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i’m not sure cairn’s people sees the nebula skies exactly like how they were laid out in the constellation page. otherwise there’ll be some mention about red void-like skies or green eldritch skies in the game. the star constellations over cairn also only appear at specific conditions & times. such as the assassin constellation or the scythe one.

perhaps the constellations page’s stars & nebula arrangement were only laid out like that for players’ gameplay convenience (like skyrim’s constellations page). though that made me wish some npcs’ in gd 2 would describe how the skies & stars look like in several areas after grim dawn happened. we could see cairn’s stars in the astral field type arenas, but that’s just not the same as looking up at skies like in skyrim (i’m always mesmerized by skyrim’s aurora borealis & nirn’s 2 moons).

speaking of stars… how many stars have been brought down by arcanists for their aoe devastations spell?

New drawing, new Obsidian Defiler Chthonian creature! :partying_face:
This time it is the Void Winged Rylok! Made with pencils.


this make me suspect that pencils are made from obsidian stones of the void…

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Wow, I scarcely get to realize how huge some standard enemies are.

yeah, sometimes to the point that the taken was forced to break giant enemy’s legs all the time because jump attack/shoot/blast/pet attack at specific points on their upper body was impossible.

maybe them giant enemies should prioritize leg days. extrac thicc thighs is the best defense against cairn’s ultimate leg breaker.

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I don’t know enemies size either so I just come up with scale :sweat_smile: Ryloks are the strongest chthonics and in game they are pretty big too, so making a scary one to whom humans are basically insects give you they feeling of their power. Probably some mobs in game are scaled down so they don’t take whole screen and don’t run at speed of sound (cough Gannar’vakkar cough). Enemies like Benn’Jahr, who is literally called The Colossal in game, is definitely way bigger lore wise (that would make a badass fanart, hmmm. Another excuse for the obsidian golem drawing)


Very nice art! (Though that Harbinger should be wearing the Shadowflame Mantle, just saying… :P) Cool to see more GD fanart. I have checked in the past, but found very little.

Thanks for the links!
Melnor has done some more great art of characters wearing sets including the Venomblade, Trozan, Deathmark, Iskandra, Aggrivix and more.


lulz at the blind assassin set. its just hilarious seeing that fist mace being wielded in a serious pose.

i just find the idea of fist mace hilarious in gd. they look so derpy. is there any other games where maces with fist head is a thing?

Pretty sure I seen it in other games, thing is, that weapon is based on real medieval (mostly ornamental, mind you) weapons. Sometimes they even have the first hold a dagger, like this!
A Warhammer shaped like a fist clutching a Rondel Dagger, Germany, ca. 1450, from Fricker Auction House.
And there is a D&D miniature who holds a fist-mace where the fist also holds a dagger, so it is basically a war pick. :stuck_out_tongue:

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pierce hammer build never looks so silly.

My sweet Korba Trickster with Soulless Gaze helm and Moosi shoulder transmutes:


soulles gaze? i’m not sure. that look like a gaze full of RAGE/Focus.

Courtesy of Chris Yuen from the Facebook group


fiery out of my swamp moment

More from Chris Yuen


But where are the feature length films to go with these?


You want to discuss the ‘rights’? I might/could do something about this. :rofl:

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it should be the storm before the calm. because yugol is all about the calmness of nonexistence enveloping the storms of creation.

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Awesome piece!

You can go make the Taken 4 movie since they stop at 3