. even with his shattered state into many different chthonian pokemons, there’s still some hints of hierarchy between these demonic like creatures. ryloks’ show themselves to be the most obvious leader of them all. and most likely, we have only seen a very small part of chthonian species.

some of those obsidian golems have kinky fetish of trapping people inside obsidan cages. feels so stoned when that happens.

But still all these other void bois look similar. They have that iconic spiky tentacle things on the back while obsidian golems don’t have ones. They have 4 tentacle like tubes on the back, but I don’t think that’s the same thing. It’s more like chimneys to me. Even in my fanart I treated them like chimneys, smoke is coming from them as Bane’Gargoth is fire themed.

speaking of chimneys, i’m pretty curious to see if there’s some fanart about city ruins in cairn. like in the AoM intro.

its the cyan aether glow distortion that makes them beautiful despite its grim nature.

on another note, does anyone find it interesting that korvaak looks like a cosmic eldritch lovecraft alien? but his depictions throughout korvan city always portray him as a wise majestic zeus-like figure.

the 3 witches are also turned into eldritch alien when they ascended into the eldritch sun’s throne. the poor predecessor witches of ugdenbog being the witness of their horrific appearances. and the 3 witches’ carved relief also shows their eldritch alien appearance.

and with how yugol & the chthonians fit into that theme, i’m beginning to think that all celestials’ true appearance are like eldritch alien cosmic horrors… mogdrogen disproves of that notion, but he’s also a shapeshifter himself. he might still be hiding his true appearance… preferring to be seen as a sagely shaman-warchief by mortals…

maybe the constellations’ appearances are also shrouded in man made illusion.

still, i can’t imagine empyrion having eldritch lovecraft tentacles.