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what if those obsidian ravagers are a pale remnants of some celestials themselves? remember that the war of the gods was won by celestials who succumbed to the powers of the void. and maybe like c’hthon, they got shattered too.

i dunno, those four arms and somewhat eldritch like appearance kinda reminds me of korvaak himself, who is also four armed and looks like lovecraftian eldricth beings.

great idea. there are lots of gd items with interesting backstories and mysterious characters. imo item lores themselves are like 30% of the entire grim dawn lore.

Hi, this is a sequel of the short story I showed last time.
some unique names appear in this time, a journey of the young man has just started!
and enjoy Happy Halloween!

How about costumes?

suggestion from GD


  • Original sentences are written by Japanese.(will post at a later date)→Done add at the bottom :grinning:
  • Let me know if you find out my ‘deadly’ mistake on English texts , because of using automatic translation.

Prologue 2

Family line of the young man has produced shamans in the past, and he was able to feel the existence of spirits from an early age. Since his father was the eldest son, he entrusted his children with the dream of becoming a shaman. It was natural for the young man to aim to be a shaman, probably because he was raised in the middle of five siblings and was said to have more spiritual power than the other four, so he had no particular doubts.

Fortunately, there was an active shaman in his village, and the young man was able to receive various guidance. The teacher was over 100 years old, but due to the power of the spirits, he was far younger than a normal person, and seemed to be only about half that age. The old shaman rigorously taught young man how to fight, traditional knowledge of travel, and the nature of the spirits, but because of his youth, all of them seemed to be annoying, and he only worked seriously on combat-style training.

While traveling, he was keenly aware of the importance of the teachings of that time, but that would be the path everyone would take to grow.

The young man barely crossed his first goal, the Ambar Mountains, and walked along the river to the west. On a clear day, He proceeded while tanning the skins of small reptiles caught along the way and replenishing valuable water when it rained. In the mountains before coming here, when he encountered a flock of wolves with sharp fangs or a giant bear, he fought if he could kill them, otherwise he threatened from a distance and avoid the fight. However, because he was so poorly equipped, he was inevitably hit by a painful blow When he was exhausted and caught off his guard.

“Well, routinely, the prey you kill should be separated not only for food, but also for fur, claws, horns, bones, and other usable items.”

He regretted every time he heard a voice of shaman saying, and decided to collect materials by the next destination.

Combining tanned skin with fish scales creates a cushioning material called Scaled Hide. Also, selecting fur such as a wolf and sewing it in a bundle, it will become a cloth ‘Dense Fur’ that can withstand a certain amount of cold. Simply putting these things on the back of jacket or breastplate will greatly reduce the burden of impact when hit.

Of course, it would be good if the equipment itself could be replaced with a sturdy one like a high quality ‘Explorer’s Garments’ , but there was no sign of a village that could supply. Still, it won’t be wasted if he make the material while he moves on the flat ground, and the surplus can be sold eventually. “The cheap stuff you wear is enough if maintained properly, and the expensive ones put you at risk,” said the old shaman.

The things young man had prepared in advance for the journey were of little use, but the familiar Cleaver was the correct answer. Even if the blade broke, it could be used as a blunt instrument, so he didn’t have any problems with the weapon for the time being. And how many times has he been grateful for the sturdy leather bag given to him by his teacher? If it rained a little, he could store anything without getting his luggage wet. The young man’s footsteps were still light, and while eating dried meat, he headed for the Tachinoa Valley, which is a border far away.

A few weeks later, there was a young man walking on a mountain road in the rain with large polka dots. Looking down at the river that walked along, he was overwhelmed by the magnificent nature that spreads forward, and he admired the huge flora and fauna, insects and birds that he had never seen.

The large flowers blooming on the steep cliffs turned upwards hard while being hit by the rain, and a fist-sized bee made an eerie feather noise in search of its nectar. Immediately behind, a lizard about one meter in length sticks to the rocky area, waiting for an opportunity for insects to stop on the petals. In the sky, big birds over 5m in size were flocking in spite of the rain.

This land, far from civilization, apparently retains its ancient appearance, and the young man expected there to serve his purpose. After crossing this valley, he will enter the territory of Urigit, a great power in the west.

The Tachinoa Valley is located in the middle of a mountain range that straddles the border diagonally, and the Nuzoo Mountains, which cross from the arid region on the west side to the cold region on the east side, boast the greatest ecosystem. Further to the west, the Sid Mountains leading to the desert area are connected, and the three mountain ranges including the Ambar Mountains that young man have crossed were called Cairn’s Ark or the Garden of the Gods.

The Nuzoo Mountains, located in the center, have appeared in the myths and fairy tales of various countries due to their abundant nature and its geographical factors. Among them was a legend about shamans.

… More than a thousand years ago, when gods and spirits still lived with people, there were always several shamans in the village. The number of shamans that year was four, and the village was always peaceful thanks to those who were good at handling spirits.

At one point, a petite shaman who was too bored said. “Let’s see who can climb the fastest to the top of the highest mountain in the Nuzoo Mountains.” It is said that the gods and thier servants live on the summit, And older shamans who were afraid to offend them objected, but other shamans who were very bored accepted the proposal.

In this way, a petite shaman, a tall shaman, and a fat shaman competed. From the foot of the mountain, they went on different roads and aimed at the summit while overcoming obstacles and monsters along the way, but in the end all three could not reach the summit. The petite shaman who was the closest to the spirits lacked physical strength, the tall shaman who had outstanding weapon skills lacked wisdom, and the fat shaman who was proud of his power lacked agility.

However, the three wanted to meet the gods and cooperated to aim for the summit again. This time, they reached near the top, but they finally gave it up because of the eternally unclear thunderstorm “Yellow Snake Cloud” near the summit. The three were so disappointed that they tried to leave the mountain. At that time, a voice is heard from the sky after lightning strike.

“Son of man, you have entertained us to the fullest. We will reward you. You can come again anytime.”

And when the thunder and lightning stopped, there was a statue of a snake on the ground, allegedly carved by the gods. It is said that the delighted shamans brought back the statue and worshiped it in the village for generations.

There is another anecdote in this story. The gods gave them a set of adornments, not statues, and each shamans insisted on his own deserving of the gift. None of the shamans would compromise on their opinions, Finally they fought fiercely each other and did not return to the village.

Regarding the whereabouts of the adornments, they fought for three days and three nights, but they couldn’t settle and wore each of them in three parts, or one who survived the battle took them away, or the adornments were burned by a lightning strike of the angry gods after all three died in a fight, etc, and there were various endings depending on the area where it was handed down.

What the stories all have in common is that three settlements were formed by the believers who followed after the three shamans. The myth of The Stormserpent says, three villages still remain and worship the first shamans and the celestial gods.

The young man quickly realizes that the unexplored region where there is no shortage of adventures of such heroes is a place that humans cannot easily enter.

                                               -to be continued on Prologue 3
Original texts written by Japanese


なめした皮と釣った魚の鱗を組み合わせれば、Scaled Hideと呼ばれる緩衝材ができる。また、狼などの毛皮を選りすぐり、束にして縫い合わせれば、ある程度の寒さにも耐える帷子~Dense Fur~となる。こういったものを外套や胸当ての裏に仕込むだけで、打撃を受けた際に衝撃の負担はだいぶ少なくなる。もちろん装備そのものを頑丈な品に交換できれば良いが、調達できそうな人里の気配は全く無かった。それでも平地を進んでいる間に素材をこしらえて置けば、無駄になることは無いだろうし、余ったものはいずれ売ることもできる。それに「身につける物は手を入れた安物で十分、高価な品は身を危険にさらす」と師である老シャーマンも言っていた。



この物語には別の逸話がある。神々が贈ったのは彫像ではなく、一組の装飾品で、シャーマン達は自身こそがそれを身につけるに相応しいと主張し、互いに譲らず、激しく争い村には帰らなかった、というものである。装飾品の行方については、三日三晩戦ったが決着は付かず3つに分けて各々身に付けた、戦いで生き残った1人が持ち去った、3人とも相討ちで死んだ後に、怒った神々が落雷で黒焦げにした等、伝承した地域によって様々な結末を迎えた。共通しているのは、村に帰らなかった彼らを追って信奉者が集まり、3つの集落が出来上がったということだ。今も集落は残っており、初代のシャーマンと天空の神々を崇めている、とThe Stormserpentの伝説は語る。


@cowANDfish - is the artwork your doing? I like it.

:crate: :grava_yes:

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in grim dawn reality however… cheap stuff are for levelling. expensive stuff are for permanent convenience. no repairs needed! unless we can consider buying buff potions & salves as repairing activity.

if i had to guess roughly… the story must be taking place around asterkarn mountains & valleys. those places are the prime location for shaman tribes. but sadly we only encounter groble tribes & beasts there.

speaking of groble tribes… the grobles, half-trolls & trogs also have strong shamanistic cultures it woulf be interesting to see how the human shaman tribes interact with them.

i sense that the luminari or some inquisition organizations will inspect the shaman tribes at some point. the stormserpent cult was outlawed because of them. who knows how many tribes got the bad ends when the luminari goes merrily in its purge of ‘heretical’ cults. though there are also some inquisitors who make good uses of shaman powers & items to aid their quests.

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yes, thanks. I sketch it watching screenshot of GD

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I like lore of luminari and inquisitor also. they often intersect other masteries as you say.

it can be said that the luminari & inquisitor class represent the ‘good lawful rulers’ of cairn alongside the main empire in grim dawn story (erulan empire), due to their reverence for empyrion who is the leader of primordial celestials & their massive holy purge of ‘heretical’ dark cults.

that being said, i think shaman tribes does perform a somewhat neutral role of keeping the balance in cairn by protecting the wild beasts & lands under mogdrogen’s subtle guidance. they must have been fighting against occasional c’hthonians & evil spirits that tries to corrupt cairn for their agendas. i wish there’s another shaman factions in grim dawn besides the pacifistic rhowari & evil barrowholm… shaman tribal factions like the winter king’s/korba or the stormserpent.

or maybe even a friendly groble tribe. the groble tribes are present in a lot of areas around cairn (even the cursed korvan lands). perhaps mogdrogen had some hands in their civilizations? because as of now, groble tribes & their dranghoul masters had lots of unexplored potential lores, which could deepen our understanding of cairn’s shamans.


Hello everyone! My name is Alexander (or Aleksander if you want :D) Big fan from Russia. I have been playing Titan Quest since 2006 and waiting for Grim Dawn since “Titan Quest 2” rumors. Spent almost 2K hours playing these games. TQ was my favourite game since I was a kid but when GD was released I immediately fell in love. The lore of this game is stunning. I was so impressed by aetherial concept/aesthetics so I decided to compose a whole music album! :slight_smile:

I would like to thank all Crate Entertainment team for such experience! Much love!!!

The album can be found on all streaming platforms and bancamp but I will leave spotify link only:


Creepy, heavy, deep, I really enjoyed this album. Thanks for uploading!


Halloween GD cosplay!! Guess which class :smile:


its either an occultist, shaman, or necromancer that tries to convert into menhir/targo/empyrion/oleron cult.

the hammer deals physical/fire damage. but the clothes enhances vitality/bleed damage.

or maybe she’s using illusion on the hammer. or the clothes. who knows. maybe it is meant to be a thor 2h lightning shaman build.

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woo, nice! it is Mantle of the Patron? Don’t summon great raven please!

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I’m getting a Conjurer or Cabalist vibe from the ‘look’ of this, but the lack of birbs has me pontificating if this is a secret build that crushes Crate of Entertainment in under 9 seconds and we all need to just bask in its awesomeness.


I had no idea Scorv was taking interns!


Cute :star_struck:
I wonder, what is the hammer supposed to be? One or two handed?

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Yep! I was going for Shaman (think picture of shaman on skill tree window) with Cowl of Mogdrogen and Mantle of the Patron! Didn’t have enough time to buy or make antlers, but still pretty happy with how it all turned out :smile:

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Sky of Cairn :star2:
[To view the pictures in full size, right click > show image or right click > download]
The Devotion window with constellations’ stars, but lines and graphics removed. This is what people of Cairn see when they look up to the sky in Grim Dawn :star:

Download link for the .jpg and .png version in original resolution (5120x5120)

During this project I have realized how beautiful are those 5 nebulas when you don’t have to mask them in the program. Here are 5 more pictures of Grim Dawn nebulas with Constellations’ stars:






Updated, fixed a small mistake with nebulas
The 2560x1440 version with all nebulas, but some constellations’ stars are lost


It’s funny that I can immediately imagining Dying God or Oleron there, but clueless af where the crossroad is until I open grimtools