This game has 0 balance. OMG is it unbalanced!

I know, I know, but a man can dream :stuck_out_tongue:

Just make it a toggle :thinking:

It sounds like you prefer easier ARPG’s. Which is totally fine btw. No judgement on my end.

But if that’s the case, GD isn’t for you.

You’re not going to enjoy GD very much if you don’t take the time to learn why your specs are failing.

EDIT: Ask any “expert” here - We’ve all failed more often than we’ve succeeded.


I’ve even made fan art about the whole “failing as an integral part of GD”


QFT. If I sat down and tried, I could count the number of characters I’ve levelled up to 85 (in vanilla) or 100 (in AoM/FG) and fully geared/tested on my hands. And feet. And that still wouldn’t be nearly enough.

Some of them were successes, but many of the early ones were failures and deleted at a later date or abandoned.


Fun fact: The number of pack mules I used to have (which was many) = The number of failed builds I abandoned.

To add to their shame, their names were removed via GDstash, and they were assigned a number. (e.g. pack mule 6)

Very accurate! I hold the Crucible record for fastest clear time, 11 seconds before my DW physical Opressor dies :smile:

I have so many failed builds but people can’t see the unsuccessful attempts, right! And I play without searching for information when I started. My first character - Witch Hunter died 32 times… on normal difficulty, including twice in a row against Venomstinger.

So game like everything in life have learning curve. For some learning is easier than others. But if you do it with passion, you can become better! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I might hold the fastest naked cr record. :stuck_out_tongue:

7:06 was my best

John Smith had Cyclone EoR Archon with around 7 minutes naked time in early days of FG too. Your time must have been with Warborn EoR right?

I mean it’s crazy if you think about it, beating naked like 70-80% of builds with end game sets! Plus naked Crucible is lot harder, I can attest to that.

Btw why do Half Trolls have guns/bows/ weapons in the Gruesome harvest jails?

Was actually PB WH



Yup, why make the game difficult for yourselves, when you got faithful servants that will do the job for you! :wink:


Btw some people asked for it, so this is my brand new level 73 2H ranged build in 2019 that will require a lot of DA later on:

I don’t want to get spoiled but if there are some mistakes - especially about DA optimization - please tell me. I’m quite satisfied by this glass cannon build (it used to die a bit too much when I started ultimate at level 50 but now it does fine) but I can still die easily against big burst of damage.

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I suggest you drop thunderous strike for now as your DA is low.

I recommend savagery. Especially because primal strike cannot proc WPS like feral hunger, as listed in the tool tip description on the transmutor.

My suggestion using faction bought gear + items you have on you

EDIT: I would prioritize the following skills:

  1. Inqui seal
  2. Word of renewal (leave this @ an odd number as those are the break points for which you get reduced damage from eldritch enemies)
  3. Inqui WPS - 6/10, 8/10, and 7/10 respectively
  4. Arcane empowerment
  5. Storm touched
  6. Heart of the wild

I don’t have much reputation from faction, this is a brand new character on my self-found 2017 items. I am in Homestead. Will have to farm a lot more to get reputation to revered status.

Honestly you lower my dps/ hp by a big margin while gaining only 300 DA, you are sure about this?

Do you have faction mandates? With the exception of FG factions, you should be revered with the lot of them by the time you roll around ultimate

You need to remember that you had 0 RR on your character before. -34% from censure is big, and along with that RR comes 18% damage reduction to enemies.

I would personally even go so far as to drop points in savagery to max out raging tempest. (Forgot to mention that Raging tempest should be the next thing you hard cap)

No faction mandate either, I rushed to Ultimate as soon as I killed the Logo’ because I hate the other two difficulties. So no. I have 0 cash as well right now, shall I save everything for faction mandate after I swapped some abilities?

Depends on how badly you’re struggling. How’s elite treating you?

I may be stubborn but I dont plan on ever returning to Elite with this char. Ultimate and struggle or no fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem is I want to play a Primal Strike ranged build with this char, but yeah it doesn’t stack, didn’t even pay attention.

So I am better off maxing Savagery for now? Ok, will change it.

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If you’re dead set on PS, use savagery as a buff. (i.e. take savagery transmutor for phys res + hardcapped tenacity of the boar for OA/DA + some points into storm touched for attack speed).

You’ll need to use savagery every now and then to maintain that buff, kinda like lethal assault and ABB.