[] Tempest - Lightning Doom Bolt Warlock [SR110] [Crucible 5.15] [All Celestials]

The question is why it does work so well :stuck_out_tongue:

2k spirit, well that’s something insane no question about it!

That looks very interesting! I like magic specialist characters in most games I play. I did try a couple early in GD, but couldn’t really get them working properly. Current build is a Commando.

I’ll give that a try. thanks!:+1: :smiley:

Very cool build.

I initially wanted to make him conjurer but Warlock has more style points. And is certainly more fun and versatile to play overall any any situatuion.

Great suff :damage_lightning:

Hi, i was looking for a lightning build and saw this one. Is this build recommended to new players?

no, it requires very specific end-game gear and not easy to pilot, unless you have experience with this type of builds. someone can assemble a budget version, but i have no idea how’s that going to perform

i’d recommend this guide for first lightning build. it’s sturdy, easy to gear and flashy (and also detailed):

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you can also find more lightning builds and guides for beginners here Beginner build guides Compendium (for AoM + FG expansions) :slight_smile:

meanwhile met another grava at sr115:


Tribute to grey

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I’m using your build concept in a custom Grim Dawn mod I’m playing, so thank you tremendously for such a good build.

I want to make sure I give you the proper credit. Should I list your thread in the video description and mention “all credit for gearing and devotions goes to grey-maybe’s Lightning Doom Bolt Warlock?”

do as you want, i’m fine with the above.