A bunch of noob questions

Yes all of your acid damage gets converted to chaos.

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No, it only converts the acid damage dealt by BoD, why else would it specifically mention BoD…

Then why does Flame touched with gargabol pistol convert storm totem to vitality without using the transmuter. I’m pretty sure it is global conversion cause it’s a buff not a damaging ability like vindictive flame.

Gargabol’s gun does not do that, the totem continues to deal Lightning damage.

Simple thought process; consider it not as modifier like other damaging skill instead just an add. BoD is a buff, using that amulet adds those features to that buff. So while it’s active, it provides you +%8 AS and global %100 acid>chaos conversion as extra among other stats on the main skill and AotG.

It does change Totem from lightning to vitality because it’s global conversion. Damaging skills are the ones where their conversion only affects them, conversions in toggled buffs and healing skills are global.

If it does, then the tooltip does not reflect that

Tooltips don’t get updated with global conversion.

Also, if it only affected the damage in the toggled buff, the (https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8802) 100% vitality to elemental in this wouldn’t do anything since Spectral Binding has no vitality damage.

I always assumed they did, guess I did not check.

They certainly do when I have a skill modifier for the specific skill


ok, so toggles and (temporary) buffs have global conversions and other skills do not (even if they have a duration) ? Live and learn I guess :smiley:

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Yes, tooltips get updated with conversions to specific damaging skills. I think it’s like this so that Zantai only has the tooltip get updated with direct skill conversions to avoid tooltips get even bigger than they do now. Meaning if tootips also updated with global conversion they would be a complete mess of several damage types being shown because of at least two conversions converting one of the damage types in the skill to two different damage types.

Lastly, if your character uses two, none-stackable (1 & 3, referring to -x% reduced and -x reduced), debuffs of the same type and the same damage source, both are applied to the enemy, but only the highest is active (shown).

so this is what the wiki says. does that mean for something like mythical mindwarp, only 1 of the rr debuffs will be active? or does it only apply to things like -20% reduced ele res and 20 reduced ele res?

Yes. Both apply because they are completely different things.


  • you have similar RR with higher values elsewhere

  • you don’t deal weapon damage
    (or only x% < 100% then you only get x / 100 fraction of the benefit)

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alright so i can’t create rutnicks blasters with gd stash. i have both expacs. do i need to kill rutnick first to unlock it or something? i don’t even know how to get to arkovian docks either lol.

you need to import new database for GD stash each patch

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Weirdly familiar with the tool 1x


I even know how GD item assistant works :slight_smile: And Rainbow mod etc too
Like when ppl get these text display errors, that they have not updated their mods etc.

I use gdstash to hoard items, but not for crafting double rares and the like, probably what Ulvar was referring to.

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mythical grasp of unchained might - the gloves put a 50% pierce damage to physical buff on aura of conviction, yet i see pierce builds use it. why?

Because you are looking on old builds, this conversion was pretty recent like 1.1.8 patch


herp derp thanks lol.