[] Double Pistol Acid Deceiver - SR 80, Mogdrogen

With the recent buffs to the Ugdenbog Venomlauchers and Gulgazor’s Heart, I decided to have a shot (hue hue!) at ranged acid Inquisitor. I went Deceiver to try and exploit the Venomlaunchers as much as possible.

With permanent buffs

With Deadly Aim and Abominable Might


3:00 Mogdrogen kill : [] Acid Pistol Deceiver vs Mogdrogen - YouTube
SR 80 run : [] Acid Pistol Deceiver - SR 80 run - YouTube

Gear explanation

  • Guns: Double Venom Launcher, only option. Look for flat acid and attack speed affixes. One shard of Beronath and one Seal of the Void.
  • Amulet: Gulgazor’s Heart is build defining. Ideally with flat acid damage.
  • Relic: Deathstalker, best option.
  • Rings: Double Widow’s Sting to round out pierce to acid conversion. Craft for stun resistance.
  • Chest and Shoulders: Chaos to acid conversion, no better option.
  • Gloves: Best acid gloves for attack speed.
  • Belt: I initially thought Pack of Deadly means was BiS. However, Murmur’s Kiss has less OA but has DA and attack speed. Vit to acid conversion doesn’t matter either since I dropped Bat and Meditation relic.
  • Helm: Went with Ravager’s. Venomancer’s Guile for chaos conversion and Bloody Pox modifier isn’t worth losing the hp and +1 all skills.
  • Medal: Ilgorr’s Eternal Curse with DA affixes is the best for damage, but hard to get. Basilisk Mark/Crest gets the job done too.
  • Pants: Nidalla’s Legwrap although a well rolled Grava Thul’s Leggings can be better.
  • Boots: Flexible slot. Anything with slow resist works. Went Final March for DA and physical resistance.

Dropped Horn of Gandarr as the long animation was getting me killed and couldn’t afford it anymore since I switched to Possession. The rest is fairly standard.

Using Yugol for damage reduction and Guardian’s Gaze instead of Bat now.

Thanks to @tqFan for sharing his theorycrafted build.


Nice, I have a GT doodle of acid paladin gunner with similar gear. Was hesitating to bother building in game but if this is working with bero shard than sounds like I need to get on it!


I would expect similar results with Paladin although it may be a little point starved since you need to go all the way in the skill tree for Celestial Presence. Dropping Aura of Conviction for Path of the Tree is an option although the fire conversion there is obsolete because of the amulet and the loss of physical resistance will be hard to overcome.

Not sure how it come to this but I have 1000% more Acid damage on some GrimTools I once made :thinking:
Of course it’s untested and survival is unknown but you definitely can get a lot more damage.
Many defensive parameters far worse but 450 more effective DA as a consolation.

Ohhh Deathstalker how did I not think of this?!
I thought about Venomancer but I really did not want to use Bloody Pox lol and the bonus HP from Ravager helm seemed too good to skip. Not going Abominable Might seems like a wasted opportunity since you have almost full chaos to acid conversion :thinking:

Idk about Yugol, it seems the damage reduction from :corn: of Gandarr is so much better and the lifesteal isn’t needed in my “regen setup”.

Defnitely worth tinkering though, thanks for sharing your GT.

Edit: also double Venomclaw affixes, those haven’t dropped yet :sweat:

Yeah, I don’t even know if it plays comfortably.

True, I didn’t think of that. It should probably be corrected.

I have Possession absorption to compensate but maybe the best option is Gandarr + Possesion…

This was created with Crucible mindset (get as much %Damage as possible)
which is definitely not necessary, especially if you play SR but I think
maybe you could try to get, I don’t know, 2500%, because 2000% is kinda lowish
although probably enough.

I’m surprised I didn’t use double rares like I normally do :laughing:

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Substantially improved this old guy. Will try Crucible at some point.

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Just returned to the game after a long break and decided to roll with this dude. Any tips for leveling? Cleared normal difficulty and I’m pondering rn if I should go and farm Venomlaunchers/Gulgazor or just roll with whatever I got?

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Since Gulgazor droprate is 80%, there’s no reason not to grab one copy to get all these conversion and stats (but don’t farm it for better affixes if you’re not max level). Venom Launcher should be easy to get as well while farming Gloomwald.


Since you need to reach Act 5 to get most of the core items, I’d recommend leveling with Pox/Sigil or WoP/Storm Box until then. Once you reach act 5, you should be able to get 2 pistols and the amulet fairly quickly and respec into DW. I was using a Mistborn Talisman before I was able to equip a shard of Beronath.

Quick sketch of what lvl 50-ish could look like: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BXG1WZ
Use whatever green/blue items you get in the remaining slots.


I liked the idea of this build a lot, so I did something similar in one of my HC playthrus. It was great. I just used regular, default attack till I hit 55 tho haha


This build got me thinking of acid pistol paladin might actually work since RF can be attack default and deal acid damage, the Empiryon bros do shred acid resistance and you have Path of the Three provide more acid/ poison damage

You need blood of dreeg for the conversion tho