[] Bloodhail - Wildblood Vitality Archon [SR100] [4.50 Crucible] [All Celestials]


Archon build, yikes

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %Physique

  • Wildheart Vanguard - the core of the build.
  • Prime Ring of Morgoneth - proc with %DR, a lot of OA and pierce conversion. Can be replaced with Deathlord’s Band, but in that case %DR should be accuired somewhere else.
  • Cursebearer - high %vitality damage and mass proc with vitality -rr. BiS.
  • Valguur’s Gems - %cdr, physical resistance and +1 to Shaman. Also has some bonus damage to storm totems and gloval lightning conversion.
  • Bloodsurge - whooping 120 flat vitality damage for Vines. Also gives useful skillpoints, has a nice proc and craftable.
  • Heart of Yugol - Close to Valgur’s Raiment but beats its due to freeze resistance and bonus to lifesteal.
  • Vendigomane Leggings & Boneshatter Treads - %damage and stats, mainly physical resistance.
  • Lagoth’Ak’s Bloodbinding - i really like this medal on vitality/bleed shamans, makes swarm less cancerous to use and gives ranks to it.
  • Emberguard’s Gauntlets of Celerity - most vitality gloves don’t have %CS and the ones that do are rather poor stat-wise. Picked Demonic prefix for %vitality damage and stun resistance.
  • Meditation - +1 to Oathkeeper and a lot of %vitality damage. Trap resistance is also nice.
  • Seal of resonance - as any vitality build it lacks CC resistances, so i found this component to be useful.
Shattered Realm performance

Did only two runs, both were successful

  • SR100 - featuring Salazin, Kuba and x2 Iron Maidens
  • SR95 - featuring Shattered Cronley, Moosilauke, Benn’Jahr and Kaisan
Crucible performance

Lee’s 4.29 run, a bit different version but it doesn’t change much.

average run in my hands is about 4.55

Naked Extraspawn run:


For all celestial kills used the same armor augment setup for extra health and DA - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeEDEpZ

Avatar of Mogdrogen: Facetank all the way.

Ravager of Flesh: Red Ravager is not ideal due to its manaleach, but it’s still doable.

Callagadra: Pretty much the same as Crate fight, but way longer.

Crate of Entertaiment: Easy and safe if you know what’re doing.


@Dmt for original concept (source)
@mad_lee for helping with build polishing and testing


dang, did not know a dead build/set could perform so well :no_mouth:

very nice Grey, love the archon tweaks :ok_hand:
Wildblood well and alive again, lets hope it stays that way for a while :sweat_smile:

I’m really glad to see someone making a new Wildblood build, it pretty much has been ignored after a few patches . This one is really creative and the gear is pretty easy to assemble, I’m definitely going to try it ASAP and put some of my items gathering dust in my stash to use.

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Thanks to both of you.

well, i’ve tried several different WBs before this patch landed and it’s been both underwhelming and clunky. recent +1 sec dutation to vines and buff to bloodsurge helped a lot.

i also do hope so, however i’m still not sure how other vines build perform compared to WB. maybe moving WB’s %wd to skill’s node will help them. But it’s yet to be tested, have no concrete data currently.


batya in the house

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Also moving some type of weapon damage to the base skill would allow armor piercing to allow for a pierce/bleeding vines with guttripper.

I tested my RTA lightning vines + cs warder, and the extra second of duration is nice.

Also it’s worth noting that removing entangling vines node usually will improve clear times in crucible on vines builds with dying god. Applying terrify twice a second can lead to some mobs running away.