Grim Misadventure #51: Act 3 Monster Menagerie

It is time for another Grim Misadventure, and this time we are going to feast your eyeballs on some of the vicious horrors coming your way with Act 3.

Mornay has ventured north many times prior to his return to Devil’s Crossing, and the things he saw were more than enough to disturb the grizzled veteran. Above all, the depravity of the Cult of Ch’thon unsettled him the most. Within their “blood farms”, the cultists gather blood from unwitting travelers and defenseless locals. What they are using this vital fluid for is beyond Mornay’s understanding, but rumors suggest that Ch’thonians consume the blood to empower their sorcery and summon creatures from the dark void.

The void houses some of the most terrifying creations humans have ever had the misfortune of encountering. Among them is the gargantuan Obsidian Defiler. A Ch’thonic creature formed from the very material which makes up much of the Ch’thonian void, the Defiler is incredibly durable and brutally powerful. Its four arms will shred flesh like paper, but its true power lies within its chaotic core. Should you find yourself within reach of a Defiler, it is advisable to run.

The Cult of Ch’thon and its allies from the void are not the only dangers lurking beyond Smuggler’s Pass. Nature itself is a capable contender for the throne of deadliest foe. Once, the beasts of the wild were kept at bay by human civilization, their attacks limited to fringe villages and unlucky travelers. Now there is little to stop them from spreading and ravaging the last survivors of humanity.

At the top of the food-chain is a ruthless predator, a night prowler capable of tearing a man in two with a swipe of its massive claws, assuming it does not impale the victim first upon its barbed tail. I speak of the Manticore. Manticores were once hunted by the truly brave, and the foolish, for their eyes and poison glands, both highly valued materials in the practices of alchemy and the arcane. Now they have reclaimed their rightful place as the apex predator of Homestead. Travelers daring enough to venture out beyond the settlements of Homestead should be wary of entire packs of these beasts roaming the countryside. Underestimate them and it may be your sun-bleached bones that future adventurers scavenge for valuables.

Both the Obsidian Defiler and the Manticore await your arrival with the release of Act 3. Until then, ready yourselves, heroes of Cairn, for your greatest challenges are still ahead of you.

Want to hear more about what is still in store for Grim Dawn? Check back on 08/18/14 for our next regular development update!

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These look more interesting than any of the current creatures, good job! :slight_smile:

Looking great i love the new enemy’s and can’t wait to show them who’s ontop of the foodchain. :slight_smile: Great artwork as usual wish that i posses such skills.

Holy shit, those look awesome. Especially the night prowlers. I really hope they have a ferocious cat-like sound effect to go along with those looks.

Wow, impressive!
I especially like the gargantuan obsidian defiler, what a cool name:) It looks awesome!
Looking very much forward to meet them:p

Nice !!! New monsters !!!..

Sounds like the perfect place to farm Blood of Ch’thon :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! They look so good. Cannot wait for act 3 now.

But it’s claws look tiny :slight_smile: Still much hype from me though. There’s farming in my future for manticore poison glands

I really love the design of mobs in GD they are great!

Very cool. I look forward to besting these new baddies. :slight_smile:

These creatures look awesome! I can’t wait to fight them. Good job. :slight_smile:

These really should be figurines! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see more of Act 3.

Looking great as always Zantai, I’ve been waiting to see the manticore since I discovered the existence of it’s eye as a crafting mat, but the Obsidian Defiler was a nice surprise as well! As with everyone else here, I look forward to seeing more of Act 3 :wink:
Cheers for another fantastic update,
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Good quality…I hope some monsters will get do overs to improve the texture work and models, so that overall the game is more varied.

Looking forward to see more, especially Arcanist in action.

Good job so far guys :slight_smile:

Make sure that after release you keep supporting and expanding the game. Don’t just go for cheap money grab and a fast sequel.

:rolleyes: I want to kill them so bad!!! :D:D


These look great! Cant wait for b20 and beyond!

Can’t wait to get my buttocks handed to me by these guys.

New enemies are always good, can’t wait to face these ones.

Can’t wait to kill them :stuck_out_tongue: