[] The Silver Crossbow - 2H ranged pierce Purifier SR 90/CR+


Valdun set is your usual bet for 2H Ranged pierce build but after it’s small nerf and new changes decided to roll build with Silverbolt Crossbow, giving whooping +3 all skills, as well as the generic SR set. Results are decent.


GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZP8y6XZ

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

  • SR set and Silverbolt weapon are key for this build. Other than that I needed belt and 1x Bladetwister ring to covert elemental damage from Fire Strike to Pierce. Other ring is Jaxxon for it’s WPS skills. Relic is Vengeance for it’s proc and +1 Inquistor. Boots and gloves have procs with attack speed boost.


  • Hydra is good devotion for ranged builds and Kraken is must for any 2H build, regardless melee or ranged. Azraaka and Ulzaad as always are good for any pierce build. Harp increase OA/DA and nodes have some % pierce damage. For defense I use Scale, despite nerf it’s still can be part of your defensive tools and I need flat RR anyway. Blades of Wrath proc improves my AoE damage. I think this map is the optimal for pierce ranged build without flat RR from elsewhere.


In Crucible build can do sub 6 with absolute ease and is nice to play. Kaisan is the toughest enemy, otherwise everything else dies quickly. My average time is around 5:30, fastest run of 5:17.

In SR build is also very tough and it performs adequate in both boss rooms and other chunks. Perhaps I can go further but decided to stop at 90th shard. Lost the timer, cause I made piloting errors against Alex, video SR 90:


nice build! I was thinking about Silverbolt vindicator at some point

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Sure VIndicator is a possibility. Also you can go for completely different damage type and convert pierce’s base damage.

I tried this last patch https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GEkBkZ

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Nicely made puzzle you have, Nery! :grava_yes: Haven’t seen purifier for a while :grava_yes:

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  • Thanks for the build. This might be a simple idea but few people would optimize and test it that well.

  • I’ve been craving for some ranged builds to play in MC (Viper Sandspitter RF Paladin with newly added pass through anyone?) for a few days so good timing.

  • Sets looking differently in GT and on screenshots making me confused.

  • Also good illusion and intro picture, if only the crossbow were more silver.

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yup false advertisment! Illusion needs a buff

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Thanks for your comment!

Actually I did try the Paladin but wasn’t very good (still tanky). I guess with different more offensive gear/set will be better. But here even double rare greens can’t help it much.

Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)

Is there good silver bow illusion?


Yeah Purifiers aren’t well represented in the forum and GrimSheet, so felt it was good time for not very creative Purifier build.


Thanks. I started the same, with Octavious but I dropped it for a moment because I also wanted to cast Rune of Kalastor just for flavor / diversity and there are not enough points for that.

There’s is one silverish but it’s pretty standard otherwise and I prefer this more “piercing” one:
(the light makes the illusion less silver / more yellowish than in-game)

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Awesome build. I look forward to making it and trying it later. Looks fun!

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Low number of skills you need to cast is very encouraging.

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This is the build I use

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Thanks, hope you will like it!

I always prefer low amount of skills for auto-attack build or channeling/EoR. But for some players low number of skills is con.

Looks good, but I don’t GD stash so

I do like it a lot! I usually prefer defiler with the pink guns of chaos for my shooter build of choice, but this this is immensely sturdy. Even under heavy load (rendering a video) and lagging game, I still did a CR in 6 mins or so. Feels great. This community only has a few builders of your pedigree. Never stop :slight_smile:

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@Nery Two words. Digustingly good. I accidentally ran a 76 Shard (trying to re-level my Devotions since my other Purifier was Fire based) and it is so efficient. So easy to track. So few buttons and Icons you need to remember. Well done once again Nery, well done indeed.

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Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes few buttons to press, I hate to break my attack to cast stuff.

how would you suggest leveling this build? right now I’m lvl ~50ish, mostly doing a generic phys -> fire convert 2h purifier. can you pretty much not switch to pierce until you get the ele -> pierce convert?

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I think you are right. Going for fire during leveling will net you the best possible ranged Purifier. At around ~50 you can get Udgenbog crossbow with mod to Fire Strike, it will really improve your toon. I personally wouldn’t try pierce.

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The time saved playing fire up to level 94 where you can equip items and re leveling devotions with experience potion will for sure out weight the time lost on trying to play pierce to 94 :slight_smile:

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