[] [HC] Avenger Warder, Facetank all superbosses, SR90+, 8k average HP regen, physical 2h Savagery


Another Grim Dawn Community League character, this time from Season 2, which also featured a HC ladder this time. It’s not the most creative build as Avenger has already been done in many iterations on the forums, but I’m sure it is the all around strongest char I’ve ever played in Hardcore and the HP regen tweaks I made for this char make it just an absolutely ridiculous afk build. The build can facetank all bosses that you can think of including Ravager, Callagadra (0 HP pots needed) and the three Season 2 Superbosses. I also managed to push the char up to Shattered Realm shard 93, where I got nullified and died… classic noob mistake :rofl:

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYprvWZ


Highlight video from patch

Perfomance in Shattered Realm SR 92 & Superbosses:

Other performance videos from league season 2 with TIMESTAMPS:
VoD of Ravager & Callagadra
VoD of SR 50-65, SR 65-85 and Season 2 Superbosses
VoD of SR 85-90
VoD of SR 90-93 RIP

Devotions: HP regen focus on Devotions and some gear slots like relic for pure afk-build experience in HC.

Helm: Warborn was chosen over Bloodrager for permanent damage reduction via Warcry for more safety.

Amulet: This was literally the only Kaisan amulet I found in the league (super lucky I know) and it fit the build nicely. Also I had no Avenger of Karen blueprint available to me in the league, which would’ve been even safer. Feel free to use Bloodrager amulet as a 2piece set (Helm+Amulet) for more dps.

Gloves: I didn’t have any Crimson Claws in the league and also Sandreaver’s resistances fit the build well.


Feedback & Final Words

pls crate no nerf my build :sob:

As always any kind of feedback is apprechiated!
Feel free to check out my other builds in my HC build collection! :slight_smile:


dat juggernaut cheese :rofl:
awesome spin on avenger warder Protoss :+1:


0 points in GrimSheet because this is HC build Kappa


HC guys need their own Grim :poop: - could call it HC GrimDiary-hea


Should I use the Avenger of Cairn instead of Kaisan’s?

Should I use them instead, if i have them?

Also, can i substitute the ring of the Black Matriarch with something (i have many MI and unique rings stashed)? This ring just won’t drop for me :frowning:

And the last question, the GT in the OP is BiS variant?

It’s overall the safer option imo, you’ll probably need to fix stun res in another way, like e.g. on affixes on a green ring or a green medal.

If you can fix your res in another way, yes.

Any green ring with good affixes (e.g. a cronley’s or gollus ring as a base) or the blue Coven Storm Seal from the coven are good substitutes imo.

hmmm, hard to say to be honest, you can always make a build better or change it up a bit with some greens here and there, like ring, medal or even pants or gloves.
The above GT is what I played myself and I can guarantee the above performance with the setup I played, however there might be an even better setup out there. All smaller tweaks depend a lot on whether you play HC or SC and what content you are aiming to beat.

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I play SC and i want to facetank all celestials and beat naked Crucible and at least SR 65-66 without too much effort and risk of dying.

What affixes should I look for?

I just got this build to 100 (variant with avenger of cairn amulet, i don’t have a suitable Kaisan…) and it’s absolutely amazing!!!

I didn’t get any quest skill points yet, but i still could face tank MadQueen at lvl 98 without any issues whatsoever! I struggled with that bitch with every other build i had. This is exactly what i like - laughing in the face of danger! Can’t wait to try Calla.

How much survivability do you think i would lose with the Bloodrager helm and amulet?

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Sry for newbie question, but : how did you get 4 “green” points in devotions, necessary to get “Behemoth” ?
I see 2 points from Ulzaad, maybe 1 point from Crossroads and reset later, but there is still 1 point missing…

So I don’t understand how you managed to build your devotions…

You need to get some additional Devotion that gives you Green temporarily just so that you can afford Behemoth.
And then after you have Behemoth, you can respec out of it because Behemoth will be sustaining itself from this point.

You’d need to do the same if you’d like to a reverse thing - respec from Behemot itself because the game wouldn’t allow you to remove points from it otherwise.


hmmm, ok…
I’ll spent some Aether Crystal, so :wink:

Maybe it would have been a good idea to describe the devotions leveling used for this build.
Thx for your answer, anyways !

In the video there’s literally a chapter called “how do I get these devotions” starting at 20:14 :slight_smile:

oops… I feel so dumb right now ! :blush:
Thx for this complete tutorial, so !

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How does this build perform in crucible? I’m definitely going to use it, it looks great. Thanks for posting!

I did not test it in Crucible, yet (not my favourite game mode…), but this build is actually the most impressive I ever played…
Extremely resistant (it would be perfect for a Hardcore run), with very high damage. Face-tanking everything, great area damage, with retaliation (or kind of). The only “con” i see for now is that it’s not very resistant to stun/trap.

Protoss version has 75 stun res tho :thinking:
trap doesn’t really matter with those defenses, at that point you’re basically just standing still for a second or 2 and prol wont even be scratched by the cage

almost like it was built for[HC], by a HC playing player :wink:

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I don’t have that much yet, cause i did’nt find the amulet, atm, but you’re right, it probably makes a good difference…

Yes, sorry, I just wanted to mean that I’m not actually playing HC, but this build is pretty perfect for it.

Besides, the build is not that gear-dependant, which is good for leveling. I used several very good and easy-to-find alternative options, for armor pieces and weapon (“Gutsmasher” is doing a great job ^^). And the relic is not hard to get and reroll if needed.

A great great build, I really enjoy playing it :slight_smile:
I just need another difficulty level now, Ultimate is too simple :yum:

I have the build ready to play finally. My stun res is 80% (9% overcapped). I’m using crimson claws as the only difference from his grimtools link. Build seems really sturdy indeed.

Man, looks like the upcoming patch will tank the build’s dps. And the avenger set, generally.