[] [HC] Avenger Warder, Facetank all superbosses, SR90+, 8k average HP regen, physical 2h Savagery

The lightning to physical converted damage is most likely gonna take a hit. Everything else not nessessarily.

You will just stand there a bit longer, not a biggie :laughing:

Pretty much, the build is not lifesteal dependant at all, so losing some dmg won’t really hurt defenses/regen.

I just started a new hardcore character and i’m just wondering with the levelling process i’m following your forcewave video but when do i swap over to this build? Once i hit 100? As soon as i can max out certain skills?

If the second one is there a specific order for getting the skills/mastery so that it’s as smooth as possible?

Once you hit at least lvl 94 and you have all the items (or some good subtitutes). Full Avenger set is absolutely mandatory.

Until then Forcewave is probably still smoother and easier to play and gear than anything else.

Another possibility, if you want to get a feel for the build as you level, would be a bleed savagery build. You can use devouring swarm and grasping vines bound to bat to be pretty much immortal. The build will feel very similar to the end build, so you will get to see if you like it. I’ve levelled similar builds about 10x with either bleed or lightning. Savagery 2H has a ton of tankiness, and you can also invest in early HP in both trees. It’s a different damage type and you’ll have to swap later, but you will be fully changing all your gear at the end anyways

Indeed, savagery with e.g. troll bonecrusher is very strong for leveling and feels very similar to the endgame build. Then you could even go physical/bleed hybrid with devotions and wouldn’t have to reskill too many.

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I assume i’d still need the avenger set to make that viable?

Also in regards to the avenger set, does it start dropping before level 94? I’m going through Elite at the moment (currently level 76) to get myself to 90 before transitioning to ultimate since that’s what i read i should do to ensure my resistances are all capped when switching to ultimate.

You don’t need to be 90 to transition to Ultimate or to be able to even have resistances overcapped by 20.
You can go to Ultimate at 70. Also beware Avenger set, its blueprint (which you can use not only to craft the chest but also transmute it to other pieces) and parts are a random drop so can take a while to get.

^is kind of all you need for leveling with 2h Savagery (assuming your other gear is somewhat decent with maxed res, etc.).

Avenger set is only needed for endgame, ultimate campaign main questline is not really endgame.

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If you dm me, I will sent you some builds and such to try.

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Is Juggernaut BiS? Seems like a really low tier relic.

it is BIS for the “maximum HP regen” concept. you can use whatever you want, less HP regen but more damage

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Another question:
Is there any downside to placing a single point into counter strike? With the passive levels it’s basically at level 5-6.

While it’s almost 0 investment, you also get basically 0 back. In the end the point is probably better spent in another spot.

Hi is Counter strike + grasping vine viable for this build? (although lack of dmg due to devotion) is there any item that converts vitality to physical for grasping vines?

edit: I’ll try if this is viable using your awesome dev build + gladiator distinction for vit to phys conversion

No, there is vit to acid, and phys to vit however. You could use general vit to phys items, but none exist for grasping vines specifically.

As a guy who is on his way towards his 3rd 100 Kaisan runs, @RektbyProtoss what is like a really strong affix combo for the amulet? Maybe the Heal proc plus aggressive Prefix? Let me know, right now my collection is gathering dust. :sweat_smile:

Personally, have never found a good one… have dozens now from farming. I use Stonefaced Mogara’s Fangs of Clout which fit well. As @RektbyProtoss said, the Avenger of Karen (Cairn) is also a good choice.

What makes his Kaisan’s Eye godly is the Stun Resist. Being stunned is survivable even on 75-76… but scary. Regen FTW :slight_smile:

Also, although he did not have them, Crimson Claws, as he stated, are an excellent swap for Sandreaver’s.

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Man, Ravager kicked my arse after half an hours of chipping away at him. My augments are slightly different, but the stats look similar. But I am using Bloodrager’s helm and gem.