[] TruthSayer | Fun AOE Lightning DPS and Disruption Mage :: Cr 150, SR 75-76

TruthSayer | AOE Lightning DPS and disruption Mage
New Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gz9XvN

Edit: Link updated - TY @Gnomish_Inquisition, @DeputyChuck, @XandeRoot

  • Edits include: Devotion assignment swapped to maximise dot damage, Ignaffar’s Combustion relic included for Ele RR and max Inquisitor Seal (was previously Eye of the Storm), Components re-arranged for slightly more energy regen to account for dropping Eye of the Storm’s skill cost bonus, and rebalancing of resists. Due to slight skill point reshuffle, an added Ugdenbog Leather and Ignaffar’s Combustion, build now has about 100 more DA. Dropped Word of Pain, and can now fit movement augment Ultos’ Arrival into the skillbar.

OG Post:

TruthSayer disrupts the battlefield with a constant barrage of debuffs and wide reaching lightning attacks. Four lightning mortars bring the bulk of the damage, with Horn of Gandarr serving as an EMP, damaging and debilitating enemies across the battlefield. This build is great at controlling and debuffing mobs while raining divine lightning wrath from the heavens upon them. This build would work well in a team thanks to it’s powerful inquisitor seals, huge reduction to enemy damage across the field, and myriad of other debuffs to enemies that the build brings.

This is a technical build, with all skill slots occupied, and needing to drink energy potions from time to time. Movement rune now included! This build is intended to be a fun concept build, and has not been excessively minmaxed for effectiveness. :slight_smile:

Vid 1: Gladiator Crucible, 140-150


Vid 2: SR 75


As you can see, the first three shards of SR 75 are very easy due to AOE lifesteal, AOE damage and plenty of CC, but the boss room is a little more precarious. I also accidentally pulled three of the bosses at once trying to kite Grava, and the mutators were fairly harsh. Still, I was able to come out of the boss room with zero deaths and about 6 minutes left on the clock. Not bad. I only did 75 because I am lazy. I am confident that the build can do 76 just fine. Especially with different mutators.

TruthSayer’s Tactical Techniques:

:: Horn of Gandarr debuffs enemies
30% damage reduction
200 reduced defensive ability
12% attack damage converted to health.
~1s cooldown

Being able to spam an AOE skill like Horn of Gandarr with the attack damage converted to health, 100% of pierce damage converted to lightning (plus extra lightning damage), plus 80% weapon attack damage makes for constant healing and constant energy leech from all enemies in the area. As far as I can tell, the highest crit I’ve achieved with this is around 220k, but I think between 90-120k is more common. That means that against most individuals of enemies, a single cast of this skill will fully heal you. It hits everything in a 12 meter area.
Storm Box of Elgoloth also adds to DA shred to give a total of 300 DA shred to enemies.

:: Lightning Mortars

Four mortars with 100% phys and fire converted to lightning make up a strong portion of this build’s damage. Reckless Tempest is assigned to them so that they may provide additional AOE lightning damage.

:: Ulzuin’s Wrath

On top of Horn of Gandarr’s healing, AOE lightning spam and mass confusion, Ulzuin’s Wrath is constantly proccing, hitting enemies for additional lightning damage and healing you for 15% of it, and is knocking down enemies.

:: Light of Truth + Arcane Bomb

This build lacks DA, so it’s important that it can debuff enemy OA. Stacked OA totals at 295 reduced OA to enemies.

:: Searing Light

30% Fumble/Impaired aim to enemies is like a 30% reduction of overall incoming damage from most damage sources. Super helpful to prevent incoming attacks!

:: Inquisitor Seal 21/12

Divine damage absorption! 392 to be exact. Delish.

:: CC

Flashbang, Ulzuin’s Wrath, Horn of Gandarr, Heavy Ordinance, Reckless Tempest and Hand of Ultos are constantly confusing, knocking down or stunning trash mobs. This is a big part in what makes SR 75 so smooth during the first three shards. These are clearly less powerful when versing bosses.

:: Failsafes

At 66% hp, Blast Shield procs, which also opens up Giant’s Blood to proc for healing and regen. Blast Shield is not highly ranked, it is mainly there to give Giant’s Blood something to proc on when your HP starts dropping. Additionally, Rewind Fate serves as a second circuitbreaker, fully restoring your HP should it drop below 25%. Very helpful if you’ve taken an unfortunate critical hit or something!

Enjoy! (:


why are you giving yourself additional casts by taking Word of Pain, when you could assign that devo to already existing skills? (mortar or flashbang) :thinking:


Great question! I think in a previous iteration of the build I didn’t have enough skills to go around, and must not have changed it. In fact now that you mention it, there’re a couple of tweaks that should be made here… Let me update the link :slight_smile:

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Why this relic though? Pretty sure Iganffar’s Combustion would be a perfect fit here. It will lower you casting speed even more, though… but otherwise is superior. And rank 22 Seal, yay!


Nice! :slight_smile:

If you placed Elemental storm or Ultos on mortar instead of reckless tempest, multiple instances could stack their DoT if a different mortar created them (not the debuffs, just the DoT damage)
@grey-maybe explains it here: [] World Police and Friendly Fire - 5 Guardians of Empyrion Paladin [4.20 Crucible] [SR75] [All Celestials] - Grim Dawn / Classes, Skills and Builds - Crate Entertainment Forum

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Ye. I thought about it but got lost in the sweet, sweet lightning damage boost. Ignaffar’s probably best in slot because Ele RR and Inquisitor Seal. I guess I got tired of using it because I always use it, so was drawn to the novelty of something different. :wink:

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Good thought! I actually wanted to stack the electrocute damage of Reckless Tempest on multiple mortars, and the Elemental Storm dot damage from multiple Thermite Mine casts… That was my thinking, but this might not be optimal. :slight_smile:

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The cooldown on Reckless tempest is way too long for that, by the time you’re ready to proc it again, the first one would already be over.

Elemental storm has a pretty quick cooldowns but more importantly, a cooldown shorter than its duration, so they should proc while the previous one is still about.

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Ah, so even though the damage comes from multiple separate sources (each mortar in this case), the cooldown for the devotion is universal to all of them? They don’t have a separate cooldown timer per mortar?

Nope. The cooldown is on the devotion itself if that makes sense

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It does. Makes me think of what we can achieve with a high cooldown build with multiple pet-type things (storm totems? Guardians of empyrion?) all spamming something like Fissure. Basically, the same concept of the Summon Guardians build you posted above, but with as much cooldown reduction as possible to get as many fissures out from multiple sources at once or something…

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I tried that, but ultimately the payoff isn’t worth making your build revolve around that, but if it’s stuff you were planning to get anyway, it’s worth arranging them this way though.

The best I did was a Trozan Conjurer with Elemental storm on Wind devil (5 summon limit) I have no way to really tell if it was more effective though.

Elemental storm, Fissure and Leviathan are probably the best candidates for that because they have high damage and stay on the ground pretty long.
Fiend and Eye of the guardian could also work, but they are not ground effects (so no idea if they actually stack like the others) and they have lower damage (but shorter cooldown, so who knows…)

Never tested devotions that summon pets (Revenant, Atak Seru) bound to pseudo-pets, but apparently (according to Zantai) they don’t work as well…

One thing I never really tested is to bind those devotions to Inquisitor runes. Given that they disappear as soon as they attack, if they do proc those devotions they 100% will stack since it can’t possibly be the same pet that created the effect. The cooldown of runes and of those devotions is also very similar… and they both shotgun (giving multiple chances to proc)
The devotion path to take Fissure and Leviathan are also not a stretch… And if you use those, Elemental storm is probably a great pick anyway :slight_smile:

Nice idea to get 4 mortar traps. Though, why would you max Temper? It adds base physical damage which none of your skills do.Why not max The Big One instead? That gets converted to lightning too by the modifiers, no?

Defensive ability :slight_smile:

The build looks interesting, i always want to try something aside from Run-and-Gun Purifier and stuffs. Can build do super bosses ?

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I haven’t tried, but highly unlikely; This build sorely lacks physical resistance. I don’t think it would survive Cally or Ravager at all. It might do ok against Lokarr and Mogdrogen though…

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