Korvan Wyrm Vindicator: Physical Savagery

Hello All!
While casually theory crafting about a month ago, I came up with this build and felt compelled to speedlevel a character to test and improve it. This is the result, the first “real” build I’ve made.

The build:
[click me]


(Word of Renewal, Savagery, and Deadly Aim procced)

The build features:

  • full elemental and piercing to physical damage conversion
  • 33% physical RR from the Korvan Wyrm and Conduit of Runic Whispers to make up for Vindicator not having any innate physical RR
  • Yellow inquisitor seals!


My two major inspirations for this build are:

Pierce Savagery Vindicator by Crab_Turtle_2112

Octavius Paladin by mad_lee

It has proven to be extremely consistent at SR75-76, having no problem with any bosses or nemesis and being very resilient against arcane enemies. The only exception is Mad Queen, however I don’t fully understand her as a player so jury’s out on that.

General gameplay is: throw down your Seal and Totem. Attack with savagery, Storm Box non-trash, Horn when enemies. Cycle pressing Primal Strike and Kalastor and sometimes Word of Renewal.
The build can generally facetank everything and has decent durability even without Inquisitor’s Seal or its passives (hence the arcane enemy resilience). With a ranged attack and Storm Box, the build is good at making enemies come to you, so you can set up in advantageous locations.


  • The build is a solid piano and has quite a bit of CDR so things are generally off cooldown before they actually need to be cast. The main thing to stay on top of is Storm Box since you can slap it on multiple enemies and it provides 15% RR and -115 DA.
  • The conduit rolls a resistance suffix. Getting one that isn’t aether or chaos helps a lot with resistances.
  • The MI affixes don’t really matter. I had the rylok crest saved up and then farmed legs for something that filled out my resistances.
  • I imagine 2 combustion bands would be better but Matriarch is good and solved my pierce resistance

Thank you for reading! This is my first post so I hope the formatting works out alright.

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when she screams and gets red aura she gets a buff, while this buff is active she gets a dmg and speed boost
however the buff has a secondary effect, especially noticeable to ranged builds or anything with projectile type attacks (whcih can be from devos or items too)

basically she starts shotgunning as a retaliatory attack/effect when hit by projectiles, which can quickly hurt a lot
so when she screams and blinks red, either just disengage/run away, or eat an aether cluster (nulli or mirror if arcanist, MoT if necro) and try nuke her down
*inquis seal is actually especially useful against her shotgun effect, reducing dmg individually

that’s basically it, her sole gimmick is her aura where she gets touchy and prickly, pretty simple to “counter” when you spot it or notice her screams preceding it


Thanks for the explanation, that makes a lot of sense.
I had a couple encounters where I ended up kiting her for multiple minutes and one or two where I just face tanked her down from the seal. The massacre relic is probably making things more difficult.
Having some aether clusters on hand would probably make tanking consistent since the build can get most of the way there by itself (from what I remember). She also doesn’t show up that often.

Thanks again!

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