[] Grapejuice Wizard (Tri-Elemental TSS Iskandra Warlock). [Celestials] [SR75-76+]


While not as good as full Trozan set, I really wanted to try out the Iskandra set for one of my builds because it is goddamn fun. So I tinkered for a month to slowly build this out and test it’s potential.

GT Link: Warlock, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

If vitality resistance is lower in-game, use Malmouth fortifying powder in one of those Bysmiel Silversand gear.


  • Offensive Ability is massive, landing crits is never easier.
  • Decent Health Regeneration, around 400 HPS
  • For a caster, it does have a high Physical Resistance.
  • Good OA shred debuff (Bloody Pox, Rumor, Seal of Annihilation)


  • Low Defensive Ability
  • Low Health
  • Low movement speed
  • Really needs to be piloted to work on higher endgame content.

For the first two cons, you can just play around spirit and physique distribution to whatever DA and Health you are comfortable with.

Why no Sigil?

  • Damage on Sigil is around 10k DPS with Trozan Starkeeper buffs alone. Personally, I found it underwhelming so I chose Bloody Pox and Maxed Blood of Dreeg instead. Bloody Pox also helps mitigate that low DA and is a better way to proc Devotions.


  • A combination of Mirror, Maiven, Nullification, Ghoul, Behemoth and Blood of Dreeg for heal/regen and Physical Resistance. Additionally, that boots also helps a ton. You just really need to mind your skill rotation especially with Mirror and Nullification. Not to mention, you can lifesteal on your trozan for sustain.



Any suggestions to further improve this build is welcome, I just wanted to share this build with you guys, thanks.


Ooh, we can be GrapeBuddies with this PinkRocks devastation and pink Obliterate Beam :smiley:

The two builds would actually complement each other, with each bringing different ele RR and buffs (your blood of dreeg, my inquisitor seals etc) .

Don’t mind me… I dream in multiplayer… :smiley:


Not to mention, you can lifesteal on your trozan for sustain.

How excactly is that achieved? I couldn’t find it on your grimtools. Is there a build defining item needed for this?

There is 36% Weapon Damage added to TSS from the 5/5 Set Bonus:

Thanks for pointing that out!

Now my follow up question is: how viable is the build without the 5 piece bonus?

It’s not viable because you lose the grape juice color.


Not really that viable, since the build revolves around the 5 pieces set bonus. You lose weapon damage and cdr proc. You’d be better off with trozan skybreach set at that point than a 4 pieces iskandra.

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Do you have Trozan’s set? If you are short on gear, there is a beginner’s cold Warlock guide from Monceaux ([][Guide] Trozan's Ice Shards - A cold Warlock Beginner Guide) that you could follow until you have full Trozan’s or Iskandra’s sets. Its final setup uses the Eastern set which is quite easy to get even as your first character.

This message is 1 month late though.

I apreciate the answer - even if late. One month of farm later I happen to have full Iskandra as well as Trozan’s set and some other stuff. I’m entering the stage of full stashes, alts and build attempts now.

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