[] Tempest - Lightning Doom Bolt Warlock [SR110] [Crucible 5.15] [All Celestials]


Spellbinder in Warlock's clothing

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %Healing Increased

  • Storm Herald - build defining item. Should have either Magi's or Seer's affix. Suffix doesn’t matter much.
  • Coventant of the Three - %cdr, -cd to DB, BiS. Target farmed from Sentinel
  • Riftwarped Grasp - -1.5 cd to DB, BiS.
  • Time-Flux Band - highest %lightning, %cs and slow res. Also craftable.
  • Glyph of the Storm Witch - aether to lightning conversion, %healing increased. The least important slot, can be changed to second Time-Flux or some beefy Gollus Ring (although, conversion is quite usefull for Corruption)
  • Fateweaver’s Rainment - ton of stats.
  • Arcane Harmony Leggings - spirit, DA and disrupt res. The lattest is really nice to have.
  • Mark of Calamitous Desires - +3 to starpact and vulnerability, also craftable.
  • Footpads of the Grey Magi - spirit, +2 to RR, craftable. But proc is the real deal.
  • Loghorrean’s Corruption - +3 to DB, 6% phys resistance and a lot of OA and DA.
  • Coerced Wraith - all other lightning off-hand seemed off, this is not any better, but at least it had that devastation mod, so i could take it as support (feeble support w/o fire --> lightning, but still). Thunderstruck stands for %phys resistance and of Celestial Wrath for %cs. They’re not mandatory, it’s better to have 19% cdr than anything.
Shattered Realm performance

here i have a lot of material.

  • SR115 with Benn’Jahr, Moosilauke, Salazin and Grava
  • SR110 with Moosilauke, Shattered Karriv, Grava and Kuba
  • SR105 with Benn’Jahr, Grava, Moosilauke and Shattered Gatekeeper
  • SR100 with Grava, Moosilauke, Valdaran and Shattered Sentinel
  • SR95 with Valdaran, Zantarian, Gargaban and Iron Maiden
  • SR90 with Grava, Valdaran, Benn’Jahr and Gargaban
  • SR90 with Grava, Valdaran, Shattered Outcast and Fabius

I haven’t encountered Kaisan nor Reaper during my deep SR exploration. I assume that Reaper is a bit harder than Kuba and clueless for Kaisan. IM and Fabius are a nightmare though, but still doable with heavy kitting. I only fished muts for SR110 run, the rest were first tries. Never fished for bosses as well.
Even managed to get to sr105 bossroom deathless, lol.

Crucible performance

4.48 with very favourable muts and spawns, the average is about 5.15-5.20


Avatar of Mogdrogen: Just long and boring.

Ravager of Flesh: Could have facentanked more, or even swapped some augments for +DA and health.

Callagadra: DB is wonderful for Calla’s gigantic model, so it’s one of the fastest casters to kill it.

Crate of Entertaiment: Have i mentioned that DB is amazing for hit and run?

How does it work

TL;DR - 44% CDR arcanist caster.

With such a monstrous CDR and Eternity’s proc build rotates its five defensive abilities - Mirror, Null, Chariot’s proc, Giant’s Blood and Ghoul. That’s what keeps it alive. Health regen stacks nicely with BoD, and 36% healing increased (from all that crafts) greatly boosts heal bursts, e.g. Wayward Soul or BoD (note that it doesn’t affect health regen in general). 36% physical resistance & high CC’s also comes in handy.

All aforementioned fixes survivability issues, but doesn’t help with AoE and damage in general. For the former build has chain lightning as filler, corruption with a bit messed up conversion, hand of ultos and, most importantly - tempest. It has 100% uptime and 3300 OA insures that it’s going to proc as long as you’re using chain lightning. If it wasn’t for, yet again, CDR spear would be better (and also build has non-existant WD, so spear is not that good here). As for damage in general - 2090 spirit and additional elemental RR on conduit solve the problem.

In deep SR build survives with Mirror - Kitting rotation. Because DB has 1.1 cooldown we can afford taking some steps inbetween and not lose a lot of damage.


Man you beat me to it :frowning:

Glad to see the concept work :slight_smile:

very creative build, mate
good job, as always


Damn you almost made me comeback to the game.
Stronk build !

what… tried to make a build like this work but couldn’t. how much damage does a non crit unbuffed/ bannered doom bolt do?

2841*(1+9.5+25) = 100 000

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2000 spirit! Omg
great build, Grey! Toxic swamp as always cool!


that is some gorgeous fashion :ok_hand:

build looks good too :+1: - wonders if blue Doom Bolt is heresy :thinking:

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Quoting one great man


the trick is not the damage though.

scientifically proven that builds with poor fashion strugle at high sr more than others.

Thus spoke Zarathustra “with camera pointed away from the enemies.”


God damn it and I died with my (unfinished) version of this build to fxking father kymon two patches ago :rofl:
Congrats on the sick results!

edit: this is what I played back then https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gge7g2

Certified best warlock posted on the forums :ballot_box_with_check:

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This is awesome. You are quickly becoming one of my fav builders. Not only do I keep your builds in my main folder longer than others, but you seem to make builds that appeal to me. I guess we like a lot of the same things lol.

Also, you def missed an opportunity to pull a DMT and put “EVERYTHING ++++++++++” in the title :stuck_out_tongue:

Which of us HC bois hasn’t been kymon’d? Lmao

yeah whatever dude, lol. i’ve been trying to make my own builds work for a while, then i log onto forums and see other versions do 1000x better. i don’t even know how to do these things. i’ve made builds with numerically superior stats and flat damage in gt but do half the dam damage in practice. this game makes no sense.

game actually makes perfect sense (well, albeit the time when it doesn’t). it’s a bit more complex than stacking maximum stats. i suppose that you’re new and haven’t yet understood what stats are more important than others to certain archetypes. if you want to “”“git gud”", then just look through toxic elitists builds, it should give you some understanding. and you still can enjoy your builds in MC (in case you’re on casual side), unless you forgot to hardcap your resistances.


Does this include defenses too? You will end up doing a lot less if you’re constantly slowed/stunned. It’s also important to note that sheet damage isn’t that important. It is much more important that your build has the proper stats under the hood, as it were. things like crit damage, atk/cast speed, CDR, OA, -RR%, actual level of skill and nodes, and synergy between skills, etc. all contribute to the overall damage of your build.

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If you need help and feedback about a build you are trying to create feel free to post it and you can get advice

under the hood stats are fine. i might lose -20% rr or 20% crit damage, but not enough to account for skills doing less then half the damage as other builds. i dunno. i’ll figure it out eventually.