[] [HC] The Skatebreaker - Volcanic Stride Shieldbreaker (sr65+, cr170 naked, Mog, Rava, Calla, L, vids)


This is just a short post about my slightly modified Season 2 Leaguestarter Volcanic Stride Shieldbreaker. It’s a good build for starting a fresh account, farming up solid amount of gear for other chars and after some upgrades can do pretty much all the content in the game. Oh and most importantly it’s good for farming ugdenblooms :smiley:

^ingame stats with all permant buffs and ascension up. DPS shown is Vire’s Might, but it doesn’t show Volcanic Stride, which is the actual damage of this build.

Highlight/Guide video including Callagadra kill:




  • SR 65-66

  • Crucible 1-170 with 3 beacons
    1-150 naked (no blessings), 150-170 with 4 blessings, 150-170 extra spawn with 4 blessings, 150-170 naked

older performance videos from season 2 on patch vs content while gearing up (weaker than the final build)


Mandatory items: Zarthuzellan’s Archive (no alternative), Skybreaker Circlet (alternative full Vanquisher set), Shard of the Eternal Flame (alternative full Vanquisher set or Azrakaa’s amulet)

Which affixes to look for on the greens?
Look for “Overseer’s” prefix on helm and “Destroyer’s” prefix on offhand, everything else is flexible.


Early on (lvl 1-35) level as demolitionist and blackwater cocktail, then switch to vire’s might and max volcanic stride once you have a Zarthuzellan’s Archive and a Skybreaker Circlet (side with “Order of the Death’s Vigil” to farm it).
You can follow my SSF beginner Templar playthrough, my Season 2 Leaguestart on the Shieldbreaker (with XP pot and merit) for leveling or watch this Oathkeeper Vire’s Might leveling guide.

Final Words
Big shoutout to @MysteryMeat for his work on his Vanquisher Skater Guide and Fakeuisher Guide, which are some of the best written guides here on the forum (way better than this one for sure).

Any kind of feedback is apprechiated and check out my other builds in my HC build collection! :slight_smile:


Crucible video up now!