[] The Silver Crossbow - 2H ranged pierce Purifier SR 90/CR+

Maybe @dncndn could use Messenger’s Repeater
That would be very good for pierce but it’s in Forgotten Gods and what’s worse pretty far
But maybe you’ve already beaten it or have other chars go for it?

Personally I’d try to play Pierce asap for roleplay / diversity of leveling reasons.

yeah I actually just saw that browsing grimtools. I have a few characters i could farm one on. Or just use GDstash i guess.

seriously considering it though, i’ve done fire/ele 2h purifier to death before


Do it! And these shoulders Chosen Epaulets

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Im lvl ~77ish now on the character, I’m using valdun’s, the chosen shoulders and a few random pieces of whatever

sorry it looks weird, I’m playing at 2x speed (grim internals) with grimmest at 2x hero/monster density, this is in the ancient grove on elite


@Nery Cool build! I’m looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:
I’m worried about one thing though: screenshot with stats has 1047 physique but GT link has only 970 (which is too low to equip SR chest (1035). What’s missing?

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Hi and welcome to the community!

You can craft items with % physique with Angrim at Devil’s Crossing. This way you will have enough to use SR set. Outside of requirements for pierce build you should put points in cunning for OA and damage.


yeah the gloves, boots and belt has blueprint so you can craft those :slight_smile: even if you get something else useful like +%armor etc you can just adjust attribute to get enough physique to wear SR set, rest should just be cunning

Also for future reference, some builds uses items with attribute bonuses. And those stats can vary, meaning GT will only show with average rolls :slight_smile:

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@Nery Excellent build. I just changed my old DW Ranged purifier to this. Super fast clean speed, very efficient. But I’m curious how you overcap your piercing resistance to 74% which showed in the GT link ? My gears is the same and it only shows 80% with no over maximum. For other resistance I can’t change my armor augments to gain piercing resistance.

You need to turn off proc buffs. Usually we want them off
because proc buffs have low up-time. But some have high
uptime like Hungering Void so it depends. Sometimes you
need to specifically i.e. unequip Prismatic Diamond to have
a good picture for stats.

Here’s it’s Blast Shield that increases Pierce res to such degree.

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Hi @Pu.Chen, and welcome to the forums!

I think @tqFan pretty much covered it, but this

makes me think that maybe you’re comparing the grimtools link to your in-game character sheet(?) since even with all buffs turned off, the grimtools link reads 83% with 2% overcap (where the 83% instead of 80% as the cap is coming from the Shattered Realm Ward amulet). If this is the case and you have basically the same gear, then the remaining difference in pierce resistance values likely comes from slightly low pierce resistance rolls on your gear. (Grimtools displays resistance values on the character sheet based on average gear rolls, so some variation is expected when comparing to in-game values.)

(This may or may not be unnecessary info for you, but I figured I’d chime in just in case.)


@tqFan @TheBigHam That’s What I’d like to know. Thank you guys.

why isnt the paladin good offensive? like, weapon damage, attack speed, OA are kinda the same, as well as RR, is fire strike much better than RF?

For ranged, yes, full stop. There are a few guns that have direct RF mods that can get it closer to fire strike, but the large amount of flat in FS and the great AoE brimstone brings is very very hard to match on any other ranged AA (excluding primal strike)

Does anyone try to beat the Crate with this build or other ranged builds? I tried a lot of times but always got killed by the insane small boxes. Couldn’t stop killing the large boxes because of the large amount of AOE created by firestrike, LOL.

I haven’t tried it with any build. I don’t have experience with this boss but if having AoE burst damage is actually detrimental than range FS isn’t the best idea. For tankiness build have it but since no DoT it’s not suitable for kiting.

If you’re just looking for A ranged build with a Crate kill, this is the most recent one I can remember looking at (includes a video as well):

Cadence instead of Fire Strike here, and as a result, it actually lags behind other ranged builds in AOE.