[] Silverfang - 2H Ranged Pierce Savagery Vindicator - SR 90, Mogdrogen, Ravager, Crucible 6:30

This is a ranged pierce Savagery Vindicator build that relies on the Mythical Silverbolt Weapon. Took some inspiration from @Nery’s Silver Crossbow Purifier and tried to adapt the concept to Vindicator.

With the buffs to Kraken, Inquisitor passives and Savagery weapon damage in the latest patch, the build performs rather well.

Silverbolt Vindicator stats
With permanent buffs, Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal and Savagery GRIMTOOLS (CLICK ME)

Achievements (videos)


Ravager Requires some kiting in second phase.
Mogdrogen . Some augment swaps are necessary.

Shattered Realm

Safe and efficient SR 75-76 farmer. Can push SR 90 without dying, with some care. Might have the damage to go beyond that, but not the survivability.
Full SR 75-76 run
Full SR 90 run


I’m far from a good Crucible pilot. I was able to consistently clear 151-170 in 6:30-ish. Curious how low it can go with a good pilot
151-170 run

About Gear
Full elemental conversion is achieved with ring, shoulders and belt. Horns of Korvaak is the secret sauce that adds a ton of flat damage to Savagery. Jaxxon is used to reach 100% wps with minimal investment. I experimented with pierce Devouring Swarm conduit, but it felt awful to play. Craft for stun resist.

About Skills
Rune of Hagarrad was needed to crit Ravager and proved useful in high SR (150 DA shred for 2 points investment is a pretty good deal). Pumping Heart of the Wild over mastery bar is of course safer, but the build has good hp even without it.

Thanks for reading, comments and suggestions are welcome!



Probably, but I can’t prove it :sweat_smile:

Why does he do 0 physical damage? I’m kind of new to Grim Dawn and saw that some items in the build convert Elemental damage to pierce and stuff like that but saw none for phys

Because Silverbolt weapon has innate 100% Armor Piercing, which converts all Physical Damage to Pierce for skills with weapon damage (including auto-attack).