Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

V1.1.6.2 Hotfix 2


  • Fixed an issue where Monster Totems would not appear on the map until you were very close to them.


  • Component - Seal of Corruption: increased damage and reduced Energy Cost on the granted skill

Legendary Non-Set Items

  • Mythical Aethereach: increased % Elemental dealt as Aether for pets to 100%
  • Mythical Bane of the Winter King: reduced % Cold Resist Reduction modifier for Veil of Shadows to -10% and increased Cold damage modifier for Mogdrogen’s Pact to 38
  • Mythical Grasp of the Dead: replaced +1 Summon Limit modifier for Blade Spirit with 70 Cold damage modifier for it
  • Scion of Arcane Force: added 90 Elemental damage modifier for Cadence

Legendary Set Items

  • Deathguard Set: removed Acid damage modifier for Shadow Strike and increased Acid modifier for Bone Harvest to 230

[Class & Skills]

  • Storm Totem: damage can no longer be converted “twice” when using the Transmuter or Conduit of Wild Whispers

Thank you for buffing seal of corruption aether builds need some love :smile:

Looks like grasp of the dead become useless now. Though honestly, you should just remove or change the +1 summon limit mod from demonslayer, not grasp of the dead.

And thanks for the deserving nerf to bane of winter king.

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Yeah. There’s a scepter with the same mod and it’s far more practical to use that on nightblades due to all the dw support.

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I assume you meant this mace?

Edit: I think I misunderstood the mod you were referring to.

Edit 2: Nvm, was right the first time with the mace. Thanks for the clarification, @x1x1x1x2

These 1.1._2’s are always sweet cuz you know they’ll “stick around” for a while and all the mods will stabilize :slight_smile:

Thanks for handling this one so promptly guys!!

I agree. Cold DE Cillwisper Reaper has less Phys resi, so even if you lose damage from the DE mod, it may be safer and better to head to DW to boost Phys resi.
I also need to test how different it is from the -18% cold resi from Speaker for the Dead. If Speaker for the Dead performs better, Grasp of the Dead is just trash.

Good stuff on monster totems and aether corruption

and the unnecessary hate on storm totem continues.

so does removing flavor from m grasp of the dead (-10%total damage/+1 summon limit? not enough or too hard to implement?)

Thanks for the return of the totems

Editing after testing - better now but still not what it was before.

Well totem builds naturally have 100% aether to lightning (2x storm with rings + storm shepherd) so that conduit was a straight upgrade to lightning totem builds which defeats the purpose of converting the lightning away.

Really? The fix of twice damage convertion abuse feels reasonable.

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Maybe. This is not offline Path of exile after all.



Aether Pets are back :scream:

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Btw, can anyone confirm if GoG Patches are now working properly or if you still have to redownload the entire thing again…

Looking at Myth Scion of Bitter Winds, its vit to acid conversion is a little confusing. It would legit be a decent weapon for chillwhisper DE, but the conversion makes it unuseable. I guess removing the conversion would hurt potential acid DE builds though. So the best solution might be to just add a 100%vitality to cold conversion modfier to drain essence on the 4p chillwhisper set.

Good stuff!
Now… when:
Component - Seal of Blight: increased damage, range and reduced Energy Cost on the granted skill


Tbh it is pretty strong as it is right now damage wise when fully converted. Although it could get the FoI cone increase

So if I’m using corrupted storm and gladiator belt, it will no longer turn into physical totem?

This still should be the case