>< Fire Walk With Me! DW Melee Sentinel. SR 85(ish)

Hi everyone, after seeing Fire Dervish made by @Crab_Turtle_2112, I wanted to make something fiery with Oathkeeper. Especially use RF. Shieldbreaker would be obsolete since FS line is better than RF.

So here it is, Sentinel of the Flames. For the ones seeking something unique to play :wink:

Images from the game with perma buffs and RF charges up

PS: Belt crafted with Freeze Resist.


I hear you, how this work with this low DPS/WD stats? With the power of Smite…

  • 3 Piece Justicar set for bonus, BiS for the build. (Better than using Ignaffar Gloves with RF mod.)

  • Okaloth’s Visage is core of the build.

  • 1x Blazeheart and 1x Soulblade(I did start with 2x Blazeheart but it was worse, also tested 2x Soulblade but cost more than it brings so ended up with a mix of them.)

  • Conduit of Eldritch Whispers of -%15 Elemental RR. Any resist will do, actually bleedings is one of the worse you can get but I had this ne :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Combustion Band is must for RR and Korvaak’s Brand as usual to wield dual weapons.

  • Crimson Lotus for conversion and good stats.

  • Boots needed to hardcap smite and provides good CC resist along with damage absorpton.

  • Serenity for extra circuit breaker, resistances on it actually not really needed but other fire relics are either shield based or lack skill points so went with safer choice.

2x MI’s;

  • Gargabol Ring is must for RF bonusses and try to get OA bonus from it.

  • Grava pants essentially is not needed but I required slow resistance and the only purple alternative was Tranquil Minds so I choosed Grava for Celestial Presence bonus.(Consecrated prefix is must for slow resist + racial, of attack is also preferable)

Skill Points
  • Smite hardcapped for best utilization of the wps.
  • RF same to get 9th charge. Overcapping Consecration provides nothing much but I kept it for armor and DA bonus. I actually tested with hardcapped ‘‘Retribition’’ but it really made no difference at all so I distributed those extra points.
  • Judgment line is one pointer. Enough DA reduction on Crushing Verdict but build has extra points, it can be softcapped.
  • Divine Mandate and Celestial Presence also overcapped as possible.
  • Presence of Virtue overcapped for OA bonus onyl, the rest of the line is one-pointer.
  • Ascension is softcapped but it can be overcapped, Clarity of Purpose is one-pointer enough.
  • Curse of Frailty, I kept it 5/10 due to impassionate urge to use it again but if you can keep yourself from using it in every few sec it can be softcapped. Vulnerability is overcapped as possible for DA shred and RR.
  • BoD is overcapped for OA and flat damage, AotG can stay as 12/12 but while I distributing the extra points I decide to get more resist.
  • Solael’s Witchfire is 14/12 since those 2 points provide 8 flat damage. Second Rite is one pointer, didn’t invest it since my Blazeheart have low vit>fire conversion and didn’t felt any improvement with softcap.
  • Sigil of Consumption softcapped for sustain, overcapped Destruction line with extra points but those points can be distributed as I mentioned above.

Not much to explain with devotions ; I went for my usual LoE Route again for tankiness/less buttons.

Got Flame Torrent for leveling then kept it for AoE though I should have try also Alladrah’s Phoenix Constellation instead like this it will probably work better in high shards but then we will lose the Fire Walk With Me theme :stuck_out_tongue:

Why 85ish?

Because while I’m pushing it became really difficult after 83 and get harder after that. You started to get random one-shots but I did manage to proceed with dedication and repeat to make sure it’s not just luck. But dying is inevitable so it’s better to stay in farming range which build is very fast and reliable. Undeads and Chthonics melt away due to high racial damage and even Grava is not much a trouble in 85 as long as you deal with it on 1v1.

85 Boss Room againts Iron Maiden with kinda good mutators. IM is the toughest enemy to face with this build, so I repeat the runs until I find her. Died in the first try, but managed at second. (don’t get charged at 85 :slight_smile: )

This build reminded me of @Stupid_Dragon 's comment on RF in 2H melee skills ranking? . Somehow RF make itself feel like weaker than it should be even though there’s nothing wrong with it on paper.

Anyway thanks for reading. Any comment is welcome.


Nice build! With all that retaliation added to attack, do you think it would be worth it to try to include Phoenix in your devotion map? Something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQMJoRN ?

I mentioned that, it will definitely be better for survival. Didn’t check how much crit chance I have over IM or Grava in 85 but with 250ish DA shred it should have some. Though your version have no flat RR so it won’t be much better :stuck_out_tongue:

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The dangers of ignoring devotion requirements in grimtools :sweat_smile:
About Alladrah’s, I didn’t click the link, I somehow assumed you meant the dagger for some reason. Looks like I brain fart every time I comment your builds :rofl:

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Yeah I had the feeling of that, I should have clarified more :smiley: I like flame torrents follow you for a very brief time when you proc them and keep moving. Also I checked with Phoenix and Ascension up, the amoun of damage added to Smite is just 3,5k and maybe will improved to 5k when it’s maxed out.