[] Beginner's Vitality Reaper

hmm…I wouldnt be myself if I didnt mess something up :slight_smile: u know, noob me :smiley:

reverted to normal, killed him np…

back to vet now !

ehh…so I cheated a little :wink:

I am cconfused…for the beginning what weapon do I focus on?

which one is better of the two?

damn it :wink:

thank you!

btw, dual wielding nightblade would be viable (by my noob standards), based on this tree:

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Implying why I didn’t recommend it to you in our pm discussion?
It’s because it felt awkward since you requested it to be non-complicated on game mechanics side of things.

It just looks cool on paper :smiley:

tearing through mobs on PB now :smiley:

In case you’re interested.

Rookie numbers :kissing_heart: tragically, I’m still crap.


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Hello. I would like to thank you for posting this build. I’m not really new to the game but i lack experience to build character myself and i love to use the build for the begining. Honstly it s pretty good and well balanced with cc and debuff which makes the build very sturdy as you said yourself.
I have a hard time to find beginner build that suit me so i hope you’ll post some more.


Hello Stupid_Dragon. Thanks for a build. Nice to see ranged beginner build for a change.

Got a question about relics. Since you don’t mention any in guide after rover talisman.

I can see in final build you have Torment. Is it the best budget one? From T2 relics I can also craft Mortality. Would guess that is better. In T3 I have also blueprints for Impurity and Uroboruuk’s reaping - but those don’t sound so good.

Do you have any tips? Thanks.

It only has ranged vibes, gameplay-wise it’s a caster :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that Necromancer relics are overall of lesser priority because having +1 to Necromancer won’t actually affect your damage much. What you would actually want is +1 to Nightblade, but there is no Nightblade relic with %vitality damage. Which is why I’d prefer a relic that has %vitality and has -%vitality RR. Being a single class RR vitality build it benefits a lot from extra RR from gear. Which is why it’s Torment rather than Mortality, Impurity and Uroboruuk’s Reaping. The planned upgrade for Torment is actually Necrosis. Alternatively, Serenity as the more defensive option would make sense too.

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RR is important on budget builds without Demoslayer set, cause you lack the same type of punch and mods. For end game Impurity is the best relic for this build (no %decay is kinda bad though) and proc also boosts defense.

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As a beginner, I find it really difficult in moving ,I hope there is a suggestion in Displacement skills.

Hmm… What if we use some Melee weapon on Weapon Swap to be able to use Shadow Strike?
I’d of course make a 1-button macro → (Weapon Swap, Shadow Strike, Weapon Swap) :thinking:

Try teleport rune then.

Big necromancy on this thread but am wondering, why change for Fettan’s Mask instead of Packla’s Visage? Is the RR from the modifier on PV’s Siphon Souls not worth it? Fettan’s seems very underwhelming by comparison to a somewhat newer player

It’s outdated. I’d had went for Packla now. If you don’t mind farming it, that is. Otherwise Fettan is still a decent placeholder.

Thank you, yeah that makes sense

Thank you for this fantastic Reaper leveling build. I am having so much fun with it.

I started leveling PBs 2 times already on Veteran (now till 21 and before till 55) and ZDPSing by keeping PBs investment low is unnecessary. Here are some videos showing that:

Level 21 (Krieg) - played badly due to fooling around

Level 15 (Burrwitch rift) - 15 / 10 PBs