[] World Police and Friendly Fire - 5 Guardians of Empyrion Paladin [4.20 Crucible] [SR75] [All Celestials]


The scorching presence of the status-quo smh smh

Where does the damage come from?

To better explain the mechanics behind GoE i will compare it to the different skill - Phantasmal Blades.
Imagine PB, let say it has 200 pierce damage, 400 bleed damage over 2 seconds and 5 projectiles. Thus, the damage output is 200 * 5 pierce damage + 400 bleed damage over 2 seconds (neglecting the %crit damage). This is because, DoT damage from the same source doesn’t stack - general knowledge.
Now lets look at the guardians. Same conditions - 5 guardians, 200 flat fire, 400 burn over 2 seconds. Damage output - 5 * 200 + 5 * 400 burn /2sec. Why did i multiplied the DoT part by 5 when one paragraph before i stated that DoT from the same source doesnt stack? The answer is - Guardians are not the “same source”. Every single one of them is considered by the game to be a separate and unique damage source. So DoT does stack. (The same way bleeding damage from Briarthorns or Blade Spirits stack)
However thats not it. Now lets look to devotion procs. As you already know, DoT damage from the same skill/proc doesnt stack. The reason - same source. If you create two fissures (magi’s proc) their DPS will be `(number of projectile hit * projectile’s flat damage) + DoT damage of 1 projectile (granted that at least 1 projectile hit the target). With more fissures more projectiles hit the target, but DoT part remains the same. But if fissures have different source then the dot part will stack, which means that guardians not only stack their inbuilt burn, but also the one from devotions (that is given that the very same guardian doesnt proc the fissure twice in a row)
Hope that i was able to present this information cohesively. If not, then consider looking into “Mechanics of Wind Devils” section in @Stupid_Dragon’s dragon elementalist guide

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %Slow res and %Freeze res

  • Barthollem’s Gavel - core item, gives shitload of damage. Affixes - for damage, best single-rare variants are Hellfire of Scorching/Celerity. The former suffix gives the most damage, but lacks any %speed which leads to clunkier gameplay.
  • Blazeseer’s Set - BiS. Gives crucial +points and has devastating proc.
  • Empyrion’s Gaze&Flames of Wrath - Recent tweaks in these items allowed fire paladin archetype to become strong, absolute BiS. 12m AoC and 8m AoC are two different skills.
  • 3 pierces Justicar - a lot of stats, pierce res, conversion and skillpoints to judgment. Fits nicely here.
  • Combustion band - i like the stats and rr always comes in handy.
  • Bane - +1 to inq and good boost to survivability.
  • Grava’s Legguards - +3 to Celestial Presence and aether res. Affixes are secondary.
  • Stoneplate Greaves - went for Formidable of Arcane Winds (yikes) to patch slow and phys res. Can be replaced with Earthshatter Treads or Wyrmscale Footguards, just adjust resistance accordingly. Actually, just go for the Final March, i completely forgot about them.
Shattered Realm performance

Didnt bother with recording sr75-76 runs due to slow internet connection. Energy management there is tight and heavy physical hitters can be a trouble but sole amount of damage carries the build nevertheless. Probably should upload a run in near future.
No chance of going any deeper though, not with this physical resistance.

Crucible performance

Here’s where the build shine. My 4.15 run with a bit outdated devotion (the current one is safer while having the same damage.)

@Slev1n’s 4.13 run with current spec:

4 consecutive runs with current spec:


All kills except for Avatar requires good kitting skill. Git gut!

Avatar of Mogdrogen: Easy due to 90% lightning res + 80 overcap. Just stay in seal and manage heath&energy.

Ravager of Flesh: Now as for here… Don’t get hit. Don’t get hit and you’re fine.

Callagadra: Requires close to perfect piloting, not recommended unless you’re confident in your skill.

Crate of Entertaiment: Just let guardians do their job while you’re ducking the bullet hell.


Glad to see some Paladin love! Thanks for explaining the mechanics of GoE and their interaction with devotion procs too.

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Not just Calla but this is also requires very great piloting and… nerves… Great job!

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As i said, fire paladin become very decent with rework of the amulet and +1 to inq on helmet.

the moment i gave up on spamming stormfire i was able to beat them. But Calla is definetely harder due to tornadoes, sands and simply higher damage.

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Interesting. I’ve been pondering a Vit version (Oppressor) recently. Curious how it goes.

the problem with vit is that the only way to convert acid to vitality is offhand, that block +1 to guardian offhand and messes up ele conversion.
Unless you want to pick crimson spike ofc, but then no pandemic dagger.

This took a long time to get posted. But still nice one!

Vit is fine with 4 guardians tho cause RE.

but thats not exactly solo guardians, just a good support.

True true. There’s just no other way to make it as good

Actually I wasn’t planning to use Pandemic anyway, I was going for Ascendant Authority for the AS on Guardians. Not sure whether that winds up better than the conversion or not, I’ve only given the build a quick ponder in GT (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRdkWr2), nothing finalised. You can then get a bit of conversion from Infector’s Shade body and some extra from Pestilence of Dreeg if needed for over 50 % conversion. Still far off the mark but from what I see you don’t get total conversion either and it seems to work. Granted, everyone and their dog seems to resist Vit in this game so who knows.

i already have the dot part in burn, which is more important than converting the 25% of flat physical on guardians hit.

thats true

Wait, nvm, scratch the whole thing about conversion. The acid on GoE will stick cause it’s already converted once through the transmuter. It would have to be a split acid/vit build I guess. Going full Fire the way you do seems to be the only way to consolidate GoE damage.

No GoE is a special skill that is able to do double conversion through the transmuter. Same as Storm Totem with the transmuter. Don’t give up your pure vit GoE dreams.

It was patched, you can no longer have Acid Totems by converting Vitality Totems to Acid:

Wasn’t that just for aether conduit? Or did it come as a side effect for the aether conduit nerf? Patch notes only say conduit

Why would these skills work differently though? Seems like that was an unintended effect and the patch does imply it was fixed (for all, not just conduit, even mentions the Transmuter specifically). Would be surprised if GoE still worked like that if it wasn’t supposed to.

Anyway this is probably not the place to have that conversation. Feels like I’ve unintentionally derailed this thread enough as is.

No they don’t

The patch doesn’t mention GoE and Acid Guardians are strong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4qpFsoprXg
Could be strong nonetheless but look at the beginning of the video:

  • the first damage instance is from a Guardian hitting a monster

  • yet damage breakdown only shows Acid damage which means Guardians are fully converted

The first instance of damage should be a tick from the Celestial Presence aura, which is pure Acid. If full conversion was happening then there should be no Vitality on the screen since between 2x Ring of Shuroth and Pack of Deadly Means the build should have 100 % Vit to Acid conversion. Yet vitality damage is being done, however little. Hard to say exactly what is coming from where. I just don’t see a logical reason why GoE should be convertable twice when most things aren’t.

I forgot about Celestial Presence :thinking: I guess I’ll test it quickly or maybe Grey will tell us
I even have my own Acid Guardian build to test.

Hey I have played 5 Guardians Paladin and performance wasn’t as good as yours :sweat_smile:

Good job figuring this build and pilot it! And glad to see Paladin being pull up in the class ranking.

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