[] One class to rule them all. DW variation of aether Spellbinder (CR 4:30, SR95, all Celestials)

Three Classes for the playstyle fans under the sky,
Fifteen for the endgame lords so they won’t get bored,
Seventeen for Cronley crawlers doomed to die,
One is the Dark Lord, the easy mode
In the Land of Cairn where the balance lie
One class to have best skills, and best MI’s… well, kinda,
One class to stack exploits and in the darkness bind them

<<< Grimtools >>>

Cr 151-170, 4:10 min

SR90 bossroom, comfortable with rotation of saves

SR95 bossroom, pushing it

Ravager of Flesh

Callagadra marathon

NakedEX with some liquor


this is a dmg focused build featuring some very hard to obtain doublerare MI’s for limit testing purposes


you forgot to link the levelling guide!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KZMOeiP5QU


Yeah, my bad. Thanks!

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So, what you are saying, time to finally delete Spellbinder? :scorv:

Delete Precious?! No delete! We takes them for us!


Sorry, Zantai has begun his three movies journey to toss Spellbinder into Mount Doom.

One class to rule them all, one class to find them, One class to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

Seems appropriate for Spellbinder, mhm.

Looks nice! :slight_smile: Green gear for green damage!

btw I thought necrotic edge was dog shit ?

Why do you have Forgefire augments instead of Soulfire? Even with max roll on conversion on rings + shoulder you do not get 100% conversion?

It is for survivability. But Binder goes around it with two safe abilities. If i could i’d trade this NE for another Burning Void

With > avg rolls 15 ele is slightly higher than 12 aether.


Gottcha! thanks. I was starring too much into GT

The god build. Let us stand in awe and bathe in it’s radiance.

hey there! nice build! may i ask why do u prefer RE/decay over Il omen+ extra points maybe for longer MoT or shorter mirrior cd? :smiley: thx for ur attenction!

It’s for Crucible runs, ‘‘Confuse’’ on Ill Omen allow monsters move away/regain cooldowns/position etc which cost time so speedrunners avoid confuse effect. RE is also a better proccer. But in SR Ill Omen might provide better defense especially in chunks and you can use extra points as you please.

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Ill Omen requires some time to spread and its animation works poorly with autoattacking, the skill may sometimes not trigger when you press a button and you may not notice it with lower graphic settings.

RE is visible, applies DR almost instantly to an area, and it’s a much better procer for Wendigo. Confuse from Ill Omen is a lesser concern for this build because Corruption and Korvaak usually take care of those who can be confused. For non-spam casters and hybrids Omen is usually a better option.


@banana_peel Nice to see this posted. I saw your YouTube vids of it a while ago. Which is better, this or Reaping Arc on full Krieg?

I played Reaping Arc lately but with devos more like here: Korvaak for Ratosh (and Aeon because I like it and full Krieg got a comfy proccer for it). Which brings me to the question about your two binders: since full Krieg got even more wpn dmg than this, why did you opt for Ratosh and not Korvaak there but didn’t do it like that here?

I don’t know about banana’s other decisions but for this patch only Reaping Arc is better than any other melee build.

There it is again, and I totally don’t get it: almost all skills are not maxed, and totaly chaotically chosen (as it looks to me).

I know, I am the stupid one here, but what kind of a way to play the game is that!? (Not critizising, just asking to understand…I learned a lot here about different approaches of thinking in handling the game, so… no offense meant).

Aaaand another question: SR90 sounds like some accomplishment here. BUT: how often do you have to try to get there with exactly the SAME build (so no switching around of skills anymore, just going for it?)

I have a feeling many people just record videos 100 times and then, when they get lucky, they post just this one? Because there IS a big random component on highest levels, which cannot be fully mitigated afaik…

Not at all. Like Elemental Balance is at 8 because it gives 2% crit dmg till 8 and only 1% after. It’s a breaking point. Same as Mark of Torment, Conversion, Ravenous Earth. Just play around in GT and see how exactly the values change with each point at different ranks. Other than that all skills are either as high as gear allows or at one point.

Build is painstakingly optimized. The only thing I would change here is that I’d soft cap Mirror (12/12) because it’s basically the main means of survival but build is optimized to the pilot. Oa from Overload seems excessive, and aether res is not an issue, so I’d pull points from there. That or softcap Ravenous Earth for another projectile.


The first thing to notice in this build is that the main skill is an item skill (fleshwarped strikes from the scepter) so there’s no skill point investment needed for that. Next thing to look at is ways to complement your main skill, which is what banana maxed here: both WPS, Reckless Power and Soul Harvest are the best ways to boost your attack damage by either giving you more weapon damage, % aether damage or multiplying the weapon damage percentage you output on your attacks. Also Resist Reduction (RR) which is perhaps the most powerful offensive stat in the game. Max your RR skills everytime, so Spectral Wrath. Next you look at stat boosters - those who boost OA/DA, crits, HP, damage reduction, damage absorb etc. How many points each builder puts in these skills depends on their personal style, minmaxing philosophy or just well known data on which skills to max and which not to max. Some people put them up to breakpoints which ya1 explained. Some max everything they can as long as they have enough points. Finally you can then look at support skills like mirror and mark which also follows the same rule as the above.

This depends on the build and most reputable builders (banana included) would include a disclosure on how hard it is (for him) to clear a certain portion of the game. The thing is THIS IS SPELLBINDER. If there’s a class that would steamroll the game with almost every archetype there is, then it’s binder.


Arrrgh! There it is, (over)read this many times. So, this is one of THE BIG points I was missing… I think I will check this out for my next builds, where all those breaking points are. Makes spreading skillpoints a lot easier psychologically, at least to me :wink: Another ‘Template’ to be made then… :smile:

Aaand another interesting point, very good. I am rarely using weapon (or WPS)-skills (or even weapons…just wielding them for their stats supporting the rest of my build) yet, seemed inefficient to me…

This is again a topic worth looking at… nice idea. And another template…

Btw, are these WPS skills ONLY? Didn’t see them like that!? But yes, I understand the approach.

Yes, this has been made clear to me many times. I still think it is overrated, though. cower :wink:

… and Widow I suppose.

Yes, these are more or less clear, but good summary, thank you very much.

well, I am aware of Memes reg. this, yes… Mirror and Mark plus Nulli in one build seems superpowerful on the defensive, but having to rely on a club and a knife for offensive… I’d miss my rainbow lightshow massively here. cower again

Yet still, this was very helpful, especially the ‘breaking point’ … point.

Thank you guys very much for this, highly appreciated.