[] THE Z U C C - Phys Retal DE Oppressor - (ALMOST) EVERYTHING+


I’ve been working on this build ever since the nerfs and a crapton of patches later I finally arrived at a spec that can rival top tier builds. This is mostly thanks to some newfound retal knowledge taken from some other builds and because lately the people in a private chat group started bickering a lot about retal @mad_lee @sir_spanksalot @John_smith @Valinov

Past Update Changelogs ** UPDATE** NO UPDATE NEEDED DESPITE NERFS. It can use some revision but it doesn't need to be revised. 4:44 run UPDATE AHHHH I’ve wanted to use that EVERYTHING+ tag for a while, but I don’t test celestials so it’s just almost. I’ve changed devotions to raise OA to 3k+ and lower DA by as low as 2.5k in order for normal retal hits to do its job more. In cruci there’s no noticeable drop in survivability. Haven’t tested realms yet but more physique might be required for SR 90+. Tested realms. Look at Shattered Realms Section. Did a sub-5 run finally and this is with the global nerf to double RR classes (look at cruci section). Grimtools is updated at the grimtools section. UPDATE With the changes on Arcane Spark getting disruption res, I think it should now be used on every build not named Possession Occultist, so added that and juggled components for more optimization. Cruci is still a constant 5:30ish. I’ll upload a 5:24 vid once I get the opportunity to do it. Also, I did SR 90 recently but idk if the posted SR 90 builds in this forum die on the first 3 shards, cause I died a lot there but the boss room is a lot easier. No vids for SR tho. Don’t wanna go there again. UPDATE Well, the update is that there’s no update needed and even with nerfs the build is still very strong cause it’s the zucc. Will just change the title to so there’s at least some change :wink: UPDATE - nerfed beronath, so with some math it can be deduced that even getting some degree of imperfect conversion is better than the 10% penalty from beronath, so the main change comes from that. Also, briarthorn rings retal values got nerfed at the same time new retal rings arrived. The result is a super fucking expensive build but it can now go toe to toe with the big boys in cruci.


Char sheet with all permanent buffs, no Ascension.






Build Explanation


  • Avatar of Order and the shield are obviously core. For best results copy whatever affix the shield has but if you’re farming legit then the following are all acceptable: (for suffixes, arranged from best to okay) Thorns > Vengeance = Wildfire >> Conflagration; (for prefixes, again arranged from best to worst) Overlord >> Chronomancer > Supercharged > Literally any phys res affix > Flamewall > Caustic. Of course always get the affixes that’s most suited for what you have if you don’t have the best affixes.

  • Beronath, Reforged for sword is undisputed best weapon. Use non myth if you don’t have the mythical version blueprint yet. The stats don’t really matter much so you don’t even need to replace non myth immediately if you get the mythical one. Only the conversion is important here.


*Since Beronath got nerfed, there’s only one way to get good conversion. Get a weapon with ele>phys conversion that isn’t beronath
i.e. Decree of Circle of Five or Viper Sandspitter, then get this shoulderpad: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12368 With decree, your best conversion will be 90% while it will be 96 % for the gun. If you get a godly gun (best is probably Runecaster of Celerity or Sinister of Celerity) then go for it, otherwise, whichever of the two has better conversion wins.

  • Azragor is best for chest armor. As for alternatives you can use greens with retal, or any legendaries with fire/lightning retal. I’m not sure how the conversion in dawnshard hauberk works with beronath but I won’t recommend it just to be sure.

  • For shoulders I like dawnshard but I’m still not really sure what’s best. Dawnguard/Dawnseeker are options but I value the dawnshard proc a lot here since I didn’t take RE. SEE THE WEAPON PART

*For gloves find whatever gloves with the most cast speed you have. The green is the best one in terms of that. Even prismatic of celerity yellow is good, it’s got better cast speed on average than the best legendaries. Scour the shops and reload your game if you don’t have enough mats to craft. It’s real cheap getting a yellow glove.

*Belt is best if you use Azragor but without it Oleron belt is probably better.

*Other slots don’t need much explanation imo.

Skills and Devotions:

  • Only get 1 point in DE main skill cause it doesn’t give additional benefits to the build. Max Hungering Reach and Decomposition for OA shred and more lifesteal/AoE but don’t bother getting items to increase their ranks, retal is more important.

  • You can choose to get points from Haven to put into RE/Decay instead for the damage reduction but for cruci it’s not necessary and will only reduce cleartimes. If you wanna venture into SR I think it’s a must. Also change shoulder slot if you do this.

  • @sir_spanksalot suggested Aegis of Menhir as filler but I personally don’t like it especially on channeling builds. From what we discussed it seems like it’ll probably be same dps in theory while a dps loss in practice.

  • The rest of the skills are self-explanatory.

  • As for devotions this is tailored for reducing the hassle created by pure ranged enemies like Alex, the three stooges on 163. Since they don’t proc normal retal the build suffers a massive dps drop against those guys, hence the inclusion of vire and targo. Targo hammers don’t proc like crazy unlike on warlord builds but it’s more than enough. The rest are self-explanatory.

Cruci Performance and Video 4:32 run 4:58 run - Finally did it. Only the third retal build to do so that was posted in this forums IIRC. 5:24 run 5:22 run 5:37 run:

That’s a 5:37 run!! which I guess is a lucky run with good mutators (I still don’t know what most of them do, even after years of playing only cruci). My average with BiS setup is around 6:15-6:20, my slowest run with this version is 6:36. If you get less than ideal items of course it will slow down but I think as long as you’ve got a decent setup you’ll never go below 8 mins unless you have a shit pc.

Shattered Realms

SR 90 EZPZ. Well, not really. I just uploaded the best run cause that’s what we do best. It’s SR 90 tho. Hard to do it flawlessly.

I got bored so I decided to run realms till 80 just to see if zucc can still do it. Before all the nerfs (I mean the OP zucc from I’d curbstomp till 80 without any aggro abuse, yeah I’d tank all of them and be fine, barring some bad spawns. Now It’s a lot harder since the build isn’t OP anymore (and I bought something cruci oriented) but SR 80 is easily doable if you’re familiar with how SR works. Personally, my way there wasn’t easy considering I’m inexperienced and I’m attributing all my deaths to that inexperience. In fact, I just learned how to camera aggro from spanky and I still haven’t tried it ingame lol. Anyway, SR 80 boss room video with some random camera shit cause I had no idea how camera aggro works, enjoy!

IMO, for this specific version, SR 80 is as far as it goes since I started dying on the first three shards due to some weird debuff combos. However, if we only consider boss rooms maybe it can go further with aggro tricks.

Old build from

I still kinda wanted to tweak this more but GD keeps crashing (is this a new issue? Haven’t seen crashes since initial FG launch). The version I’m posting is already very fast in cruci and is consistent in shards 75-76 once you can pilot well. Here we go.


This concept was one of the more talked about builds on the theorycrafting thread during pre-release. Build is based around the DE mods on Mythical Avatar of Order:

The thing about this ammy is that %total damage modifiers don’t affect retaliation damage added to attack, meaning the full 24% retal on DE (18 on ammy + 6 on shield) is there on DE. Add the fact that even on uncapped cast speed, DE hits a ton of times per second, you’ll have massive DPS along with massive lifesteal.

The mods were previously 40% retal to DE when grimtools preview was released but apparently it was OP. I heard one of the praets made this build before nerfs and had 1M sheet DPS. Still really good at it’s current form tho. :rolleyes:.

GRIMTOOLS >> Change Mark of Illusions on ring to Bloodied crystal. Can’t post current GT cause grimtools is down.
Grimtools - Beronath sword version - sheet dps is lower but in cruci this is much faster due to the crits. In realms it doesn’t do much in my experience.

Char sheet with all permanent buffs

Char sheet with ascension and all procs active - Stone Form, Messenger of War, Thornhide, Sealed Fate

-Insane lifesteal
-Not point hungry (Judgment and Haven are all spare points)
-Tanky compared to most casters (and other DE builds. It’s a shield build afterall)
-While still being able to dish a fuckton of damage (compared to other DE builds)
-Absolutely no energy issues (thanks DE mods)

-Not for shield haters
-Not for retal haters
-Squishy compared to other retal builds (esp. Warlord)
-Low OA without cunning investment (fine with pure retal but this is more of a caster than retal)


You want as much phys retal as possible while having passable defenses (for whatever your goal with the build is), OA and Cast speed. All the items in this build contribute to more than one of these.

Core items

Amulet - duh
Shield - Best fit out there. It’s a shield so it can roll retal affixes, and it’s got huge mods on DE too.
Relic - Phys retal and RR. BEst relic for phys real, IMO.

Other items, Alternatives, and what not to pick

-You want all of the items there with retaliation written on it. Gloves and shoulders are kinda your flex slots mainly cause the phys retal items on those slots suck.

-Alternative items include chillwhisper dagger for crit damage (thejabrixone uses this. I’m not a fan of it due to the spirit reqs), Uroboruuk helm (DE mods), Okaloth helm (some retal and +1 OK), blue Callagadra helm (if you can kill him on normal but not on ultimate) and basically anything that has +1 OK or Necro can be used.


Skills and Devotions

DE - is only kept to 1 pointer cause more points only add more aether and decay which aren’t our damage, and they get penalties. More points on main skill doesn’t increase lifesteal too. Hungering Reach and Decomposition are maxed for lifesteal, multi targeting and OA shred.

Spectral Wrath/Empyrion Bros - Obvious RR

Rebuke - more retal

RE/Decay - DMG reduction which allows us to skip Empyrion Devotion

Flex points went to Haven (DE lifesteal went from 35% to 41.65%, also more shiled block chance means more Messenger of War and Stone Form and Hammers) and Crushing Verdict (cause I wasn’t satisfied with the OA).

Devotions - I’ll let you guys figure this one out. Intentions are clear with each point spent in there.


Simple. You come in. cast RE/Judgment, then spam your ZUCC, watch people die. Press Ascension/Mirror when in trouble. Kite if it’s not enough. ZUCC if you’re low on life.

Realms: This is pretty much a consistent 75-76 clearer, tho I believe some tweaks need to be done for 80+. I don’t have time for that high shards tho.


75 - https://youtu.be/4G2sHuGcsjE
76 - https://youtu.be/cdb9pTyoDGc (below is this video)


Realms strat at 75-76 is to try and isolate 1 guy. If you’re on portal arena go to where I went at that 76 vid and there’s a chance bosses, even reapers get confused and not be a threat. Don’t use Ascension and Mark all at once. My defensive rotation is Mark>Wait for Obelisk to trigger>If obelisk triggers then tank more and wait for it to end>Ascension>Mark when Ascension ends. If you’re lucky enough to make this proc consistently the you’re very much a tank but if you’re not then go for stutterstepping - kite a bit, then DE to recover HP then kite again till defensive cooldowns are up.

Crucible: This feels like it needs no more intro cause cruci is so easy with this build. Just wait for the video and see.

Video: Uploading while I’m sleeping



This is a really fun build especially if you like channeling and/or retal. Also introduces a new twist for channeling skills that the other channeling skills just lack (FoI has this but too miniscule to be significant). Special thanks to thejabrixone and Superfluff for the discussion regarding this build during pre-release (and I’m still talking to thejab about this build now).



Reserved cause I have something to add later.

Apparently marriage does the same thing to a man as this build does to mobs.

EDIT: Well done.

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btw: nice build, eventough I am not the biggest fan of the concept. Feels kinda weird to see.

Zucc OP, nurf pl0x!

Among the zillions of pre-FG theorycrafted builds, this was one of my favorites.

Nice to see it in action :slight_smile:

Whaddabout my Primalstriking savagery stacking spin2win archon. :rolleyes:

Z had mentioned the amulet was too good and we didn’t believe him,then the million dps build came out :smiley:

Looks well done, but not well played! Hiding in the corner trying to 1v1 like a n00b :slight_smile:

Physical Retal DE is officially the best DE now!
Honestly, this plays better than stoneguard hybrid retal that very lack on AoE.

This DE just spread your 24% retal damage to 13 enemies at once with the ticks of channeling skill.

On a side note, I am really surprised that you guys can put up on climbing that shattered realm. I have only climbed to lv 50 and already sick of it. :mad:

Well, it IS the best DE . No mana Pita, lots of natural tankiness. best DPS output due to DE and Retal. Mobs kill themselves on such build.

Yeah, SR is a bummer, my SC friend got to SR 95 then the game crashed and he deleted GD >_> said, he never ever want to do the same shit again .:eek:


i actually ended up going back and getting it even higher, but didnt get a screenshot

Hey this build doesn’t suck money :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

I came fresh from nerfs. Not again, please :p. If the ammy shipped out of FG with the old values and people start playing million DPS DE builds, I wonder if people would react the same way as some do with Octavius now.

I was seriously in doubt of this when the DE mods were nerfed but then I ran the numbers in my head and thought it would be at least decent. This exceeded my expectations.

It is indeed weird. This is one of the builds that only makes sense from a numbers perspective.

Curious how crazy that million DPS build performs. Guess we’ll never see it cause it’s nerfed unless the guy who made it stored vids.

And that wasn’t a 1v1! Maiden had her cheerleading squad running around and energizing her. don’t underestimate the power of moral support!

thanks everyone!

You should just GDstash waystones so you skip to 65. 50-65 isn’t har anyway unless you’re AA. What I did was just do 5 shards in one night, get one build to 75 and then clone the hell out of it. My pre-leveled chars are indeed wasted.


My current version still has 505k dps with all buffs up :wink:

tbh i thought it was going to get nerfed more. Even after my suggestion of dumping half the retal to attack went through, it was still really strong.

Well, considering they halved the retal then it makes sense your dps got halved too. Tho going for more dps isn’t always the way for me.

i only hope if it gets nerfed more it won’t be on the level of FoI which only has 6%. Keep it playable instead of adding to the list of useless mods.

Honestly, I think if one want to build for shattered realm, it NEEDS to be as broken as this.
The power creep is real!

Is it just me, or does warlords/retal trivialise the game? :rolleyes:

anything past sr 65 is meant to be a challenge. dont be surprised if builds clearing sr 80+ solo with relative ease are toned down.

-Not for shield haters
-Not for retal haters

This a joke right?:eek:

Nice build

Considering how much armor they get its not a surprise. At 7k armor you are nearly immune to phyz dmg . At 9k with some flat absorbtion you are immune. To make things worse all retal items have a good amount of tankines on them and the devotion route is also filled with tankiness.