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The same happens with some supernatural beings described in the Bible. Angels are generally depicted as pretty pale guys with feathered wings when they were described more like multi-eyed abomination that needed to introduce themselves with a “fear not” for people to not freak out at their sight.

in real world holy texts from various religions, messengers of God such as angels, or polytheistic deities themselves also assume many forms when meeting humans. maybe their various appearances that causes many contradictions between stories are somewhat influenced by humanity’s innate nature to be curiously excited with supernatural things that can’t be properly explained.

maybe in gd, the celestials themselves think this human behaviour is amusing, and also keep the humans to be always in awe with the celestials, also indirectly restraining their roiling chthonian blood flowing inside them.

Reading from lore notes and information from the npc in malmouth, It seem there’s not much difference between malmouth before and after the attack (besides the destroyed building and giant flesh). Hell, it reminded me of Detroit scene from scary movie 4.

I can picture it in my mind that if the official malmouth artwork with green glow changed the green glow to black smoke, the Malmouth resident would be like “yep that’s pretty normal”.

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malmouth is the industrial center of erulan empire. so its probably already infested with smogs and black paints everywhere before grim dayum.
erulan, the capital city, would be quite different from malmouth. its most likely filled with grand cathedral like buildings, with many palaces and great temples to empyrion & menhir. kinda curious how empy & menhir depictions in their temples look like.

sadly we won’t know if empyrion has eldritch tentacle eyes like korvaak, or super grand beardstache until groovy dawn 2.

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nice fanart corner :expressionless: Kinda went too deep with lore guys :smiley: But what can I say? That’s the power of Bane’Gargoth’s epicness!

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well, kinda went too deep into the lore, mostly because i don’t recall if we ever see a depiction of empy inside the game other than swirling light consellation. he’s the most important deity in grim dawn lore yet there is probably 0 artwork of him anywhere.

anyway, about bane’gargoth and the obsidian golems, they are quite a wonder, due to how they pop into existence in the void. they are basically sentient chthonic obsidian stones that one day just got bored lying in the ground forever and then started walking around. their collar-like carving beneath the neck made me wonder are they headless.

The void houses some of the most terrifying creations humans have ever had the misfortune of encountering. Among them is the gargantuan Obsidian Defiler. A Ch’thonic creature formed from the very material which makes up much of the Ch’thonian void, the Defiler is incredibly durable and brutally powerful. Its four arms will shred flesh like paper, but its true power lies within its chaotic core. Should you find yourself within reach of a Defiler, it is advisable to run.


Patiently waiting for the patch. I must say I haven’t played GD much recently, it’s because I wanted to try Terraria after it’s Journey’s End patch. This game is so addicting it’s shocking to me :open_mouth: I like building things in it, it’s way quicker than minecraft! So when I got my first obsidian blocks I knew I had to use them :stuck_out_tongue: And here we are! Another Obsidian Defiler, this time in Terraria :grava_yes:



Created some Gazer pixel art :eye:
The common Gazer we meet during out Grim Dawn journey

An angry Gazer! Stop farming overseer’s eyes

A happy Gazer, because you wear the gazerman
And he thinks you are one of them


i wonder whats gazer species’ relationship with dreeg. because dreeg’s infinite eyes doesn’t seem to have any connection with aetherial gazers.

they are one of the few enemies where its really worth it to turn off gore in options to see them ragdolling around. even more hilarious when their body parts get too stretchy from all that ragdoll shenanigans.

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my rendition of Lokarr


Hi everyone!
I made Grim Dawn’s gameplay with my song “Battlemage in Aether Village”…The game’s OST and caotical ambience inspired me for composing this song. Thanks :slight_smile:


Phoenix - Battlemage in Aether Village


Dude, that´s one nice piece of soundtrack you composed there!

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hi everyone, do you enjoy new patch?

This is my first post on forum of GrimDawn.
I will show you my contents; another story of GD I imagined.
When I play new character, I make a little story for the character, probably you do too.
Of course I like almost all contents in this game. And especially I like Items, as components, weapons, equipments, etc, but also flavours of them.
So the story is inspired many many items and flavours.
Please enjoy short story in your break time with coffee !

  • Original sentences are written by Japanese.(will post at a later date)→Done add at the bottom :grinning:
  • Let me know if you find out my ‘deadly’ mistake on English texts , because of using automatic translation.

Prologue 1

-Old lore passed down to the northern peoples-

Look at your neighbor.
They don’t know languages, but they know people more deeply than you.
Since ancient times, nature has always been one with itself and things around. They knew and accepted each other without being aware of it. However, civilization gave birth to the ego of people, and eventually, people began to divide themselves from nature. So people have forgotten to look at themselves.

Look at your neighbor.
It is the beast, tree, rain, and wind.
They are familiar with everything by nature. As the beast fills hunger, as the roots of trees, as the rain soaks the earth, as the wind turns around. Seeing its existence, listening to it, smelling it, feeling the flow, and evoking ancient memories.

Look at your neighbor.
Are fellow people and those of other tribes keeping our teachings?
The beast, the god of guidance, transforms into a whim and watches over the world in subtle ways. Be one with nature and get his blessing. Then by catching a glimpse of a part of his power, you becomes a skilled guardian.


The words spoken by old people to young are always boring, and even though the clothes they wear are different, their contents do not change. It is common for listeners to sigh when the old man is repeating the same thing and to suspect certain symptoms. On the other hand, it means that the important things are always the same. It’s immutable, so it’s not novel, but It is transmitted as a lesson to because of its correct

A tribe in the northern part of Cairn, when they reach adulthood, a young man aiming to be a shaman leaves the village where he had grown up for a wandering journey. The journey lasts from a few years to more than 10 years, and some never go home alive. They go to mountains and unexplored areas to obey old traditions for be recognized as new guardians, but in fact no one knew what to expect at the end of the journey. There is no particular endpoint such as getting an emblem of shaman, meeting a folklore person, or performing a ritual at the summit,The wandering journey continues until “Go around the area where the spirits live and be recognized as a new shaman”.

Therefore, it would be fine to aim for spirits, but Cairn had numerous spirits, which were also present in the mountains where the tribes live. However, there is nothing that became a shaman without going on a journey, and since spirits do not speak human language in the first place, they cannot communicate.Only Shaman can do that. It is believed that among the tribes, it will be recognized in some way after traveling to various places to introduce new shamans and being well known to the spirits.

“When I noticed, my body floated far above and looked down on the mountains of Cairn. Birds blessed me in the sky, and plants blessed me after I landed on the ground.”

The long-lived shaman talks about his memories of the trip,then the younger one also talks about his experiences while grooming the Wildcaller ornaments they wear during ceremonies.

"When I was led by an ancient forest and entered a cave, a huge tree that pierced the bedrock and expanded its roots was shining, and when the blue glittering fruit came to fruition in front of me, I could understand that I was blessed by the earth. "


"… I was spending time in a tent without being able to go down the mountain because I couldn’t cross the pass due to the blizzard. One night when I couldn’t go out for a few days and ran out of food, I suddenly heard a rumbling. I was prepared for an avalanche, dragged my frostbite body and turned my face out to see the final scenery, and a horde of yetis descending the summit rushed towards direction of me with splashes.

The terrifying sight caught my eyes, and without knowing whether I was shivering with cold, only a loud noise pierced the whole body. Then, at dawn, the snowstorm stopped, and countless huge footprints remained around. The long-lasting traces were littered with dead animals and nuts, and I gathered them hard to survive and filled my hunger.

Surprisingly, the mountain creatures that were hiding during the snowstorm flocked to the footprints, just like I did, and took advantage of them. It was like a tropical paradise, and the small animals and insects that were there shared time like a family."

Shamans pull out the stories of the heroes that is handed down to the tribe. All of them were unbelievable things that happened in reality, but there was no doubt about the shamanic power of those who were recognized.

The shaman was the pride and guardian of the tribe, so in the event of an emergency they fought bravely with the power of the spirits. Some summoned a storm, some manipulated creatures, and some swung a large ax, leaving it to the desire for blood, to knock down the enemies that were rushing in. Its appearance has been handed down and became a legend, and by the time the baby born in the village, especially the boys, became aware of it, everyone longed for it.

But reality is often different from ideal. Although they finally reached adulthood and left their hometown with joy and courage, some returned without being able to endure the harsh journey, some died on the way, and some lied that they were recognized by the spirits.

Family feelings are also more complex, and if a child becomes a shaman, it is a great honor and can contribute significantly to the prosperity of the tribe for decades. However, it was unlikely that he would return safely from his wandering journey, and that was almost always the last farewell.

The youth are a promising workforce and the next generation, so the village couldn’t afford to lose it. Candidates were carefully screened by the tribal chief and voluntarily decided whether to embark on a journey. Most were boys with qualifications of the second child or younger, and if there were any members of the same family who had traveled in the past, they had to be at least 20 years later. Less than 10% of people can become a long-sought shaman after a harsh journey through such a guidance.

In the village , shamans were often the only one at a generation , and of course there were ages when there are no shamans. Powerful nations seeking to expand their territory may attack the areas where ethnic minorities live, so the existences of shaman were rarely made public to the outside world.

The “wandering journey” , it was customary to send quietly one person out of the village every few years, but with hope of all over the tribe. And here too, there was a young man on a wandering journey with the tribe and his own expectations in mind. It was almost a year since he left his hometown.

                                             -to be continued on Prologue 2

Original texts written by Japanese



















Oh man… That was fantastic!! Keep this going, please!

Thanks replying and link! I’ll keep it up!

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Please do! The community could use more of this, many of us do it already from time to time but more is always welcome, and i really enjoyed what you wrote.

Now that, is TALENT.

Props sir!

when talking about shamans in cairn, you cannot left out mogdrogen at all. he’s the god (titan god?) of cairn’s wilderness & patron god of shaman guardians of cairn’s nature after all. the ravager/wendigo, the huntress, the animals constellation & amatok constellations are also related to shamans. quite a lot of gods & spirits there.

that being said, its good to see shaman stories in cairn. imo crate needs to expand more into the shaman tribes lore of cairn to delve more into mogdrogen’s mystery. the bits about shamans we have in AoM is nice, but it only explores cannibalistic ugdenbog shaman tribes. there are more kinds of shaman tribes out there.

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thanks advice. It is true. I implied a little it about mogdrogen at the 3rd sentences in the old lore.

basically I write the story for the sake of items in GD. I want to intend them more familiar to everyone(especially newbie).so in the future when I will focus items such as, set of Mogdrogen’s Tranquility, Herald of Amatok, Ravager’s Bite, I must write more deeply about gods. And maybe I guess I can show you a example of it in next posting :grinning:

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Obsidian Defiler for a wallpaper :sunglasses:

My love towards those enemies is intriguing at times, which parts of their concept, design and story makes me gravitate towards those magnificient creatures :thinking: First argument would be having 4 arms, because my second favourite design is animated statue enemy from FG.
Maybe I will find the true answer after 50 obsidian golem fanarts later :rofl: