[] Acid Vire's Might Dervish


I am a big fan of MysteryMeat's ATV and Fakeuisher builds. I leveled an ATV toon from scratch, then I wanted to do more, but I didn't want to play the same build again. After seeing the Fakeuisher, I wanted to see if there was any other element we could convert Volcanic Stride to. Using Path of the Three and Mythical Murmur's Kiss we can get 100% fire converted to acid as well as ~50% aether converted to acid. Looks like Aetherfire is back on the menu!

Note: As this build requires the (Mythical) Mumur's Kiss belt in order to convert damage, this build is not recommended if you do not have it.


Naked MIs Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JRLy72
Current Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrBlPGZ

Permanent Buffs + Pneumatic Burst :

Permanent Buffs + Pneumatic Burst + Ascension:

I like leveling my builds from 1 to 100, so I've included a few snapshots from the process:

Level 25: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dXggL2
Level 40: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvYvqv2
Level 50: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9OJAjN
Level 60: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dXgE92
I was putting points into Path of the Three but not activating it because I was excited to hit level 65 and use Murmur’s Kiss. I should definitely have used Divine Mandate until level 65 and respec’ed then.
Level 65: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JRlga2
Level 75: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyGjBq2
Level 84: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyGDbb2
Level 90: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrBGEGZ

The build hopes to bring reduce the cooldown of Vire’s Might as low as it can, but it lacks some nice acid flavored options to do so. Vanquisher’s Set is no good and I feel I would lose too many bonuses by switching to the Shard of the Eternal Flame. I hoped that the extra CDR provided by Path of the Three would be enough to make it playable and it was. In game, my cooldown is currently 0.9 seconds. While it is definitely not as fast as MysteryMeat’s builds, it works.


Key items are the Zarthuzellan’s Archive (-0.5s), Skybreaker Circlet (-0.5s), and Viloth’s Rings for getting Path of the Three up to 21 for an extra 15% CDR and damage conversion. As well as Mythical Murmur’s Kiss for fire & aether converted to acid. Other than that, we want to max Volcanic Stride and get Tectonic Shift as high as we can get it for more flat CDR.

The rest of the items were selected for damage and resistances. The partial Rotgheist set gave some nice bonuses and puts our Vire’s Might ADCtH up to 17%, which is enough to quickly heal up when dashing through packs of enemies. I selected the Coven Mark of the Arcane because it was easy to get and helped me max Volcanic Stride.

CDR on the helm, 18% CDR on the offhand, and well rolled Mark of Harvoul and Kubacabra’s Chausses (+6 to Tectonic Shift total) would help us lower our cooldown. Theoretically it can go down to 0.7s this way. I did not feel like farming for these items and I did not want to present a build that relied on good rolls from MIs, so use them if you’ve got them.


  • Vire’s Might laying down 100% converted Volcanic Stride
  • Vire’s Might laying down ~75% converted aetherfire
  • Procs from Devotions and gear
  • -121% acid resistance reduction (-25% Night’s Chill, -28% Celestial Presence, -30% Rumor, -10% Bitter Winds, -28 Acid Spray)


  • ~60% uptime for 166 flat absorb (Ascension)
  • 23% Dodge and Deflect
  • 16% reduced target’s damage (Black Blood of Yugol)
  • -226 OA to enemies (Rumor & Veil of Shadow)
  • Enemies can’t hit what they can’t catch (Vire’s Might + slow from various sources)

Stats / Accomplishments:

  • Cleared all rogue-like dungeons
  • Killed Mad Queen (easy with kiting)
  • Killed Lokarr
  • SR65-66
    I have not attempted any celestials (Lokarr is a celestial, thanks SLima)

I tried a few more celestials. Took a few deaths, but that’s why I play SC and not HC.

Final Thoughts:


  • Fun to lay down converted aetherfire
  • It is fast-ish
  • Decent damage if you can safely spam Vire’s Might in one place
  • I like skater builds


  • Bad Slow Resistance
  • That stutter between Vire’s Mights may drive some people mad
  • It is not as fast as the ATV or the Fakeuisher
  • Dangerous enemies require slow kiting

This started out as a meme build and I am happy it managed to take on Lokarr and SR65-66.

4/23/2021: Changed devotion path to use Torch of Ulzuin instead of Mantis (Thanks @MysteryMeat!) Added videos for Clones, Ravager, & Mogdrogen


Cute looking build, thanks for posting it!

Also your guide is pretty thorough, even including leveling progress.

You did beat one celestial boss. Lokarr is a celestial. The only thing that puts him in a disadvantage when compared to the other bosses is his massively diminished health pool but he is pretty tough and deals an insane amount of damage.

Looks great! Acid skater was always something that I had wanted to try but never quite got around to making, so it’s cool to see someone else’s take on it. It’s a bit unfortunate that the gear support for it is not as good as it is for Fire/Physical skater, especially Rotgheist which doesn’t have any bonuses to Volcanic Stride despite being a Vire’s Might set. Nevertheless, the stats look pretty solid on paper, and I would definitely be interested in seeing if this build can clear superbosses and higher shards if you decide to push it that far.

One minor change that you could consider is pulling the two points from Mantis into Ulzuin’s Torch for the extra OA and Chaos resistance, especially since OA is a bit on the low side without Ascension. You can also use Arcanum Dust on your jewelry to make up for the lost Elemental resistance if necessary.

@MysteryMeat I’m glad you found it interesting! Going for the two points into Ulzuin’s Torch is definitely worth it. On the affix-less version I wanted to make sure elemental resistances were a bit more overcapped, but with suffixes on items Torch definitely feels like a better option.

I will definitely try some of the superbosses and report back. I’m sort of burnt out on pushing higher SR right now, but I will probably try it eventually.

Your damage looked really good for the first half of the Ravager fight, especially considering that you still have a cooldown on Vire’s Might. It looks like it could have been a 3-3:30 kill if you could facetank him through the second phase. Callagadra should also be quite doable if you rebind your RR devotions to Vire’s Might and Judgment, since your pets aren’t going to be hitting her very often.

This is sort of bordering on another build entirely, but have you tried playing Sentinel for the extra physical resistance from Blood of Dreeg? You could then use 3 piece Sentinel of the Three set for another 16% physical resistance, which would give you around 40% before affixes. The OA and DA values would be a lot worse without Rotgheist though, so it might take some tweaking to get it working.

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